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  • Jacaratia spinosa - Jacaratia

    5 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Wild Papaya. A wild papaya relative bearing 3-4" fruits that ripen to orange yellow and are said to have a flavor reminiscent of mango and passion fruit. Only over-ripe fruits are eaten. A...

  • Jaltomata cajacayensis - Musho

    Jaltomata cajacayensis - Musho

    10 seeds per pack. A very rare Physalis relative bearing smallish, brown-orange berry fruits. The fruits are reportedly edible and have a sweet flavor. The fruits of this and some of its closely related species are gathered...

  • Jaltomata sinuosa - Jaltomata

    10 seeds per pack. Another of several rare Jaltomata species native to South America. Bears tiny orange fruited berries that are said to be edible. A small perennial or annual, sort of similar in growth habit to a ground...

  • Jaltomata tlaxcala - Jaltomato

    Jaltomata tlaxcala - Jaltomato

    25 seeds per pack. A small berry fruit related to and similar to the Garden Huckleberry. This species is quite similar to J. procumbens and may be a variant of it. Short plant grows to 1-2 feet with yellow flowers. Annual...

  • Jaltomata weberbaueri - Jaltomata

    5 seeds per pack. One of several extremely rare Physalis relatives, native to a small area in the Peruvian mountains. This species bears orange-red fruits about the size of a small cherry tomato. The fruits are said to be...

  • Jarilla caudata - Jarilla

    Jarilla caudata - Jarilla

    4 seeds per pack. A rare papaya relative with strange and wonderful fruits that can reach up to 12" wide. The fruits have prominent horns at their end and will ripen to yellow. They are sometimes sold locally in their native...

  • Jarilla chocola - Chocola

    Jarilla chocola - Chocola

    4 seeds per pack. An amazingly exotic papaya relative with small pink-red fruits having white flesh and a creamy-acidic flavor. The plant also yields starchy, potato-like tubers. Native to the Pacific coast of Mexico, both...

  • Lepidium meyenii - Maca

    15 seeds per pack. A subtropical biennial or annual grown for its fleshy, edible roots. The roots have a variety of edible uses, in making flour, brewing beer, and the leaves can be eaten like lettuce. Recently, maca has...

  • Leycesteria formosa - Himalayan Honeysuckle, Yellow Leaf

    Leycesteria formosa - Himalayan Honeysuckle, Yellow Leaf

    25 seeds per pack. Seeds are from an ornamental yellow-green leafed variety. Most seeds appear to breed true. Spreading shrub to 4-8ft, producing clusters of dainty white-pink flowers, which are followed by dark purple to...

  • Licania platypus - Sunsapote

    Licania platypus - Sunsapote

    1 seed per pack. A large fruit native to the lowlands of tropical America. Fruits grow up to 8", with dark brown-red skin and soft flesh that has an acidic-sweet flavor. The fruits are occasionally sold at local markets,...

  • Litsea garciae - Engkala (pre-germinated)

    Litsea garciae - Engkala (pre-germinated)

    1 seed per pack. An ultra rare tropical fruit from southeast Asia. Related to the avocado, the engkala bears edible, flattened, bright pink colored fruits. The fruits' wonderful flavor is said to be much like the avocado...

  • Luma apiculata - Luma

    Luma apiculata - Luma

    5 seeds per pack. Bushy tree producing profuse amounts of black-purple berries. Related to the guava. Very frost hardy, to 15F. Bark is cinnamon like and quite pretty. Easily grown in a container. #610 Out of stock. Last...

  • Lychee chinensis - Lychee

    Lychee chinensis - Lychee

    2 seeds per pack. Very popular fruit with an exotic sweet flavor and white translucent flesh. Skin is red and slightly spiny. Trees will survive some frost, to 28-32F. Protect from hard freezes. Lychees grow well in both...

  • Lycium chinense - Shanghai Express Goji Berry

    Lycium chinense - Shanghai Express Goji Berry

    10 seeds per pack. A recent variety of goji berry, selected for its heavily bearing plants which reportedly can yield up to 5-6 pounds of fruit. Low growing, shrubby growth to a few feet in height. Freeze hardy to as low as...

  • Macadamia tetraphylla - Rough Shelled Macadamia

    Macadamia tetraphylla - Rough Shelled Macadamia

    2 seeds per pack. A slightly less common Macadamia Nut, bearing tasty nuts similar to the more common M. integrifolia. A pretty tree, growing to 25-40 ft. Will survive light frosts when mature. Along with M. integrifolia,...

  • Maesobotrya barteri - African Bush Cherry

    1 seed per pack. A medium sized tree, native to the rainforests of West Africa. Trees yield large quantities of 1 cm, red to purple colored berries, with a tasty acidic flavor. The fruits are sold locally in markets and have...

  • Malpighia punicifolia - Acerola

    Malpighia punicifolia - Acerola

    5 seeds per pack. Formerly listed as Malpighia glabra. Cherry-sized red fruit with a tasty acidic flavor. The amazing acerola contains 60 times the vitamin C per gram of flesh of a citrus. Just three fruits can meet your...

  • Mammea africana - African Mamey Apple

    Mammea africana - African Mamey Apple

    1 seed per pack. An African relative of the Mamey Apple, bearing medium to large, brown fruits similar to its better known relative. Pulp is yellow, edible and the tree is known for profuse bearing. Native to tropical West...

