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  • Bhut Jolokia Pepper, White

    Bhut Jolokia Pepper, White

    (Capsicum chinense) 10 seeds per pack. Seeds are from a brand new white skinned variety of the Bhut Jolokia from India. Fruits are said to be similar in shape and size to the red version, but ripen to a pale white. Overripe...

  • Zanthoxylum schinifolium - Peppertree

    Zanthoxylum schinifolium - Peppertree

    15 seeds per pack. Not to be confused with hot peppers or black pepper, this shrubby tree is a close relative of the Szechuan Pepper. Deciduous, native to central and southern Japan, as well as Korea. Bears large numbers of...

  • Artemisia argyi - Silvery Wormwood

    Artemisia argyi - Silvery Wormwood

    100 seeds per pack. An herbaceous perennial with a number of uses in traditional Chinese medicine. Found wild throughout much of eastern Asia and into portions of the Russian Far East. A small shrub, to 3 ft / 1 m, with...

  • Chambeyronia macrocarpa - Flame Thrower Palm

    Chambeyronia macrocarpa - Flame Thrower Palm

    4 seeds per pack. A fabulous ornamental palm, instantly recognizable for its large, newly emerging leaves, which are colored in a stark red. The leaves grow up to 10 ft long, with mature trees reaching 50-60 ft / 20 m...

  • Kadsura longipedunculata - Chinese Kadsura Vine

    10 seeds per pack. An interesting and less common Kadsura species, related to the Schisandra. It is an evergreen, climbing shrub, with small and attractive cream to yellow colored flowers with bright red centers. The flowers...

  • Gary's Golden Bear Tomato

    Gary's Golden Bear Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 15 seeds per pack. A variety we introduced in 2007. A subtly uniquely colored tomato that bears very large, 1-2 lb fruits with a rich, golden orange color. The luscious fruits are rich in flavor and...

  • Eugenia parkeriana - Eugenia parkeriana

    Eugenia parkeriana - Eugenia parkeriana

    1 seed per pack. Please note: Many seeds in this batch are beginning to germinate. An ultra rare Eugenia species from Brazil. The fruits have similarities to the Surinam Cherry, but ripen to orange. The leaves are longer and...

  • Bixa orellana - Lipstick Tree

    Bixa orellana - Lipstick Tree

    25 seeds per pack. Source of annato dye. Small tree produces spiky fruit containing dark red seeds that are used as a commercial dye. Tree is extremely beautiful in full flowering and fruiting. Can be grown in a container,...

  • Plinia caipirinha - Jabuticaba Caipirinha

    Plinia caipirinha - Jabuticaba Caipirinha

    1 seed per pack. Please note: Some seeds in this batch are beginning to germinate. Possibly the best candidate for a true dwarf Jaboticaba, this varietal species grows to around 6 ft / 2 m tall, by twice as much (or more)...

  • Parkia biglobosa - African Locust Bean

    Parkia biglobosa - African Locust Bean

    5 seeds per pack. Similar to the closely related P. biglandulosa, this important edible food producing tree is found native in a variety of ecosystems throughout west and central Africa. The bean-like fruits contain edible,...

  • Monodora myristica - Calabash Nutmeg

    Monodora myristica - Calabash Nutmeg

    1 seed per pack. a.k.a. Jamaican Nutmeg. A beautiful tropical tree prized both for its aromatic seeds and for its multi-colored, ornamental flowers. Seeds are dried, ground and used as a nutmeg substitute. Aroma is similar...

  • Aurora Pepper

    Aurora Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 10 seeds per pack. A delightful ornamental and edible pepper, bearing conical fruits to 1 1/2" long. The fruits ripen between a variety of colors, from lavender to purple, orange and then red, providing a...

  • Myrciaria sp. - Grimal Jaboticaba

    Myrciaria sp. - Grimal Jaboticaba

    1 seed per pack. Occasionally known as the Giant Jaboticaba, this unknown species bears fruits that are larger than many jaboticaba varieties. Also notable that the fruits are mildly hairy and foliage may show a similar...

  • Guaiacum officinale - Lignum Vitae

    Guaiacum officinale - Lignum Vitae

    6 seeds per pack. Beautiful evergreen tropical known for its extremely dense and heavy hardwood, used in woodworking. The tree is ornamental as well, with pretty purple flowers in season. Native to the Caribbean, its numbers...

  • Brandywine Tomato, Yellow

    Brandywine Tomato, Yellow

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 25 seeds per pack. Yellow-skinned version of the popular Brandywine tomato! The Yellow Brandywine has rich, full-flavored flesh and makes for a premier slicing tomato. Flesh and pulp are both yellow...

  • Aleurites molluccana - Candlenut

    Aleurites molluccana - Candlenut

    2 large seeds per pack. Very important medicinal and industrial plant throughout Asia and the Pacific. The hard candlenuts are used for numerous purposes, from extraction of their oils to their uses in jewelry. Tropical tree...

  • Cydonia oblonga - Quince

    Cydonia oblonga - Quince

    8 seeds per pack. Temperate fruit tree with similar growing habits to the apple, but trees are usually small, to 10-25 feet high. Fruit is fairly large, about the size of an apple, with a strong candy-like smell. The fruit...

  • Chrysophyllum roxburghii - Indian Star Apple

    Chrysophyllum roxburghii - Indian Star Apple

    1 seed per pack. A lesser known species related to the Star Apple, with round, 2" fruits that have a soft, edible pulp. Native throughout the southeast Asian region, the green-yellow skinned fruits are most commonly...

