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  • Ancho San Luis Pepper

    Ancho San Luis Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 15 seeds per pack. A refined variety of the popular Ancho pepper. Fruits grow to 5-7", with a thick, but tapered shape. Ripens from dark green to red. The fruits are an important ingredient in mole and...

  • Absinthe Tomato

    Absinthe Tomato

    ( Solanum lycopersicum) 15 seeds per pack. A rare, green colored beefsteak tomato, derived from interbreeding of Brandywine, Aunt Ruby's German and a third variety. Produces large, 8-16 oz+ fruits with tangy, yet sweet and...

  • Poona Kheera Cucumber

    Poona Kheera Cucumber

    (Cucumis sativus) 25 seeds per pack. A unique and strange cucumber originally from India. Yields fat fruits that almost look more like a potato! The fruits change color from white to yellow then brown and have tasty, crisp,...

  • Elaeagnus multiflora - Goumi

    Elaeagnus multiflora - Goumi

    10 seeds per pack. A relatively unknown, yet very tasty temperate fruit tree bearing small, red berry-like fruits with a delicious sweet, juicy and mildly astringent flavor. Short shrub to 6-10ft. Plants bear heavily when...

  • Gaultheria depressa - Mountain Snow Berry

    Gaultheria depressa - Mountain Snow Berry

    25 seeds per pack. A low lying, shrubby plant native to New Zealand and Australia, having small, pure white colored, edible berries. The species is related to wintergreen and the edible fruits are typically used in deserts...

  • Tamarindus indica - Tamarind

    Tamarindus indica - Tamarind

    10 seeds per pack. Beautiful large tropical tree native to Africa. Can withstand temperatures down to 28F. Fruit is a 4-8" long pod with several large seeds surrounded by sticky, paste-like flesh with a tasty sweet/sour...

  • Mr.  Stripey Tomato

    Mr. Stripey Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 40 seeds per pack. Different than the often confused Tigerella, My. Stripey bears 8oz-2lb fruits with colorful skin that is a mixture of yellow, orange and red splotches and stripes. Flavor is tasty,...

  • Valencia Tomato

    Valencia Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 15 seeds per pack. A beautiful orange heirloom tomato originally from Maine. Bears 8-10 ounce, smooth skinned fruits that ripen to a glowing orange. Meaty fruits make for delicious eating and have few...

  • Diospyros lotus - Date Plum

    Diospyros lotus - Date Plum

    8 seeds per pack. A deciduous tree bearing yellow-black fruits about the size of a walnut. Fruits have an excellent flavor when over-ripe, and when dried, have a date-like flavor. The fruits are esteemed in Asia and in much...

  • Anacardium occidentale - Cashew Nut

    Anacardium occidentale - Cashew Nut

    2 seeds per pack. This is the cashew nut of commerce. Trees bear cashew apples, a sweet, edible "fruit" often used to flavor beverages, with the hard-shelled cashew nut attached. The nuts are roasted and eaten. Tree to...

  • Magnolia chapensis - Tropical Magnolia

    Magnolia chapensis - Tropical Magnolia

    10 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Michelia chapensis. A tropical Magnolia, native to southern China and Vietnam. This species is fairly uncommon in cultivation, but is noteworthy for its large, white to pale yellow, fragrant flowers...

  • Kadsura coccinea - Kadsura

    Kadsura coccinea - Kadsura

    5 seeds per pack. A rare, edible fruit from southern China and southeast Asia. It is a vining plant, bearing small to occasionally medium sized fruits that are a collection of capsuled carpels. The fruits are edible, said to...

  • Rosa roxburghii - Sweet Chestnut Rose

    Rosa roxburghii - Sweet Chestnut Rose

    50 seeds per pack. A wild rose species, native to China. Features fragrant, large-petaled flowers in white and pale pink. It bears aromatic, spiny, thinly fleshed, edible fruits that are high in several vitamins. The yellow...

  • Cinnamomum septentrionale - Wild Cinnamon

    Cinnamomum septentrionale - Wild Cinnamon

    8 seeds per pack. An uncommon, wild cinnamon species that is native to southern China. Not much information is available about this species, but like other cinnamon's, it has highly aromatic fruits, bark and leaves. It is...

  • Chenopodium quinoa - Cherry Vanilla Quinoa

    Chenopodium quinoa - Cherry Vanilla Quinoa

    (Chenopodium quinoa) 200 seeds per pack. Beautiful both in flower and seed, this variety features elegant pink and cream flower heads. Seeds are ghost white, with the usual mix of quinoa uses. A 4-6ft tall annual, quinoa is...

  • Hamamelis virginiana - Witch Hazel

    Hamamelis virginiana - Witch Hazel

    10 seeds per pack. A fairly slow-growing, medium sized deciduous shrub best known for its medicinal value. The bark and bark extract is used as a topical medicine for various skin problems, external inflammation and soreness...

  • Hawaiian Pineapple Tomato

    Hawaiian Pineapple Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 15 seeds per pack. Huge orange-yellow ripening beefsteak style tomato. This variety stands out for its huge fruits that sometimes weigh up to 2 pounds, and its sweet fruity flavor with hints of...

  • Calycanthus floridus - Carolina Allspice

    Calycanthus floridus - Carolina Allspice

    5 seeds per pack. An attractive ornamental shrub, native to the southeastern United States. Much appreciated as a landscape plant for its fragrant, bright, multi-petaled, magenta colored flowers. Shrubby growth to 6-9 ft /...

