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  • Cola pachycarpa - Monkey Kola

    Cola pachycarpa - Monkey Kola

    1 seed per pack. A wild growing Cola Nut found in lowland forests of some West African countries. This species is little known outside of Africa and bears fairly large fruits, up to several inches long. Fruits have edible...

  • Cola suboppositifolia - Wild Cola

    1 seed per pack. A wild Cola Nut, this species is native only to Cameroon. Bears typical cola nut fruits, ripening to red, with medium sized seeds and possibly edible pulp. Little information is available about this very...

  • Cordia dichotoma - Bird Lime Tree

    10 seeds per pack. A locally popular fruit in some parts of India and southeast Asia, primarily used as an ingredient in some traditional cooked dishes. Fruits are small, ripen to pink-yellow and contain a single seed. The...

  • Cordia obliqua - Clammy Cherry

    Cordia obliqua - Clammy Cherry

    10 seeds per pack. Small cherry-sized, orange skinned fruit often eaten raw as a vegetable. Ripe fruits have a sticky, clammy texture with a sweetish flavor. The fruits also have a number of medicinal uses. Native to India...

  • Couroupita guianensis - Cannonball Tree

    Couroupita guianensis - Cannonball Tree

    2 seeds per pack. One of three species of Cannonball Trees, renowned for their huge, ornamental and edible cannonball shaped fruits. The large fruits are born in clusters all along the trunk of the tree. Also features...

  • Crataegus pubescens - Mexican Apple

    Crataegus pubescens - Mexican Apple

    5 seeds per pack. Small, yellow skinned, apple-like fruit. Fruits can be eaten fresh but are often used in preserves. The fruits also have a variety of medicinal properties and have been used for eating and medicine for...

  • Cucurbita ficifolia - Fig-Leafed Gourd

    Cucurbita ficifolia - Fig-Leafed Gourd

    5 seeds per pack. A distinct species in the squash family, bearing 10-12 pound green and white skinned fruits that look a bit like a watermelon. The fruits, flowers, young greens and seeds all have a variety of edible uses...

  • Cyclanthera explodens - Exploding Cucumber

    6 seeds per pack. A strange annual vine related to the common cucumber. Bears small, spiky fruits that upon ripening, "explode" to release their seeds. Fruits are said to be edible both when raw and ripe, but the vine is...

  • Cyphomandra betacea - White Egg Tree Tomato

    10 seeds per pack. A rare variety of tree tomato, bearing fruits that ripen to a green-white color, often with subtle spotting. Very fast-growing shrub/tree to 10-15ft. In its native South America, the tree tomato is usually...

  • Cyphomandra hartwegii - Tree Tomato

    6 seeds per pack. A rare relative of the common Tree Tomato. Bears elongated, egg-shaped fruits that ripen to yellow-orange. Fruits are said to be edible when ripe, though caution should be used as there are some conflicting...

  • Dialium engleranum - Kalahari Podberry

    5 seeds per pack. A medium sized tree bearing edible, red-brown, velvet skinned fruits. Has attractive, glossy foliage and ornamental inflorescences. Medium sized tree can grow up to 50 ft. Native to parts of Africa. Likely...

  • Dialium schlechteri - Sherbet Tree

    4 seeds per pack. An African fruit tree bearing 1", velvet skinned, red-brown fruits with a dry, orange pulp. The pulp is said to taste like sherbet and is popular amongst locals in the tree's native range. Native to...

  • Dimocarpus longana - Longan

    Dimocarpus longana - Longan

    3 seeds per pack. Very popular lychee relative; a small brown-skinned fruit with translucent white flesh and tasty pulp reminiscent of the lychee and rambutan. Seeds are from the wonderful Kohala variety, known for its large...

  • Dimocarpus malesiana - Mata Kucing Longan

    1 seed per pack. A very close, wild relative of the longan bearing somewhat spiky fruits having translucent, sweet flesh. The fruits look a bit like a longan combined with a lychee. Cultural requirements and growth habit is...

  • Dioscorea meridensis - Ecuador Wild Yam

    5 seeds per pack. A climbing rainforest yam relative having large, edible tubers. Little information is available about this species. Likely needs a tropical environment for proper growth. Features ornamental, heart-shaped...

  • Diospyros digyna - Black Sapote

    Diospyros digyna - Black Sapote

    3 seeds per pack. Baseball sized fruit with chocolate pudding like pulp. Eaten out of hand or in desserts. Subtropical tree can withstand mild frost, to around 28F. Grows to 20-80 feet. #143 View plant database page.Out of...

  • Diospyros inconstans - Jacuiba

    2 seeds per pack. A rare Diospyros from the forests of Brazil. Bears small, purple fruits with very sweet, though sometimes limited pulp. The species is little known outside its native range. A deciduous tree up to 20-30...

  • Diospyros kaki Chocolate - Chocolate Persimmon

    Diospyros kaki Chocolate - Chocolate Persimmon

    4 seeds per pack. Chocolate variety of persimmon. This variety has dark black pulp when ripe, similar to the black sapote. Fruits are medium to large sized, good flavor and a novelty to look at when cut open. Tree is hardy...

