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  • Citrus junos - Yuzu

    Citrus junos - Yuzu

    10 seeds per pack. Rare, cold hardy citrus with intensely aromatic flesh and a unique lemon-citron like flavor. Tree is said to be hardy to 10F. The fruits are especially popular in Japan. Can be grown in a container. Please...

  • Citrus limettoides - Palestine Sweet Lime

    Citrus limettoides - Palestine Sweet Lime

    3 seeds per pack. Orange sized citrus fruit related to the common lime (sometimes classified as the same species), but having a juicy, sweet flavor that is unique in its own right. Fruits are very popular in parts of the...

  • Citrus limon  - Variegated Pink Lemonade Lemon

    Citrus limon - Variegated Pink Lemonade Lemon

    2 seeds per pack. Lemon variety bearing green-striped lemons with pink flesh and pink juice, having excellent flavor. The tree itself also has variegated foliage and is quite ornamental. It is not know whether this variety...

  • Citrus medica - Etrog Citron

    Citrus medica - Etrog Citron

    5 seeds per pack. Yellow, bumpy skinned citrus with a very acidic grapefruit/lemon like flavor. The fruit is most commonly used in the Jewish Feast of the Tabernacles and carries religious significance. Citrons were the...

  • Citrus mitis - Calamondin

    Citrus mitis - Calamondin

    5 seeds per pack. Sour-sweet, juicy, acidic citrus fruit about the size of a key lime. Excellent for juicing, flavoring, and a variety of other culinary uses. Tree is small, fairly cold-hardy to the mid 20's. Can be grown in...

  • Citrus reticulata x Fortunella - Mandarinquat

    Citrus reticulata x Fortunella - Mandarinquat

    5 seeds per pack. Tasty, sweet, mandarin orange-kumquat hybrid. Fruits are small to medium sized, juicy, with excellent flavor. Tree should have some hardiness, as both of its parents are hardy to freezes. Unknown if seeds...

  • Citrus sinensis var. Moro Blood Orange - Moro Blood Orange

    Citrus sinensis var. Moro Blood Orange - Moro Blood Orange

    2 seeds per pack. Medium sized blood orange variety with rich, orange flavor, and dark red pulp. Grows well in most citrus areas and will develop color reliably. Hardy to near 30F. Please also see note about citrus seeds...

  • Citrus sudachi - Sudachi

    Citrus sudachi - Sudachi

    4 seeds per pack. A rare citrus that is little known outside of Japan. Prized in Japan, much like the yuzu, and having a delicious acidic flavor that is reminiscent of lemons. Eaten fresh and used to flavor beverages and...

  • Citrus x Meyeri - Meyer Lemon

    Citrus x Meyeri - Meyer Lemon

    3 seeds per pack. Reasonably cold hardy citrus fruit with a sweet lemon flavor without the acidity of a common lemon. Very small tree, usually no more than 10ft. Can be grown as a houseplant. #630 View plant database page...

  • Clausena wampee - Wampee

    Clausena wampee - Wampee

    3 seeds per pack. Small, olive sized fruit with sweet grape-like pulp. Fruits are eaten out of hand, and made into desserts. A champagne-like beverage is made by adding sugar to the fruits and allowing them to ferment. Small...

  • Coccoloba diversifolia - Pigeon Plum

    3 seeds per pack. A small shrub native to South Florida, Central America and much of the Caribbean. Bears a small, purple, edible fruit that is popular with birds. Commonly planted as a landscape ornamental and easy pruned...

  • Coffea arabica - Coffee (pre-germinated)

    Coffea arabica - Coffee (pre-germinated)

    4 seeds per pack. Seeds are pre-germinated and beginning to sprout. Grow your own coffee! Coffee is an easy to grow small or medium sized shrub that does very well as a house plant. Will survive temperatures to the 30's if...

  • Coffea arabica - Kona Coffee

    Coffea arabica - Kona Coffee

    8 seeds per pack. Seeds are from the well-known Kona variety which produces a superior tasting bean. Grow your own coffee! Coffee is an easy to grow small or medium sized shrub that does very well as a house plant. Will...

  • Coffea canephora - Robusta Coffee

    Coffea canephora - Robusta Coffee

    10 seeds per pack. A dwarf commercial coffee variety known for its high quality beans. Trees grow to about 3ft and have longer leaves that the more common Coffea arabica. Makes an attractive and easy to grow house plant...

  • Coffea liberica - Liberian Coffee

    Coffea liberica - Liberian Coffee

    4 seeds per pack. An edible coffee, this species is distinct from many of the more common types owing to its large leaves, fruits and large growth habit. The leaves in particular grow to 2-3 times the size of typical coffee...

  • Coffea racemosa - Racemosa Coffee

    Coffea racemosa - Racemosa Coffee

    8 seeds per pack. Commercial coffee variety known for its compact and prolific-bearing trees. Grows to 4-6ft. A single tree may produce thousands of berries in a single season when mature. Makes an attractive and easy to...

  • Cola acuminata - Cola Nut

    Cola acuminata - Cola Nut

    1 seed per pack. Large, purple colored nut (seed) chewed for its stimulatory properties. An important crop in some regions of the world, the cola nut is a tropical tree, native to West Africa, and was once extensively used...