  • Cucumis metuliferus - Horned Melon Rund

    Cucumis metuliferus - Horned Melon Rund

    5 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Kiwano Rund (Round). A very rare variant of the African Horned Melon producing baseball sized fruits that ripen to a ghostly white-yellow color. Flesh is bright green. Flavor is similar to the...

  • Mimusops balata - Ausubo

    Mimusops balata - Ausubo

    2 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Manilkara bidentata. Round, smooth, yellow skinned fruit about two inches across. Flesh is yellow, with a consistency much like the canistel. Fruit sometimes has a nice flavor and the tree is also an...

  • Lange Aermer Tomato

    Lange Aermer Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 15 seeds per pack. An odd tomato variety having long, pointed, sausage like fruits that ripen to a beautiful mix of green, yellow and orange. The fruits are quite meaty, with not too much pulp and few...

  • Jay's Red Ghost Pepper

    Jay's Red Ghost Pepper

    (Capsicum chinense) 10 seeds per pack. The bright red version of Jay's Ghost Pepper, originally a cross between a Bhut Jolokia and Trinidad Scorpion. Produces gnarled, wrinkled pods with thin, red skin and intense heat. An...

  • Wodyetia bifurcata - Foxtail Palm

    Wodyetia bifurcata - Foxtail Palm

    2 seeds per pack. A popular ornamental palm that is native to tropical Queensland, Australia. Especially recognizable for its long, 'fluffy' fronds, which look like the tail of a fox. The long leaves, which grow to several...

  • Garcinia kola - Bitter Kola

    Garcinia kola - Bitter Kola

    1 seed per pack. A West African Garcinia, related to mangosteen, most known for its uses in traditional medicine. The seeds, as well as the fruit, nuts and bark are used. The medium sized fruits are sour, but said to be...

  • Dionaea muscipula - Venus Fly Trap

    Dionaea muscipula - Venus Fly Trap

    5 seeds per pack. The famous Venus Fly Trap is a small herbaceous plant usually growing only a few inches in height. Specialized leaves form the trap, which closely upon contact, trapping potential prey inside where enzymes...

  • Emerald Evergreen Tomato

    Emerald Evergreen Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 15 seeds per pack. One of the premier green tomatoes, this variety bears well-flavored, large, beefsteak style tomatoes. Flavor is quite mild and the fruits are perfect for slicing. Similar to Tasty...

  • Solanum tuberosum - Potato Blue Mix - Seeds

    Solanum tuberosum - Potato Blue Mix - Seeds

    (Solanum tuberosum) 10 seeds per pack. These are actual seeds, for a mix of blue fleshed potatoes, from light to dark, some with shade of purple. The varieties are a mix of modern open pollinated types along with Andean...

  • Eugenia myrcianthes - Uvaia do Campo

    Eugenia myrcianthes - Uvaia do Campo

    1 seed per pack. a.k.a. Hexachlamys edulis. An interesting Eugenia relative from South America, bearing 2" / 5 cm edible fruits having a peach-like flavor. Seeds are from a prolific tree with high quality fruits. The fruits...

  • Carica papaya - Waimanalo Dwarf Papaya

    Carica papaya - Waimanalo Dwarf Papaya

    15 seeds per pack. A Solo-type that bears fruit when only a few feet tall. Fruits grow to 2lbs. Has a sweet flavor and is high in vitamin C. Easily grown herbaceous tree to 10-15ft. Very fast-growing, can produce fruit from...

  • Annona primigenia - Wild Custard Apple

    Annona primigenia - Wild Custard Apple

    1 seed per pack. A very rare forest Annona, native to southern Mexico and Central America. Has small fruits that are similar in some ways to the Custard Apple. Many sources consider this a subspecies of Annona reticulata...

  • Big Bertha Hybrid Pepper

    Big Bertha Hybrid Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 10 seeds per pack. Probably the largest bell pepper currently available today! Bears huge, elongated fruits that grow to 6-7". Crisp, sweet flavor. Fruits ripen from green to red. #2980 F1 hybrid. 70-72...

  • Sideroxylon obtusifolium - Jungle Plum

    Sideroxylon obtusifolium - Jungle Plum

    1 seed per pack. A medium sized tree bearing a small, dark purple, edible fruit with succulent, sweet pulp. While not a commercial crop, the fruits are said to be tasty and often harvested from wild trees. Native to Central...

  • Annona squamosa - Sugar Apple

    Annona squamosa - Sugar Apple

    5 seeds per pack. Large, creamy fruit with aromatic flesh. Similar to the cherimoya but with a sweeter taste, sometimes with a hint of mint. Fruit is of excellent quality and can be grown indoors/outdoors in a container. The...

  • Chinese Broccoli, Kailaan

    Chinese Broccoli, Kailaan

    (Brassica oleracea) 300 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Chinese Kale. A popular leafy green in Asian cuisine, it produces long, broccoli-like stalks with tasty greens. Excellent for use in a variety of cooked dishes such as stir frys...

  • Queen of Malinalco Tomatillo

    Queen of Malinalco Tomatillo

    10 seeds per pack. A rare and unique tomatillo variety having large, elongated, yellow colored fruits with a sweet flavor as compared with standard tomatillo's. This variety originated in the town of Malinalco, Mexico and...

  • Aji Golden Pepper

    Aji Golden Pepper

    (Capsicum baccatum) 10 seeds per pack. Very similar to Aji Lemon, this lovely Peruvian pepper variety produces large amounts of glowing golden yellow pods. Mild to moderate heat, crunchy texture, with a good fruitiness that...


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