  • Diospyros lycioides - Monkey Plum

    Diospyros lycioides - Monkey Plum

    5 seeds per pack. A widespread plant throughout Southern Africa, bearing small, red to black fruits that have a mildly sweet flavor. The tree and fruits have many uses. Seeds are used as a coffee substitute and the plant is...

  • Diospyros maritima - Sea Persimmon

    Diospyros maritima - Sea Persimmon

    Orange fruited persimmon relative bearing fruit about 1-2" across. Edible pulp is white-orange colored. Plant seems to tolerate brief frosts and grows well in wet conditions or near water. #639 Out of stock. Last available:...

  • Diospyros mespiliformis - Jackalberry

    5 seeds per pack. A large and fairly common tree of the African savannas. Bears small, purple (when ripe) edible fruits that are very popular with animals and are harvested by local tribes. The fruits are a traditional food...

  • Diospyros montana - Mountain Persimmon

    Diospyros montana - Mountain Persimmon

    4 seeds per pack. Orange fruited persimmon relative bearing fruit about 1-2" across. Pulp is orange-black, edible. Not much is known about cultivation or climatic requirements. #637 View plant database page.Out of stock...

  • Diospyros natalensis - Small Leafed Jackal Berry

    5 seeds per pack. A small, South African shrub that is popular for bonsai. Bears small orange fruits that are eaten by birds and are of unknown edibility. Attractive growth habit, should be hardy to some frost. #2462 Out of...

  • Diospyros preussii -

    1 seed per pack. A very rare relative of the black sapote and persimmon, native to Western Africa. Bears small, edible red fruits with a sweet pulp that are sold in some local markets in West Africa, particularly Cameroon...

  • Diospyros ramulosa - Namaqua Firesticks

    5 seeds per pack. An ebony species native to the southern parts of Africa. Uncommon outside of its native range, with very little information about the species available. Would appear to bear small, orange colored fruits of...

  • Dovyalis abyssinica - Tropical Apricot

    4 seeds per pack. Similar to the ketembilla, but with bright skinned fruits that ripen to a red-orange. Fruits are 1" around, with velvet skin and juicy, soft flesh that has a flavor reminiscent of an astringent apricot...

  • Dovyalis hebecarpa - Ketembilla

    Dovyalis hebecarpa - Ketembilla

    6 seeds per pack. Small tree or shrub producing profuse amounts of 1" round fruit. Fruit has velvety skin and an acidic flavor that is usually used in juices, preserves, and as flavoring. The ketembilla is very fast-growing...

  • Dovyalis rhamnoides - Sourberry

    3 seeds per pack. A small but tasty fruit native to southern Africa and related to the Kei Apple. Fruits are around 2 cm long, with a sour flavor. They are typically used in jams and preserves, but have a number of other...

  • Dovyalis rotundifolia - Dune Sourberry

    3 seeds per pack. An uncommon, small and sour edible fruit native to coastal southern portions of Africa. Related to the better-known Kei Apple. Fruits can be eaten raw and are also popular with birds. Shrubby growth habit...

  • Dovyalis zeyheri - Wild Apricot

    3 seeds per pack. A small, 1" orange-yellow fruit found throughout southern Africa. The fruits are edible raw, with a fairly tasty, sour flavor. Shrubby tree up to 5-15 m, similar in general appearance to the Kei Apple...

  • Drimys winteri - Winter's Bark

    Drimys winteri - Winter's Bark

    10 seeds per pack. Medium sized tree native to Argentina, known for its bark, which has an unusual peppery-mint taste and smell. It is used as a condiment. The small white flowers are scented of jasmine. Hardy to 20-25F...

  • Duguetia confinis - Duguetia

    Duguetia confinis - Duguetia

    1 seed per pack. An extremely rare and virtually unknown Annona from the West African jungles. Bears knobby, exotic looking, red fruits with sweet edible pulp. The fruits grow to a few inches in length. Little information is...

  • Duguetia lanceolata - Pindaiba

    1 seed per pack. An extremely rare Brazilian fruit instantly recognizable for its bright red, segmented skin. Related to the sugar apple, the Pindaiba has creamy flesh said to be smooth and delicious. Medium sized tree, but...

  • Duguetia marcgraviana - Wild Duguetia

    1 seed per pack. An extremely rare Annona relative from the South American rain forests. Bears medium sized fruits with lots of knobs, similar to a Biriba. Skin ripens to red-orange. Edible pulp. Unknown hardiness. Another...

  • Duguetia phaseoloides - Cherry Sugar Apple

    Duguetia phaseoloides - Cherry Sugar Apple

    1 seed per pack. Species could be Duguetia phaeoclados. An amazing Duguetia from the jungles of South America, bearing small to medium sized, red ripening fruits with soft, creamy, edible flesh. The fruits are quite...

  • Duguetia spixiana - Duguetia

    Duguetia spixiana - Duguetia

    1 seed per pack. A virtually unknown Annona relative from the South American rainforests. Bears exotic red tinted fruits with bright red, sweet flavored pulp. Almost nothing is known about the species' growth habits or...


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