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  • Rhus integrifolia - Lemonade Berry

    Rhus integrifolia - Lemonade Berry

    10 seeds per pack. Small shrubby bush native to coastal scrublands of Southern California and Baja. Produces a small, oblong, red berry that can be made into a sour, refreshing drink. Tolerates some frost but may defoliate...

  • Citrus aurantifolia - Key Lime

    Citrus aurantifolia - Key Lime

    10 seeds per pack. Small lime, ripening to yellow but often used while green. The key lime is probably the best citrus for tropical areas, and while cold tender, can be grown in areas that receive brief frosts. Has a unique...

  • Parmentiera cereifera - Candle Stick Tree

    Parmentiera cereifera - Candle Stick Tree

    10 seeds per pack. Tropical tree producing thousands of long thin (up to 12") yellow fruits from its trunk and branches. Fruits are edible and the tree is a commonly planted ornamental, both for its exotic fruit and its...

  • Rollinia deliciosa - Biriba

    Rollinia deliciosa - Biriba

    3 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Rollinia mucosa. Large yellow skinned fruit usually weighing several pounds. Flesh is creamy white, with an excellent sweet-cream flavor. Tree is small or medium sized, will stand brief frosts...

  • Physalis angulata - Mullaca

    Physalis angulata - Mullaca

    10 seeds per pack. A tropical ground cherry with orange colored fruit about the size of a cherry tomato. Similar in appearance to the regular ground cherry and cape gooseberry. The mullaca also has a number of medicinal...

  • Antidesma bunius - Bignay

    Antidesma bunius - Bignay

    4 seeds per pack. Small berry like fruit borne in large clusters. The fruit is commonly used to make jams, jellies, and wine. Small to medium sized bushy tree. Will stand light frosts. Trees bear heavily. #621 View plant...

  • Syzygium cuminii - Java Plum

    Syzygium cuminii - Java Plum

    2 seeds per pack. 1-1.5" dark purple fruit with a sweetish flavor. Fruits are very juicy. Subtropical, can be container grown. If allowed, can grow to be a very large tree. Hardy to the lower 20's (F). Seeds are fresh,...

  • Cereus repandus - Apple Cactus

    Cereus repandus - Apple Cactus

    10 seeds per pack. Columnar cactus producing baseball-sized, red fruit, with sweetish, white colored pulp. This cactus is very easy to grow in pots, and is moderately hardy. Fruits are similar to the dragon fruit. #607 View...

  • Cherokee Purple Tomato

    Cherokee Purple Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 25 seeds per pack. Dark purple/black beefsteak-type tomato. This variety has circulated for at least 100 years, and was allegedly once grown by the Cherokee's. Excellent, complex flavor, large fruits...

  • Hami Melon

    Hami Melon

    (Cucumis melo) 20 seeds per pack. Large, several pound melon well-known in China. It is similar in flavor to a sweet cantaloupe, and having a juicy white-orange pulp. #589 Detailed seed germination instructions...

  • Tepin Pepper

    Tepin Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 30 seeds per pack. Tiny chile pepper believed to be the wild parent of all domesticated chiles. Produces small, 1/2" chiles with an extremely hot flavor. Fruits are very pungent, and plants are heavy...

  • Caribbean Red Habanero Pepper

    Caribbean Red Habanero Pepper

    (Capsicum chinense) 40 seeds per pack. Once long holding the record as the hottest pepper in the world, the Caribbean Red eclipses even the lofty spiciness of the Orange Habanero. Rates upwards of 400,000 on the Scoville...

  • Health Kick Tomato

    Health Kick Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 10 seeds per pack. 4-6oz tomato with 50% higher lycopene content that average tomato varieties. Good flavor, use for slicing or sauces. Plants are also resistant to many common tomato diseases. #541 F1...

  • Snow White Cherry Tomato

    Snow White Cherry Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 40 seeds per pack. Pretty ivory/cream colored cherry tomato. Bears big clusters of snack sized fruits. Taste is sweet and flavorful, plants produce heavily. #528 Open pollinated. Indeterminate. 75 days...

  • Sun Gold Cherry Tomato

    Sun Gold Cherry Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 10 seeds per pack. Beautiful cherry tomato that ripens to a golden orange. The Sun Gold Cherry is possibly the sweetest cherry tomato around. Plants bear lots of fruit, and ripen early, continuing to...

  • Serrano Huasteco Pepper

    Serrano Huasteco Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 50 seeds per pack. Green to red, bullet shaped pepper from 1-3" long. This variety is a bit longer than standard Serrano varieties. Spicy flavor, 10,000-23,000 Scoville. Very popular cooking pepper, from...

  • Cave Bean

    Cave Bean

    (Phaseolus vulgaris) 30 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Anasazi Bean. Annual. Allegedly, this type of bean was discovered by archaeologists in New Mexico searching the ruins of Native American dwellings. Along with being an excellent...

  • Aristolochia elegans - Calico Flower

    Aristolochia elegans - Calico Flower

    15 seeds per pack. A beautiful ornamental vine with 2-3", somewhat circular, calico red-brown and white flowers. Easily grown, the species also attracts butterflies. Hardy to some frost, can be invasive in certain tropical...

