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  • Chrysophyllum albidum - White Star Apple

    Chrysophyllum albidum - White Star Apple

    1 seed per pack. An edible star apple native to Nigeria. Little known outside of Africa, it bears round, golf ball-sized fruits that ripen to orange, with white flesh having an sweetish-acidic flavor. The fruits are popular...

  • Chrysophyllum lacourtianum - Abam

    1 seed per pack. A relative of the Star Apple, native to tropical West Africa. Bears a red-skinned fruit, with a sour-sweet flavor. The tree is also valuable for its timber, which is utilized in furniture and construction...

  • Chrysophyllum oliviforme - Satin Leaf Tree

    Chrysophyllum oliviforme - Satin Leaf Tree

    2 seeds per pack. A prolific tropical tree, native throughout much of the Caribbean region. Bears slender fruits that somewhat resemble an olive fruit. The fruits are edible, but have a white latex filled, gummy skin. The...

  • Cinnamomum cassia - Cassia Cinnamon

    Cinnamomum cassia - Cassia Cinnamon

    2 seeds per pack. Very similar to regular Cinnamon (C. zeylancium), Cassia Cinnamon also has highly aromatic bark which is used as a cinnamon spice. Medium sized tree is similar in size and shape to Cinnamon and will stand...

  • Cinnamomum subavenium - Padang Cassia

    Cinnamomum subavenium - Padang Cassia

    8 seeds per pack. An important spice tree, related to cinnamon, native to southeast Asia. The leaves are used as a spice and the tree is also a source of an essential oil that is said to have a number of antimicrobial and...

  • Cinnamomum tamala - Indian Bay Leaf

    3 seeds per pack. A native Indian tree known for its aromatic leaves which are extensively used as a spice, known as tejpat. The leaves have a cassia-cinnamon scent and are popular in a variety of cooked dishes. Medium sized...

  • Cinnamomum zeylanicum - Cinnamon

    4 seeds per pack. Beautiful subtropical or tropical tree producing the cinnamon of commerce. The dried bark is the cinnamon. New growth is bright red in color and very ornamental. Tree takes light frosts. #194 View plant...

  • Cionosicyos macranthus - Chinese Passion Fruit Melon

    Cionosicyos macranthus - Chinese Passion Fruit Melon

    1 seed per pack. A very little known member of the Cucurbit family producing fairly large, round, yellow-orange fruits with dark orange-red pulp. They have a very nice mild flavor, kind of like a creamy papaya. A climbing...

  • Citriobatus pauciflorus  - Orange Thorn

    Citriobatus pauciflorus - Orange Thorn

    10 seeds per pack. Orange berried bush native to Australia. Fruits are said to be edible, with a mildly sweet flavor, though they are mostly skin and seeds. The bush is hardy to short freezes, native to rainforest areas, yet...

  • Citrullus ecirrhosus - Namib Tsamma

    Citrullus ecirrhosus - Namib Tsamma

    5 seeds per pack. An exotic watermelon relative native to desert regions in Namibia and South Africa. Unlike the watermelon, it is a perennial, forming thick, water-filled, underground roots and a caudex that allow the plant...

  • Citrullus lanatus mucosospermus - Egusi Watermelon

    Citrullus lanatus mucosospermus - Egusi Watermelon

    5 seeds per pack. The exotic Egusi Watermelon hails from West Africa. Bears small, rounded fruits with sizable seeds that are rich in oil. Seeds are subsequently used in desserts, soups and as an oil base. The fruits are not...

  • Citrus amblycapra - Nasnaran Mandarin

    Citrus amblycapra - Nasnaran Mandarin

    10 seeds per pack. An exotic citrus from southeast Asia bearing small to medium sized yellow ripening fruits with a distinct, sour, mandarin-lime like flavor. The fruits are esteemed in some areas for their sour burst of...

  • Citrus aurantifolia - Mexican Lime

    Citrus aurantifolia - Mexican Lime

    10 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Key Lime. Small lime, ripening to yellow but often used while green. The Mexican or key lime is probably the best citrus for tropical areas, and while cold tender, can be grown in areas that receive...

  • Citrus australasica - Australian Finger Lime

    Citrus australasica - Australian Finger Lime

    2 seeds per pack. A very rare citrus native to Australia. The Australian Finger Lime bears small, finger-sized, ovaloid fruits with a strong lime-citrusy flavor. The fruits are a delicacy where available and can be used as...

  • Citrus junos - Yuzu

    Citrus junos - Yuzu

    10 seeds per pack. Rare, cold hardy citrus with intensely aromatic flesh and a unique lemon-citron like flavor. Tree is said to be hardy to 10F. The fruits are especially popular in Japan. Can be grown in a container. Please...

  • Citrus limettoides - Palestine Sweet Lime

    Citrus limettoides - Palestine Sweet Lime

    3 seeds per pack. Orange sized citrus fruit related to the common lime (sometimes classified as the same species), but having a juicy, sweet flavor that is unique in its own right. Fruits are very popular in parts of the...

  • Citrus limon  - Variegated Pink Lemonade Lemon

    Citrus limon - Variegated Pink Lemonade Lemon

    2 seeds per pack. Lemon variety bearing green-striped lemons with pink flesh and pink juice, having excellent flavor. The tree itself also has variegated foliage and is quite ornamental. It is not know whether this variety...

