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Tropical Fruit F-O

  • Feijoa sellowiana - Feijoa

    Feijoa sellowiana - Feijoa

    10 seeds per pack. Oval shaped green fruit with highly aromatic, perfume smelling flesh tasting like a combination of guava, strawberry, pineapple, and mint. Eaten fresh or in salads and drinks. Small shrub produces an...

  • Fuchsia arborescens - Lilac Fuchsia

    Fuchsia arborescens - Lilac Fuchsia

    25 seeds per pack. Hardy fuchsia with large, pink petaled blooms of small, fragrant flowers that clump in the hundreds Fruits are plump, dark-purple, 1cm across. Tree grows to 4-8ft, does well in cooler, shady, and wet...

  • Galapagos Island Tomato

    Galapagos Island Tomato

    (Solanum cheesmanii) 25-50 seeds per pack. A wild tomato, native to the Galapagos Islands, purported to be a popular food source of the famous Galapagos Island Turtles. Fruits are small, similar to a small cherry tomato, and...

  • Garcinia madruno - Charichuelo

    1 seed per pack. An interesting mangosteen relative bearing small yellow fruits that look a bit like a bumpy lemon. The fruits contain soft white pulp with a mild acidic flavor that has been likened to lemon cotton candy...

  • Grewia flava - Brandy Bush

    5 seeds per pack. A small 1/2" red-brown fruit traditionally used to brew beer and to flavor alcohol. Similar in form to some of the other raisin bushes, with shrubby growth to several feet. Flowers are yellow to orange...

  • Grewia hexamita - Giant Raisin Bush

    5 seeds per pack. Closely related to the other edible raisin bushes, but having large fruits that are 2-3 times the size of its relatives. The fruits ripen to red-brown. Tree shows shrubby growth to several feet. Care is...

  • Guazuma ulmifolia - West Indian Elm

    Guazuma ulmifolia - West Indian Elm

    10 seeds per pack. An interesting tropical tree, found widely throughout the Caribbean and parts of Central and South America. The tree is best known for its wide ranging medicinal applications as well as its use in...

  • Halleria lucida - Tree Fuchsia

    Halleria lucida - Tree Fuchsia

    25-50 seeds per pack. Shrubby tree, to 10-25ft, native to South Africa. Bears 1", soft, fleshy fruits with a bland flavor. The tree is notable for its pretty fuchsia-like flowers, which are born from the trunk and branches...

  • Hylocereus undatus  - Dragon Fruit, Red

    Hylocereus undatus - Dragon Fruit, Red

    12 seeds per pack. Large, strangely shaped red fruit with sweet flavored pulp. The fruit has recently become a popular flavoring for beverages and there is much interest in growing the fruit as a commercial crop. This is the...

  • Hylocereus undatus - Dragon Fruit, White

    Hylocereus undatus - Dragon Fruit, White

    15 seeds per pack. Large, strangely shaped red fruit with sweet flavored pulp. The fruit has recently become a popular flavoring for beverages and there is much interest in growing the fruit as a commercial crop. This is the...

  • Ilex paraguariensis - Yerba Mate

    Ilex paraguariensis - Yerba Mate

    15 seeds per pack. A subtropical holly, native to South America and the source of the famous yerba mate tea. The dried leaves and twigs are steeped into tea. A shrubby, small to medium sized tree up to 15-30 ft. Not hardy to...

  • Jaltomata tlaxcala -

    20-40 seeds per pack. A small berry fruit related to and similar to the Garden Huckleberry. This species is quite similar to J. procumbens and may be a variant of it. Short plant grows to 1-2 feet with yellow flowers. Annual...

  • Laurus nobilis - Bay Leaf

    Laurus nobilis - Bay Leaf

    5 seeds per pack. The beautiful and fabled Bay Leaf tree provides the bay leaf of culinary fame. The leaves are highly fragrant and impart a delicious flavor to numerous foods and seasonings. The tree also has an ancient...

  • Lawsonia inermis - Henna

    Lawsonia inermis - Henna

    100 seeds per pack. Fast-growing, small tropical shrub or bush. Produces the dye henna which has a wide variety of uses and has recently become popular as a temporary tattoo. Plants will not take frost, but do well in...

  • Luffa


    (Luffa cylindrica) 15 seeds per pack. Grow your own sponge! Vining melon that produces 12-24" long edible gourds. Fruits can also be dried and the inside membrane used as a sponge, the luffa. Grow as an annual. #510View...

  • Lycium chinense - Goji Berry

    50-100 seeds per pack. An important, traditional Chinese fruit and medicinal plant, the goji berry is a small, red berry born in abundance on a low-growing shrubby tree. This species and L. barbarum are extremely similar,...