  • Mammea americana - Mamey Apple

    Mammea americana - Mamey Apple

    1 seed per pack. Related to the mangosteen, the delightful Mamey bears round, brown fruits up to 8" across. Fruits have a fragrant, tasty apricot-raspberry like flavor. Hardy to some frost. The tree is quite attractive...

  • Manihot carthaginensis - Hardy Tree Tapioca

    Manihot carthaginensis - Hardy Tree Tapioca

    5 seeds per pack. Fast-growing perennial shrub, usually to 6-8ft. Not know whether this plant is edible (we list it here for grouping sake, and it is closely related to cassava/tapioca). It is hardier than other Manihot's...

  • Manilkara bidentata - Ausubo

    Manilkara bidentata - Ausubo

    2 seeds per pack. Yellow skinned fruit about two inches across. Flesh is yellow, with a consistency much like the canistel. Fruit has a nice flavor and the tree is also an important timber species. Will stand brief frosts,...

  • Manilkara concolor - Zulu Milkberry

    3 seeds per pack. A shrubby, fairly short tree native to southern Africa. Bears small, berry-like fruits that ripen to yellow-orange. Fruits are said to be fleshy and edible. Possibly drought tolerant and may be hardy to...

  • Manilkara discolor - Forest Milkberry

    3 seeds per pack. A small fruited sapote from forests of southern Africa. Bears yellow ripening fruits that supposedly have a sweet flavor that some sources list as quite desirable. Medium to large sized tree. Unknown frost...

  • Manilkara mochisia - Lowveld Milkberry

    5 seeds per pack. An African native sapote with small, yellow, reportedly edible fruits. Very little information is available about this species and it is uncommon outside of its native range. Tree, growing to 25-35 feet...

  • Manilkara zapota - Sapodilla

    Manilkara zapota - Sapodilla

    3 seeds per pack. Meaty fruit with soft, dark brown flesh having a sugary, fruity flavor. The sapodilla tree is also the source of chicle, a sticky latex substance used in chewing gum and industrial applications. The...

  • Manilkara zapota - Sapodilla (pre-germinated)

    Manilkara zapota - Sapodilla (pre-germinated)

    1 seed per pack. Seed is pre-germinated and beginning to sprout. Meaty fruit with soft, dark brown flesh having a sugary, fruity flavor. The sapodilla tree is also the source of chicle, a sticky latex substance used in...

  • Matisia giacomettoi - Matisia

    1 seed per pack. An ultra-rare edible fruit related to the South American Sapote (Quararibea). Fruits are golf ball sized and ripen from brown to orange-yellow. Pulp is white. Fruits show cauliflorous growth. Unknown...

  • Melicoccus bijugatus - Spanish Lime

    Melicoccus bijugatus - Spanish Lime

    2 seeds per pack. A large tree, common to tropical regions in the Caribbean and parts of the Americas. Bears 1-1 1/2", green skinned fruits with salmon colored pulp that has a sweet to sour flavor. Fairly slow growing. Can...

  • Melicoccus oliviformis - Guaya

    2 seeds per pack. A very closely related fruit to the far more common but similar Spanish Lime (M. bijugatus). Fruits are slightly larger than the spanish lime, with red-orange flesh that is said to be of high quality...

  • Mimusops zeyheri - Transvaal Red Milkwood

    5 seeds per pack. A small, orange skinned fruit with edible, sweet flesh having a floury consistency. The fruits are high in vitamin C. A medium sized tree growing to 25-40 ft. Has attractive, leathery leaves and small white...

  • Monodora junodii - Green Apple

    1 seed per pack. Related to the Calabash Nutmeg (not the common apple), this South African tree is known for its colorful, orchid like flowers. Very rare, produces edible fruits with a dry pulp. The seeds are used to make...

  • Monodora myristica - Calabash Nutmeg

    2 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Jamaican Nutmeg. A beautiful tropical tree prized both for its aromatic seeds and for its multi-colored, ornamental flowers. Seeds are dried, ground and used as a nutmeg substitute. Aroma is similar...

  • Monstera deliciosa - Mexican Breadfruit

    Monstera deliciosa - Mexican Breadfruit

    8 seeds per pack. A decorative and edible vining member of the philodendron family. While adapted to tropical environments, it is particularly easy to grow as a houseplant and can grow outside in areas with minimal frost...

  • Moringa ovalifolia - Phantom Tree

    5 seeds per pack. A well known tree of the arid lands of southern Africa. Mostly recognized as an ornamental, for its large, bottle-like trunk. Deciduous, can grow to 25 feet. Unknown frost tolerance. Fruits, stems and...

  • Moringa stenopetala - African Moringa

    5 seeds per pack. Much lesser known than its famous cousin Moringa oleifera, but with equal nutritional and medicinal uses. An oddly growing tree with a caudiciform-like, enlarged trunk. Can grow to 30-40ft and is highly...

  • Morus macroura - Pakistani Mulberry

    Morus macroura - Pakistani Mulberry

    15 seeds per pack. Large fruited mulberry bearing fruits several inches long. Fruits are sweet flavored, eat just like common mulberries. Will stand temperatures several degrees below freezing. Wood is also of high quality...


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