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Tropical Fruit P-R

  • Pachycereus pringlei - Cardon Cactus

    Pachycereus pringlei - Cardon Cactus

    20 seeds per pack. One of the tallest cactus species in the world, the Cardon can reach 60ft in the wild. Growth and overall appearance has similarities to the beautiful Saguaro. Bears an edible fruit that was an important...

  • Pachyrhizus erosus - Jicama

    Pachyrhizus erosus - Jicama

    15 seeds per pack. A vining plant native to Mexico that can reach 10-15ft but is best known for its large roots which can weigh up to 40 pounds. The starchy roots are edible, having a sweet flavor that is usually eaten raw...

  • Parkia timoriana - Tree Bean

    5 seeds per pack. A fairly well-known tropical tree, appreciated for its edible seeds, which are often roasted for snacking. The pods are popularly used in cooking and curries. A tall tree to 30 m / 100 ft. Ornamental as...

  • Parmentiera aculeata - Guajilote

    Parmentiera aculeata - Guajilote

    6 seeds per pack. Yellow, cone shaped, waxy skinned fruit about 4-6" long, related to the candle stick tree. Fruits are sweet and when raw, resemble sugarcane in flavor. Tree is not too picky about climatic requirements, and...

  • Passiflora auriculata - Black Passion Fruit

    5 seeds per pack. An ornate flowered vine from Central America with cream-yellow-green colored flowers followed by small black fruits. The black fruits may be edible, but are of unknown quality. Fast growing, to several feet...

  • Passiflora caerulea - Blue Passion Flower

    Passiflora caerulea - Blue Passion Flower

    15 seeds per pack. Very hardy passion flower vine to 10F. Fast-growing, vigorous vine produces beautiful white/blue flowers with a strong fruity-minty scent much like feijoa fruits. Flowers are followed by medium sized...

  • Passiflora cincinnata - Maracuja Mochila

    5 seeds per pack. A delightful, edible passion fruit from Brazil, this species produces medium sized, orange skinned fruits with juicy, sweet pulp. The fruits look somewhat like the Water Lemon. Also noted for its deep...

  • Passiflora coactilis - Passiflora coactilis

    10 seeds per pack. There is little information about this rare Tacosnia group Passiflora. It has a number of similarities to other Tacsonia's (Banana Passion Fruit), with long, tubular, pink-red flowers. Flowers are followed...

  • Passiflora coccinea - Red Granadilla

    Passiflora coccinea - Red Granadilla

    5 seeds per pack. A beautiful scarlet colored passion flower bearing 1-2" edible, striped green-orange-yellow fruits. Flowers are bright and gorgeous in bloom, with similarities to P. vitifolia. The fruits are said to be...

  • Passiflora edulis - Frederick Passion Fruit

    Passiflora edulis - Frederick Passion Fruit

    10 seeds per pack. Seeds are from the Frederick variety, producing huge fruits with purple-red skin and growing to 3-5". Note that as with most varietal strains, seeds may not produce true to the parent. Fruits have a...

  • Passiflora edulis - Purple Passion Fruit

    Passiflora edulis - Purple Passion Fruit

    10 seeds per pack. The passion fruit of commerce. Produces a 2-4" purple fruit with wonderful tasting bright orange pulp. Fruit can be eaten fresh or used to flavor drinks, ice cream, sauces, etc. Fast-growing vine, can...

  • Passiflora edulis var. flavicarpa - Lilikoi

    Passiflora edulis var. flavicarpa - Lilikoi

    15 seeds per pack. Yellow variety of the passion fruit. Fruit is larger than the standard purple variety. Grown extensively in Hawaii. Fast-growing vine is less hardy than the purple passion fruit. #112 Hardy to zone 10a...

  • Passiflora foetida - Wild Water Lemon

    Passiflora foetida - Wild Water Lemon

    5 seeds per pack. A beautiful and easy to grow Passiflora with bright purple-white flowers and small red ripening fruit. Fruits are not usually eaten but do have some pulp. Flowers have a pleasant, minty scent. Hardy to...

  • Passiflora incarnata - Maypop

    Passiflora incarnata - Maypop

    10 seeds per pack. The hardiest Passion Flower vine, the Maypop can survive temperatures to -10F. Deciduous vines grow to 10-20 feet and feature ornate, frilly, purple-white flowers with the classic passion flower look...

  • Passiflora laurifolia - Water Lemon

    Passiflora laurifolia - Water Lemon

    5 seeds per pack. Large fruited Passiflora with flower scented, sweet, juicy pulp. Vine is very fast growing and prefers frost free conditions. Flowers are large, purple colored, with prominent filaments. #133 Hardy to zone...

  • Passiflora ligularis - Sweet Granadilla

    Passiflora ligularis - Sweet Granadilla

    10 seeds per pack. One of the better tasting of the passion fruits, produces yellow colored fruits to 3-5" with sweet flavored pulp. Vine is subtropical and will stand mild frosts. Fast-growing. #929 Hardy to zone 10a (30 -...

  • Passiflora maliformis - Sweet Calabash

    Passiflora maliformis - Sweet Calabash

    10 seeds per pack. 2-3", round, yellow skinned passion fruit with delicious, fruity-flavored orange pulp. This species is one of the best tasting of the passion fruits and is cultivated in parts of Central and South America...

  • Passiflora manicata - Red Passion Flower

    Passiflora manicata - Red Passion Flower

    5 seeds per pack. Deep red flowered Passiflora with green-yellow fruit. Fruit may be edible, though one source says it can be toxic (probably when unripe). Fruit is fragrant, smelling like a cross between the purple passion...