  • Acer macrophyllum - Bigleaf Maple

    Acer macrophyllum - Bigleaf Maple

    5 seeds per pack. A medium to large sized maple, known for its huge leaves---the biggest of any maple---which can reach up to a foot across. Also popular for its bright, canary yellow colored fall foliage. Native to the...

  • Big Sun Habanero

    Big Sun Habanero

    (Capsicum chinense) 15 seeds per pack. A fabulous variety of Habanero, particularly for those that love Yellow Habaneros! Big Sun bears large fruits to 2-3", wrinkled, with a ovaloid shape. Fruits ripen to a yellow-orange...

  • Crataegus azarolus - Azarole

    Crataegus azarolus - Azarole

    6 seeds per pack. A Hawthorn species, native to the Mediterranean region, bearing small, red, edible fruits. The fruits have a mild, sugary and acidic flavor and are most commonly used fresh or dried. The bushy trees bear...

  • Lavandula stoechas - French Lavender

    Lavandula stoechas - French Lavender

    50 seeds per pack. Also known as Spanish Lavender, this lovely ornamental lavender species grows wild throughout much of the European Mediterranean region. Known for its scented flowers and foliage, it can be used much like...

  • Sambucus caerulea - Blue Elderberry

    Sambucus caerulea - Blue Elderberry

    50 seeds per pack. Probably the best flavored of the North American native elderberry species, this small shrub is native to much of the Pacific coast. Bears huge clusters of small, blue colored, fleshy fruits that are...

  • Pinus caribaea - Caribbean Pine

    Pinus caribaea - Caribbean Pine

    10 seeds per pack. A tropical pine, seeds come from the hondurensis variety, which grows wild through southern Mexico and Central America. The southernmost pine species in North America, it grows best in tropical and...

  • Callicarpa americana - American Beautyberry

    Callicarpa americana - American Beautyberry

    50 seeds per pack. Much like the Japanese Beautyberry, this is one shrub that lives up to its name! Bears clusters of bright, lilac colored berries throughout the warm months. The clusters are eye-popping and remain on the...

  • Capsicum chinense - Mayan Red Habanero

    Capsicum chinense - Mayan Red Habanero

    (Capsicum chinense) 25 seeds per pack. A slender fruited habanero that packs a punch. Pods are somewhat pendant shaped, with similarities to the Lantern Pepper. Flavor is fruity and hot, with strong heat, though a bit less...

  • Huazontle


    (Chenopodium berlandieri) 500 seeds per pack. A variety of Aztec Spinach (unrelated to common spinach) popularly cultivated in Mexico. The seeds have somewhat thinner coats than other types. Leaves can be eaten raw or cooked...

  • Chipotle Pepper

    Chipotle Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 20 seeds per pack. Confusingly named, as 'chipotle' can refer to any smoked pepper, but this is a variety of its own, bearing several inch peppers with similar characteristics to the Ancho and Serrano...

  • Rosenbergiodendron formosum - Blackberry Jam Fruit

    Rosenbergiodendron formosum - Blackberry Jam Fruit

    1 seed per pack. PLEASE NOTE: These seeds are pre-germinated. This species can be difficult to germinate, we have a small batch of seeds already germinating. Not recommended for shipping outside of the United States. a.k.a...

  • Garcinia gummi-gutta - Malabar Tamarind

    Garcinia gummi-gutta - Malabar Tamarind

    1 seed per pack. a.k.a. Garcinia cambogia. A ribbed, green to yellow colored fruit, native to India, but also found in tropical southeast Asia and Africa. The fruits are traditionally used in curries. Recently the fruit...

  • Large Red Thick Cayenne Pepper

    Large Red Thick Cayenne Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 50 seeds per pack. A variant of the classic Cayenne pepper which produces large fruits, growing to about 6", by 1 1/4" wide. Fruits are very hot and quite aromatic, making them great for recipes that call...

  • Aji Dulce Puerto Rico Pepper

    Aji Dulce Puerto Rico Pepper

    (Capsicum chinense) 15 seeds per pack. A wonderful Aji Dulce from Puerto Rico, with large fruits that run bigger than Aji Dulce #1. The pods have a full, fruity aroma and crunchy texture with sweet flavor. Some fruits can...

  • Eugenia uniflora - Surinam Cherry

    Eugenia uniflora - Surinam Cherry

    3 seeds per pack. Note: Some of the seeds in this batch are beginning to sprout. Seeds are from mixed, large fruited red varieties. Cherry sized fruit with a sweet flavor. Trees can be very prolific if conditions are right...

  • Amethyst Bean

    Amethyst Bean

    (Phaseolus vulgaris) 50 seeds per pack. A beautiful deep purple colored dry bean. Popularly used in soups, but its creamy texture and mild flavor lends for use in salads, salsa's and more. #3166 Open pollinated. Bush type...

  • Sun Sugar Tomato

    Sun Sugar Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 10 seeds per pack. Note: This batch of seeds is pelleted for easy planting. Like the Sun Gold, the Sun Sugar has fruits with a flavor that are unbeatable! Cherry-size fruits ripen to orange and have a...

  • Allium validum - Pacific Mountain Onion

    Allium validum - Pacific Mountain Onion

    25 seeds per pack. An attractive wild onion species, native to the mountains of the Pacific region from Idaho through California. Has both attractive, slender foliage and bright colored, pink flowers. Produces bulbs, which...


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