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Sweet Peppers

  • Sweet Melrose Pepper

    Sweet Melrose Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 25 seeds per pack. A yummy sweet pepper, of the Italian Frying type. Produce blocky, 2 x 4" fruits that ripen to red. Excellent sweet and rich flavor. Great fresh in salads or for frying. Originally from...

  • Sweet Pickle Pepper

    Sweet Pickle Pepper

    25 seeds per pack. A fun ornamental pepper, with small fruits that grow to about 2-4", with a mildly conical but oval shape. Fruits are born in clusters with ripening occurring in stages, allowing for plants to display a...

  • White Zinfandel Bell Pepper

    White Zinfandel Bell Pepper

    10 seeds per pack. One of the very few white, sweet bell peppers. Bears blocky fruits much like standard bell peppers, which ripen to a heavenly creamy white color, sometimes with a light pink blush. Nice flavor, typical...

  • Yellow Monster Pepper

    Yellow Monster Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 25 seeds per pack. A jumbo sized yellow bell pepper with huge fruits growing up to 8" long and 4" wide! Fruits have tons of sweet and meaty flesh with a perfect flavor for salads, frying and more. Ripens...

  • Yolo Wonder Pepper

    Yolo Wonder Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 50 seeds per pack. Much like the popular California Wonder, Yolo Wonder bears similar, though larger fruits. Huge, blocky fruits grow to several inches, having thick flesh with a crunchy texture and a...



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