  • Passiflora mixta - Tumbo Passion Fruit

    5 seeds per pack. A lesser known banana passion fruit relative from South America, bearing oval, yellow colored fruits with dark orange flesh. The fruits are edible, with a tasty sweet and acidic flavor. Like the more common...

  • Passiflora nigradenia - Passiflora nigradenia

    4 seeds per pack. A little known edible passion fruit native to Bolivia. It has showy, ornate flowers that unlike many Passiflora's, appear in clusters. The flowers are followed by orange-yellow skinned fruits which are...

  • Passiflora popenovii - Quijos Granadilla

    Passiflora popenovii - Quijos Granadilla

    5 seeds per pack. A fantastic edible passion fruit from Columbia and Ecuador. Bears nice sized, yellow-orange fruits that look a bit like Passiflora alata. The fruits have a wonderful aromatic flavor and smell. Pulp is...

  • Passiflora quadrangularis - Giant Granadilla

    Passiflora quadrangularis - Giant Granadilla

    6 seeds per pack. Fast-growing vine bearing huge fruits, up to a foot long, with a sweet edible, passion-fruit-like pulp. Vine is hardy to about 28-32F. Large flowers are highly ornate, colored red, blue, and purple. Pulp is...

  • Passiflora seemanii - Seeman's Passion Flower

    Passiflora seemanii - Seeman's Passion Flower

    6 seeds per pack. A gorgeous ornamental and edible passion flower vine. Flowers are an ornate mix of purple and white and can be followed by 1-2" edible fruits that reportedly have a very nice flavor. The vine is popular as...

  • Passiflora serrulata - Wild Passion Fruit

    5 seeds per pack. A delightful but rare Passiflora, native to Brazil. The elaborate flowers have a lot of similarity to P. maliformis and P. ligularis. Fruits are around an inch, yellow in color, with edible, translucent...

  • Passiflora sp. - Red Flowered Banana Passion Fruit

    Passiflora sp. - Red Flowered Banana Passion Fruit

    10 seeds per pack. A beautiful red flowered Passiflora with soft skinned, green-yellow fruits. The fruits have similarities to the Banana Passion Fruit, with an aromatic scent and are possibly edible. Seeds are from an...

  • Passiflora tripartita mollissima - Banana Passion Fruit

    Passiflora tripartita mollissima - Banana Passion Fruit

    10 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Passiflora mollissima. Hardy passion flower vine producing 3-5" long, soft, yellow fruits. Fruits are edible and commonly used in beverages. Beautiful pink/red flower is formed on a long stalk. Vine...

  • Passiflora umbilicata - Passiflora umbilicata

    3 seeds per pack. A rare passion fruit from the highlands of Bolivia. Broadly part of the Tacsonia group of Passiflora's, it bears a greenish fruit that several sources say is edible. Has exquisite, purple to violet colored...

  • Passiflora x decaisneana -

    5 seeds per pack. Originated as a hybrid between P. alata and P. quadrangularis. Bears large, bright, red-purple flowers that bear some resemblance to its parents. If properly pollinated, can produce large, edible fruits...

  • Phyllanthus acidus - Otaheite Gooseberry

    Phyllanthus acidus - Otaheite Gooseberry

    8 seeds per pack. Small, white colored fruit with juicy acidic pulp. Fruits are borne in large quantities directly off branches. Shrubby tree to 20-30ft, subtropical, should surivive short frosts. Fruits and flowers on and...

  • Phyllanthus emblica - Emblic

    Phyllanthus emblica - Emblic

    10 seeds per pack. A prolific tree bearing 1-2", translucent fruits with a highly acidic pulp. The fruits are esteemed in India and parts of Southeast Asia and often sold in markets, usually flavored with sugar. Trees are...

  • Phyllanthus niruri - Jarmala

    Phyllanthus niruri - Jarmala

    15 seeds per pack. A short (2-3ft), annual herb with numerous medicinal uses. Pretty much all parts of the plant have been used medicinally, from treatments for jaundice to a topical healing aid and possbile anti-viral use...

  • Physaliastrum chamaesarachoides - Japanese Physaliastrum

    Physaliastrum chamaesarachoides - Japanese Physaliastrum

    10 seeds per pack. A very rare Physalis relative native to Japan. Bears plump, berry like fruits encased in a papery husk (much like cape gooseberries), with a sugary-tomato like flavor. It is a fairly low growing, shrubby...

  • Physalis alkekengi  - Winter Cherry

    Physalis alkekengi - Winter Cherry

    75 seeds per pack. A beautiful ornamental and edible fruit, the Winter Cherry (often labeled as an ornamental--Chinese Lantern), bears small, ground cherry-like fruits that are both edible and medicinal. The ripe fruits have...

  • Physalis arborescens - Tree Physalis

    10 seeds per pack. A fairly rare and unique Physalis species, mainly owing to its tall, almost tree-like growth habit. Mature plants can reach 6+ feet / 2 m. The leaves and buds are covered in small hairs. Yields small,...

  • Physalis costomatl - Cotztomatl

    Physalis costomatl - Cotztomatl

    10 seeds per pack. An rare Physalis native to tropical America. Produces small gound cherry-like fruits with a mild, sweet flavor. The plant is a small annual, growing to a few feet. Growth habit is similar to common...

  • Physalis ixocapra - Queen of Malinalco Tomatillo

    Physalis ixocapra - Queen of Malinalco Tomatillo

    10 seeds per pack. A rare and unique tomatillo variety having large, elongated, yellow colored fruits with a sweet flavor as compared with standard tomatillo's. This variety originated in the town of Malinalco, Mexico and...


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