  • Cola ficifolia - Wild Cola Nut

    Cola ficifolia - Wild Cola Nut

    1 seed per pack. a.k.a. Cola preussii. A wild and rare Cola Nut from the African rain forests. This species is said to have one of the better tasting fruits and the seeds may be usable much like Cola acuminata. Medium to...

  • Cola lateritia - Monkey Kola

    1 seed per pack. A rare West African, wild Cola species, with bright red fruits that are said to have edible pulp and seeds. The seeds are used much like Cola acuminata. Fruits are smaller than the typical Cola Nut. Leaves...

  • Cola nitida - Wild Cola Nut

    1 seed per pack. A close relative of the better known Cola Nut, Cola acuminata, this species also bears large nuts that are used as a stimulant and an ingredient in soft drinks. A medium to large sized tropical tree. Needs...

  • Cola pachycarpa - Monkey Kola

    Cola pachycarpa - Monkey Kola

    1 seed per pack. A wild growing Cola Nut found in lowland forests of some West African countries. This species is little known outside of Africa and bears fairly large fruits, up to several inches long. Fruits have edible...

  • Cola suboppositifolia - Wild Cola

    Cola suboppositifolia - Wild Cola

    1 seed per pack. A wild Cola Nut, this species is native only to Cameroon. Bears typical cola nut fruits, ripening to red, with medium sized seeds and possibly edible pulp. Little information is available about this very...

  • Cordia dichotoma - Bird Lime Tree

    10 seeds per pack. A locally popular fruit in some parts of India and southeast Asia, primarily used as an ingredient in some traditional cooked dishes. Fruits are small, ripen to pink-yellow and contain a single seed. The...

  • Cordia obliqua - Clammy Cherry

    Cordia obliqua - Clammy Cherry

    10 seeds per pack. Small cherry-sized, orange skinned fruit often eaten raw as a vegetable. Ripe fruits have a sticky, clammy texture with a sweetish flavor. The fruits also have a number of medicinal uses. Native to India...

  • Couepia dolicopoda - Parinari

    Couepia dolicopoda - Parinari

    1 seed per pack. An edible, soft-fruited rainforest tree from the Amazon region. Bears oblong, yellow fruits with soft, creamy pulp that are said to be quite desirable. The fruit is virtually unknown outside of the Amazon...

  • Crataegus pubescens - Mexican Apple

    Crataegus pubescens - Mexican Apple

    5 seeds per pack. Small, yellow skinned, apple-like fruit. Fruits can be eaten fresh but are often used in preserves. The fruits also have a variety of medicinal properties and have been used for eating and medicine for...

  • Cucurbita ecuadoriensis - Ecuadorian Squash

    10 seeds per pack. A wild species of squash, rediscovered only recently in 1965. Bears round, melon like fruits with a bitter flavor. The species is most notable for its resistance to a number of common squash viruses making...

  • Cullenia exarillata - Wild Durian

    Cullenia exarillata - Wild Durian

    1 seed per pack. An exotic close relative of the Durio genus (durian's), native to the Western Ghat mountains of India. Bears medium sized, spiky fruits with large seeds and scant pulp. The tree is a very important in its...

  • Cyclanthera explodens - Exploding Cucumber

    6 seeds per pack. A strange annual vine related to the common cucumber. Bears small, spiky fruits that upon ripening, "explode" to release their seeds. Fruits are said to be edible both when raw and ripe, but the vine is...

  • Cyphomandra hartwegii - Tree Tomato

    6 seeds per pack. A rare relative of the common Tree Tomato. Bears elongated, egg-shaped fruits that ripen to yellow-orange. Fruits are said to be edible when ripe, though caution should be used as there are some conflicting...

  • Cyphomandra sibundoyensis - Forest Tamarillo

    Cyphomandra sibundoyensis - Forest Tamarillo

    5 seeds per pack. An intriguing and very rare species, known only from a small area of Colombia. Bears yellow-orange fruits much like the tree tomato and quite large, usually surpassing it's much more common relative in size...

  • Dacryodes edulis - Butterfruit

    Dacryodes edulis - Butterfruit

    1 seed per pack. Rare, African tree bearing 2-6", oval fruits which ripen to an off-purple blue color. The fruits are eaten raw or cooked and when cooked, have a texture much like butter. The seed also has a number of uses,...

  • Dialium engleranum - Kalahari Podberry

    5 seeds per pack. A medium sized tree bearing edible, red-brown, velvet skinned fruits. Has attractive, glossy foliage and ornamental inflorescences. Medium sized tree can grow up to 50 ft. Native to parts of Africa. Likely...

  • Dialium schlechteri - Sherbet Tree

    4 seeds per pack. An African fruit tree bearing 1", velvet skinned, red-brown fruits with a dry, orange pulp. The pulp is said to taste like sherbet and is popular amongst locals in the tree's native range. Native to...

  • Dillenia pentagyna - Karmal

    8 seeds per pack. A relative of the Elephant Apple, the Karmal tree bears 2.5 cm / 1" fruits with an acidic flavor that are eaten fresh and cooked. Native to India, the tree is also known for its yellow, fragrant flowers...

  • Dimocarpus longana - Kohala Longan

    2 seeds per pack. Seeds are from the Kohala variety, known for its large, flavorful fruits. Brown-skinned fruit with translucent white flesh and tasty pulp reminiscent of the lychee and rambutan. The longan is subtropical...


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