  • Citrus medica - Etrog Citron

    Citrus medica - Etrog Citron

    5 seeds per pack. Yellow, bumpy skinned citrus with a very acidic grapefruit/lemon like flavor. The fruit is most commonly used in the Jewish Feast of the Tabernacles and carries religious significance. Citrons were the...

  • Citrus mitis - Calamondin

    Citrus mitis - Calamondin

    5 seeds per pack. Sour-sweet, juicy, acidic citrus fruit about the size of a key lime. Excellent for juicing, flavoring, and a variety of other culinary uses. Tree is small, fairly cold-hardy to the mid 20's. Can be grown in...

  • Citrus reshni - Cleopatra Mandarin Orange

    Citrus reshni - Cleopatra Mandarin Orange

    10 seeds per pack. An acidic citrus native to India. Most commonly used as a rootstock for commercial citrus as it shows resistance to a number of diseases. The juicy fruits look much like regular mandarin oranges, but have...

  • Citrus reticulata x Fortunella - Mandarinquat

    Citrus reticulata x Fortunella - Mandarinquat

    5 seeds per pack. Tasty, sweet, mandarin orange-kumquat hybrid. Fruits are small to medium sized, juicy, with excellent flavor. Tree should have some hardiness, as both of its parents are hardy to freezes. Unknown if seeds...

  • Citrus sinensis - Pineapple Sweet Orange

    Citrus sinensis - Pineapple Sweet Orange

    8 seeds per pack. A seeded sweet orange, with medium sized fruits having an excellent, rich and sweet flavor. Other than the fruits producing seeds, this variety is an excellent fresh eating or juicing variety and was once a...

  • Citrus sinensis var. Moro Blood Orange - Moro Blood Orange

    Citrus sinensis var. Moro Blood Orange - Moro Blood Orange

    2 seeds per pack. Medium sized blood orange variety with rich, orange flavor, and dark red pulp. Grows well in most citrus areas and will develop color reliably. Hardy to near 30F. Please also see note about citrus seeds...

  • Citrus sudachi - Sudachi

    Citrus sudachi - Sudachi

    4 seeds per pack. A rare citrus that is little known outside of Japan. Prized in Japan, much like the yuzu, and having a delicious acidic flavor that is reminiscent of lemons. Eaten fresh and used to flavor beverages and...

  • Citrus taiwanica - Nansho Sour Orange

    Citrus taiwanica - Nansho Sour Orange

    10 seeds per pack. A sour orange, edible, but with a very acidic flavor. Bears medium sized fruits that ripen to yellow and orange. Notable for its cold hardiness, with some reports of trees surviving to as low as 10F. Also...

  • Citrus x limonia - Rangpur Lime

    Citrus x limonia - Rangpur Lime

    15 seeds per pack. Medium sized, orange skinned citrus that is a relative of the mandarin orange. Flavor is acidic, sour, but with heavy sweet overtones. Overall, the fruit is very tasty and can be used much like lemons...

  • Citrus x Meyeri - Meyer Lemon

    Citrus x Meyeri - Meyer Lemon

    3 seeds per pack. Reasonably cold hardy citrus fruit with a sweet lemon flavor without the acidity of a common lemon. Very small tree, usually no more than 10ft. Can be grown as a houseplant. #630 View plant database page...

  • Clausena wampee - Wampee

    3 seeds per pack. Small, olive sized fruit with sweet grape-like pulp. Fruits are eaten out of hand, and made into desserts. A champagne-like beverage is made by adding sugar to the fruits and allowing them to ferment. Small...

  • Clavija lehmannii - Truffula Tree

    1 seed per pack. A strange, slender tree with a palm or Cordyline-like appearance, native to the tropical Andes mountains. It has bright orange fruits with edible pulp that are said to be creamy and delicious. The fruits...

  • Clavija longifolia - Ornate Clavija

    2 seeds per pack. A lesser known rain forest tree with a palm-like growth habit that has small, rounded, edible orange fruits. The fruits look kind of like little marbles and are borne in large clusters directly from the...

  • Cnestis palala - Cnestis

    10 seeds per pack. A red, pear-shaped fruit native to the jungles of southeast Asia. Grows on a shrubby plant with vine-like growth habits that can reach 50+ feet in length. The fruits are wild harvested, both for eating as...

  • Coccoloba diversifolia - Pigeon Plum

    3 seeds per pack. A small shrub native to South Florida, Central America and much of the Caribbean. Bears a small, purple, edible fruit that is popular with birds. Commonly planted as a landscape ornamental and easy pruned...

  • Coccoloba tuerckheimii - Wild Grape

    7 seeds per pack. Short to medium sized tree native to Central America. Bears large clusters of small, red-purple ripening fruits that look a bit like grapes. Fruits are edible and can be eaten fresh or used in desserts. Has...

  • Coccoloba uvifera - Sea Grape

    8 seeds per pack. Tropical/subtropical tree, often used for landscaping near the ocean due to its high tolerance for salinity. Grows well in sandy soils and will stand some frost. Fruits are produced in clusters on long...

  • Coddia rudis - Small Bone Apple

    10 seeds per pack. A fast-growing, small shrub native to southern Africa. Notable for its attractive, bell-shaped white to light orange colored flowers which are also fragrant. It bears a small green to brown fruit that is...

  • Coffea arabica - Coffee (pre-germinated)

    Coffea arabica - Coffee (pre-germinated)

    4 seeds per pack. Seeds are pre-germinated and beginning to sprout. Grow your own coffee! Coffee is an easy to grow small or medium sized shrub that does very well as a house plant. Will survive temperatures to the 30's if...


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