  • Lycium exsertum - Desert Wolfberry

    25 seeds per pack. A small fruited, wild wolfberry, native to the Sonoran Desert of Arizona and northern Mexico. The tiny red berries are edible and reportedly taste somewhat like tomatoes. A shrub, growing up to 8 feet, and...

  • Malpighia punicifolia - Acerola

    Malpighia punicifolia - Acerola

    5 seeds per pack. Formerly listed as Malpighia glabra. Cherry-sized red fruit with a tasty acidic flavor. The amazing acerola contains 60 times the vitamin C per gram of flesh of a citrus. Just three fruits can meet your...

  • Manilkara concolor - Zulu Milkberry

    3 seeds per pack. A shrubby, fairly short tree native to southern Africa. Bears small, berry-like fruits that ripen to yellow-orange. Fruits are said to be fleshy and edible. Possibly drought tolerant and may be hardy to...

  • Manilkara hexandra - Khirni

    10 seeds per pack. A lesser-known Sapodilla relative which is native to India. Bears small, cylindrical, 1" fruits that have a pleasant sweet flavor. Fruits are considered a delicacy by many and are sometimes found in the...

  • Melothria scabra - Mexican Sour Cucumber

    Melothria scabra - Mexican Sour Cucumber

    15 seeds per pack. An interesting cucurbit bearing grape-sized fruits with the flavor of a cucumber. Native to portions of Mexico, the fruit is also notable for looking much like a miniature watermelon. Fruits can be eaten...

  • Mimusops elengi - Spanish Cherry

    Mimusops elengi - Spanish Cherry

    8 seeds per pack. Medium-small, orange-red colored sapote relative with sweet flavored pulp. The flowers are fragrant and sometimes used in perfumes. The Spanish Cherry is a quick grower and provides and abundance of pretty...

  • Mimusops obovata - Coastal Red Milkwood

    Mimusops obovata - Coastal Red Milkwood

    5 seeds per pack. A native African member of the sapote family bearing small, edible red fruits. Grows with a bushy or medium sized tree habit. Found wild in Southern Africa. Plants make attractive ornamental specimens and...

  • Momordica cochinchinensis - Gac

    4 seeds per pack. Hugely popular in parts of southeast Asia, particularly Vietnam, the Gac is a strange fruit of the gourd family. Fruits are about 4-5", roughly oval, with bright orange skin covered in small spines. The...

  • Monstera deliciosa - Mexican Breadfruit

    Monstera deliciosa - Mexican Breadfruit

    8 seeds per pack. A decorative and edible vining member of the philodendron family. While adapted to tropical environments, it is particularly easy to grow as a houseplant and can grow outside in areas with minimal frost...

  • Morinda citrifolia - Noni

    Morinda citrifolia - Noni

    10 seeds per pack. White, knobby fruit growing on a small, tropical, shrubby tree. The fruits are extensively used for their medicinal and health benefiting properties. Can be container grown. Fruits ripen to white, and have...

  • Moringa oleifera - Horseradish Tree

    Moringa oleifera - Horseradish Tree

    5 seeds per pack. A widely cultivated an extremely useful tropical tree. Many parts of the tree are edible, from leaves--which contain vitamin C, to the long, immature pods which are eaten as a vegetable. Edible oil is...

  • Morus nigra - Black Mulberry

    Morus nigra - Black Mulberry

    75 seeds per pack. Deciduous tree bearing black berry fruits similar in appearance to a blackberry. Fruits are sweet and quite tasty. Tree is hardy to the 20's. #638Hardy to at least zone 6 (-10 - 0F).View plant database...

  • Morus rubra - Red Mulberry

    Morus rubra - Red Mulberry

    15 seeds per pack. North American native mulberry is extremely hardy (to 0-10F). Bears red colored mulberries a few inches in length. This tree is uncommon both in the wild and in cultivation. #757Hardy to at least zone 6...

  • Muntingia calabura - Strawberry Tree

    Muntingia calabura - Strawberry Tree

    25-50 seeds per pack. Seeds are extremely tiny. Small or medium sized tree common to tropical and Caribbean island areas. Small red fruits are very sweet and have fig overtones. Trees can survive brief frosts and bear fruits...

  • Musa bauensis - Bau Banana

    5 seeds per pack. A very rare banana native to Sarawak, Indonesia. Features beautiful, bright purple flower buds. Fruits are small and slender, finger-like in size. It is unknown if they are edible. This is a rare species...

  • Musa campestris var limbangensis - Candy Cane Banana

    4 seeds per pack. A very rare and very exotic banana, with small fruits that are striped like a candy cane! Large purple flowers are followed by the white fruits, mixed with pink and purple stripes. An amazing exotic and not...



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