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  • Acer macrophyllum - Bigleaf Maple

    Acer macrophyllum - Bigleaf Maple

    5 seeds per pack. A medium to large sized maple, known for its huge leaves---the biggest of any maple---which can reach up to a foot across. Also popular for its bright, canary yellow colored fall foliage. Native to the...

  • Acer rubrum - Red Maple

    Acer rubrum - Red Maple

    10 seeds per pack. One of the most common maple's and deciduous trees throughout much of the eastern half of North America. Very popular as a landscape and street tree, owing to its attractive, red colored foliage in the...

  • Acer saccharum Northern - Northern Sugar Maple

    Acer saccharum Northern - Northern Sugar Maple

    10 seeds per pack. Seeds are from the northern variant of the famous Sugar Maple, one of the primary sources of maple syrup. Very popular as an ornamental for its brilliant fall colored leaves which shine in red, orange and...

  • Alcea rosea - Nigra Hollyhock

    Alcea rosea - Nigra Hollyhock

    25 seeds per pack. Made famous by Thomas Jefferson, who once grew this plant at Monticello, this pretty hollyhock produces some of the most truly black flowers in the plant world. The pretty flowers are born on biennial...

  • Allium senescens - German Garlic

    Allium senescens - German Garlic

    25 seeds per pack. Often grown as an ornamental, for its powder-puff purple flowers, this wild garlic species has some reported edible uses as well. Native to central Europe, through China and Korea. The bulbs are said to...

  • Allium ursinum - Bear's Garlic

    Allium ursinum - Bear's Garlic

    15 seeds per pack. A wild garlic, found native through much of Europe and Asia. The leaves and bulbs are edible, with a garlic-like flavor. They have a long history of various uses in Europe, both edible and medicinal. A...

  • Amelanchier alnifolia - Saskatoon Serviceberry

    Amelanchier alnifolia - Saskatoon Serviceberry

    20 seeds per pack. A small berry native to much of North America. The small blue fruits look a bit like blueberries and have a variety of uses, from preserves and pies, to ciders and alcohol. A deciduous shrub growing to...

  • Arbutus menziesii - Madrone

    Arbutus menziesii - Madrone

    15 seeds per pack. A famous tree of the Pacific coast, from California, north to British Columbia. The lovely madrone is often recognized for its attractive, reddish bark, making the tree look a bit like a large manzanita...

  • Arctostaphylos uva-ursi - Bearberry

    Arctostaphylos uva-ursi - Bearberry

    15 seeds per pack. A low growing shrub that rarely exceeds 1-2ft, bearing small red, fleshy edible berries. The sweet berries have a mealy texture and have a variety of uses, from flavoring beverages to teas and stews...

  • Artemisia argyi - Silvery Wormwood

    Artemisia argyi - Silvery Wormwood

    100 seeds per pack. An herbaceous perennial with a number of uses in traditional Chinese medicine. Found wild throughout much of eastern Asia and into portions of the Russian Far East. A small shrub, to 3 ft / 1 m, with...

  • Berberis darwinii - Darwin's Barberry

    Berberis darwinii - Darwin's Barberry

    20 seeds per pack. Small dark blue/purple fruited shrub. Prefers temperate or subtropical climates and will survive to 10-15F. The bush become covered by ornamental yellow/orange flowers during spring, followed by the edible...

  • Callicarpa americana - American Beautyberry

    Callicarpa americana - American Beautyberry

    50 seeds per pack. Much like the Japanese Beautyberry, this is one shrub that lives up to its name! Bears clusters of bright, lilac colored berries throughout the warm months. The clusters are eye-popping and remain on the...

  • Calocedrus decurrens - Incense Cedar

    Calocedrus decurrens - Incense Cedar

    10 seeds per pack. Tall (to 150ft), columnar evergreen native to the Western United States. This beautiful tree is highly scented, with a sweet cedar-pine smell. It is hardy to at least 0F, and is quite adaptable in a number...

  • Calycanthus floridus - Carolina Allspice

    Calycanthus floridus - Carolina Allspice

    5 seeds per pack. An attractive ornamental shrub, native to the southeastern United States. Much appreciated as a landscape plant for its fragrant, bright, multi-petaled, magenta colored flowers. Shrubby growth to 6-9 ft /...

  • Capparis spinosa - Caper

    Capparis spinosa - Caper

    25 seeds per pack. Vining, bushy plant, producing the capers of commerce. Subtropical/Mediterranean, can survive to 20F, as well as temperatures well above 100F. Pretty flowers are followed by egg shaped fruit. #302 Hardy to...

  • Chenopodium capitatum - Strawberry Spinach

    Chenopodium capitatum - Strawberry Spinach

    (Chenopodium capitatum) 100 seeds per pack. A delightful garden annual with both edible fruits and edible leaves. The leaves are eaten raw and used like spinach, being high in vitamins A and C. The small red fruits have a...

  • Chenopodium giganteum - Tree Spinach

    Chenopodium giganteum - Tree Spinach

    300 seeds per pack. A hardy annual growing to six feet having delicious edible leaves. The leaves are eaten cooked or raw as spinach. The seeds can also be processed into a wheat-like substance and used in baking. Grows in...

  • Crataegus azarolus - Azarole

    Crataegus azarolus - Azarole

    6 seeds per pack. A Hawthorn species, native to the Mediterranean region, bearing small, red, edible fruits. The fruits have a mild, sugary and acidic flavor and are most commonly used fresh or dried. The bushy trees bear...