  • Coriandrum sativum - Slo-Bolt Coriander

    Coriandrum sativum - Slo-Bolt Coriander

    750 seeds per pack. Seeds are from the standard slo-bolting variety. From one plant comes two important culinary spices: coriander (the seeds), and cilantro (the leaves). An annual, it will pretty much grow in any climate...

  • Hovenia dulcis - Raisin Tree

    Hovenia dulcis - Raisin Tree

    10 seeds per pack. Deciduous tree bearing tasty raisin-pear flavored fruit, (actually the swollen true fruit receptacle). The tree is extremely hardy, to roughly -15F. Native to the Himalaya's. #379

  • Jubaea chilensis - Chilean Wine Palm

    Jubaea chilensis - Chilean Wine Palm

    2 seeds per pack. Majestic palm with a large trunk, that can grow to 80 feet. Bears edible, golf-ball sized fruits with a pleasant, sweet flavor. The seeds look and taste like miniature coconuts. Wine is made from the sap...

  • Veitchia winin - Winin Palm

    Veitchia winin - Winin Palm

    5 seeds per pack. Pretty, slender palm native to Vanuatu. The Winin Palm is fairly uncommon and makes a beautiful street tree or ornamental. Has a smooth, green, crown shaft. Fast grower, hardy to the mid 30's. Red fruits...

  • Sabal minor - Dwarf Palmetto

    Sabal minor - Dwarf Palmetto

    10 seeds per pack. Short palm only to 2-6ft. Has pretty fan shaped leaves and is quite hardy, surviving to 18F. Also grows well in hot climates. #361

  • Trithrinax acanthocoma - Brazilian Needle Palm

    Trithrinax acanthocoma - Brazilian Needle Palm

    5 seeds per pack. A hardy fan palm admired for its large, fan-shaped leaves which can reach a few feet. The tree is small, generally growing to 8-20 ft. A tough palm, it can grow in a variety of environments and is hardy to...

  • Caryota urens - Wine Palm

    Caryota urens - Wine Palm

    4 seeds per pack. Slender palm that can grow to 80-90ft. Hardy to the low 20's. The sap is used to an alcoholic beverage and sugar. #353 View plant database page...

  • Pogostemon heyeanus - Patchouli

    15 seeds per pack. Perennial herb very closely related to P. patchouli and a source for the scented patchouli oil. Hardy to the 20's (F) but it can be grown as an annual or container plant. Fragrant patchouli oil is used in...

  • Eucalyptus deglupta - Rainbow Eucalyptus

    Eucalyptus deglupta - Rainbow Eucalyptus

    25 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Mindanao Gum. Gorgeous tropical eucalyptus whose peeling bark exposes a bright, multi-colored trunk. Commonly planted in tropical regions, if allowed can grow to 200ft high. Hardy to the mid-upper...

  • Melaleuca linariifolia - Snow In Summer

    Melaleuca linariifolia - Snow In Summer

    50 seeds per pack. Very closely related to the well-known Tea Tree, a medium sized arid climate tree producing beautiful snow-white flower blooms across the tree throughout summer. This species is also a source for Tea Tree...

  • Eschscholzia californica - Mission Bells Poppy

    500 seeds per pack. A classic variety of the fabled California Poppy bearing bright double flowers that are a mix of scarlet, gold, pink and white. Possibly the most beautiful of the California Poppy varieties, blooms are...

  • Stylomecon heterophylla - Wind Poppy

    Stylomecon heterophylla - Wind Poppy

    25 seeds per pack. Very pretty, wild, and rare orange poppy native to California. The beautiful orange blossoms are borne during warm months and a single plant can produce numerous simultaneous blooms. Will survive cool...

  • Lagerstroemia indica - Crepe Myrtle

    Lagerstroemia indica - Crepe Myrtle

    20 seeds per pack. Seeds are from mixed varieties. The crepe myrtle is a beautiful, commonly planted ornamental blooming large panicles of small flowers during summer and fall. Bark is also very pretty, reddish in color and...

  • Cananga odorata - Ylang Ylang

    Cananga odorata - Ylang Ylang

    7 seeds per pack. Beautiful tropical tree grown for its gorgeous yellow flowers with unique sweet smelling fragrance. The scent is used in perfumes, soaps, and numerous other products. During Spring and Summer, the ornate...

  • Pithecellobium flexicaule - Texas Ebony

    Pithecellobium flexicaule - Texas Ebony

    7 seeds per pack. Medium or small sized tree with fragrant flowers. Large pods produce pretty red seeds that can be roasted and eaten. Pods can be used as a coffee substitute. The wood is very hard and can be used in...

  • Gardenia thunbergia - White Gardenia

    Gardenia thunbergia - White Gardenia

    5 seeds per pack. Medium sized bush producing beautiful and intensely fragrant white flowers. The flowers are followed by large, rounded fruits. Flowers grow to a few inches across and the bush flowers for several months...

  • Clausena wampee - Wampee

    Clausena wampee - Wampee

    3 seeds per pack. Small, olive sized fruit with sweet grape-like pulp. Fruits are eaten out of hand, and made into desserts. A champagne-like beverage is made by adding sugar to the fruits and allowing them to ferment. Small...

  • Annona glabra - Pond Apple

    Annona glabra - Pond Apple

    4 seeds per pack. A commonly found Annona fruit in wet swampy areas. Flavor is a bit more bland than that of its commercially grown cousins, but fruits are edible and have their admirers. Trees are tropical to subtropical,...


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