  • Cydonia oblonga - Quince

    Cydonia oblonga - Quince

    8 seeds per pack. Temperate fruit tree with similar growing habits to the apple, but trees are usually small, to 10-25 feet high. Fruit is fairly large, about the size of an apple, with a strong candy-like smell. The fruit...

  • Decaisnea fargesii - Blue Sausage Fruit

    Decaisnea fargesii - Blue Sausage Fruit

    6 seeds per pack. The strange blue sausage fruit bears 3-5", slender fruits that look much like its name suggests. Fruits are edible, with a somewhat sweet flavor, through are not cultivated. Popular as an ornamental or...

  • Diospyros rhombifolia - Princess Persimmon

    Diospyros rhombifolia - Princess Persimmon

    5 seeds per pack. A relatively unknown but cold hardy persimmon bearing small orange fruits to 1" across. Unripe fruits yield a type of lacquer and the tree is popularly planted as an ornamental or for rootstock for other...

  • Diospyros virginiana - American Persimmon

    Diospyros virginiana - American Persimmon

    6 seeds per pack. Medium fruit, generally apricot-sized, with soft, fruity pulp. The American Persimmon is similar to the more common Asian Persimmons but the fruit tends to be smaller in size. Trees can grow up to 50ft and...

  • Elaeagnus multiflora - Goumi

    Elaeagnus multiflora - Goumi

    10 seeds per pack. A relatively unknown, yet very tasty temperate fruit tree bearing small, red berry-like fruits with a delicious sweet, juicy and mildly astringent flavor. Short shrub to 6-10ft. Plants bear heavily when...

  • Eleutherococcus senticosus - Siberian Ginseng

    Eleutherococcus senticosus - Siberian Ginseng

    8 seeds per pack. A small, deciduous shrub native to parts of temperate Asia. Most famous as a medicinal, with a number of applications in traditional medicine. Also grown as an ornamental, with attractive 5-lobed leaves and...

  • Fragaria moschata - Musk Strawberry

    Fragaria moschata - Musk Strawberry

    25 seeds per pack. A gourmet, wild strawberry, known for its intense aroma and bold flavor, having overtones of raspberry and citrus. A surprisingly difficult species to find, given the strong interest in parts of Europe...

  • Fragaria vesca - Alexandria Alpine Strawberry

    Fragaria vesca - Alexandria Alpine Strawberry

    100 seeds per pack. Red colored alpine strawberry with a good, rich flavor. Probably the best of the red varieties. Care is similar to that of the standard strawberry. #312 Hardy to at least zone 6 (-10 - 0F).View plant...

  • Fragaria vesca - Alpine Strawberry

    Fragaria vesca - Alpine Strawberry

    100 seeds per pack. This is the true alpine strawberry; a white-yellow form with smaller berries than that of the standard red variety. Alpine strawberries have an excellent flavor, much like a strawberry-wine. Care is...

  • Fragaria vesca - Golden Alexandria Alpine Strawberry

    Fragaria vesca - Golden Alexandria Alpine Strawberry

    100 seeds per pack. A attractive, golden-leafed variant of the Alexandria Alpine Strawberry. Leafs are colored in green, with yellow-golden tinting. Lovely, both for its foliage and brightly red colored, edible fruits. The...

  • Fragaria vesca - Reugen Alpine Strawberry

    Fragaria vesca - Reugen Alpine Strawberry

    100 seeds per pack. This is the Reugen variety of the alpine strawberry; a red form with large berries for an alpine. Well flavored, does not produce runners. Alpine strawberries have an excellent flavor, much like a...

  • Gaultheria depressa - Mountain Snow Berry

    Gaultheria depressa - Mountain Snow Berry

    25 seeds per pack. A low lying, shrubby plant native to New Zealand and Australia, having small, pure white colored, edible berries. The species is related to wintergreen and the edible fruits are typically used in deserts...

  • Gaultheria miqueliana - Japanese Spicy Wintergreen

    Gaultheria miqueliana - Japanese Spicy Wintergreen

    25 seeds per pack. A low lying, creeping Wintergreen that is native to Japan and parts of East Asia, into Alaska. Only growing to 9-12" (0.3 m), the plant produces numerous small, white to pink colored berries, with sweet...

  • Gaultheria shallon - Shallon

    Gaultheria shallon - Shallon

    25 seeds per pack. A relative of wintergreen, this North American native bears edible, dark blue berries that were once an important food source for native peoples of the Pacific coast. Usually a small, to medium sized...

  • Glycyrrhiza glabra - Licorice

    Glycyrrhiza glabra - Licorice

    15 seeds per pack. A shrubby perennial growing to about 3-4ft that is the source of commercial licorice. The main part used of the plant is its roots which have the characteristic anise-like flavor. The licorice plant also...

  • Hamamelis virginiana - Witch Hazel

    Hamamelis virginiana - Witch Hazel

    10 seeds per pack. A fairly slow-growing, medium sized deciduous shrub best known for its medicinal value. The bark and bark extract is used as a topical medicine for various skin problems, external inflammation and soreness...

  • Hippophae rhamnoides - Sea Buckthorn

    Hippophae rhamnoides - Sea Buckthorn

    20 seeds per pack. Native throughout much of Europe and Asia, the Seaberry is known both for its fruits and landscaping uses. It is frost hardy plant which also stands up well to salt spray. The small orange fruits are born...

  • Holboellia latifolia - Sausage Vine

    Holboellia latifolia - Sausage Vine

    10 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Stauntonia latifolia. Similarities to Stauntonia hexaphylla, this uncommon species bears fairly large, purple colored fruits that look like sausages. The fruits are edible, but also quite ornamental...



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