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  • Brosimum alicastrum - Breadnut

    Brosimum alicastrum - Breadnut

    1 seed per pack. A smallish, round fruit similar in appearance to a small orange. Traditionally this fruit was an important food crop in tropical America. The breadnut is boiled and eaten. Grows on a medium or large sized...

  • Bunchosia glandulifera - Peanut Butter Fruit

    Bunchosia glandulifera - Peanut Butter Fruit

    2 seeds per pack. Red fruit with sticky pulp resembling a dried fig or peanut butter (hence the common name). The fruits are eaten fresh and used to flavor drinks. Small/medium sized tree to 10-20 feet. Probably hardy to...

  • Byrsonima aerugo - Sour Pear

    5 seeds per pack. A nance relative, native to the jungles of South America. Bears small red fruits that are said to be edible and also have some medicinal applications. Features pretty yellow flowers clusters. Medium to...

  • Camellia pitardii - Camellia

    Camellia pitardii - Camellia

    3 seeds per pack. White-pink flowered Camellia species. The species is sometimes cultivated for its edible seed oil. Apple-sized fruits bear large seeds. Bushy shrub, is hardy to about 25F. #900 View plant database page.Out...

  • Camellia sinensis - Tea

    Camellia sinensis - Tea

    3 seeds per pack. This plant produces the tea of commerce. The dried young leaves are green tea, and the fermented leaves are black tea. The tea plant is a low-growing bushy shrub to 15ft. Hardy to 20F. Grows well in...

  • Campomanesia guazumifolia - Aguaricara

    1 seed per pack. An interesting, wild guava, related to the perfume guava, having green fruits with edible flesh. Small to medium sized tree up to 5-10 m / 15-30 ft. Fairly fast-growing, hardy to 27-30F. Quite rare in...

  • Campomanesia lineatifolia - Perfume Guava

    Campomanesia lineatifolia - Perfume Guava

    1 seed per pack. A beautiful guava relative with strongly aromatic, flattened fruits that have an edible, creamy pulp that is mildly sweet and acidic. Small to medium sized tree up to 20-30 feet. Attractive foliage, flowers...

  • Canarium odontophyllum - Borneo Olive

    Canarium odontophyllum - Borneo Olive

    1 seed per pack. A Bornean fruit, often said to be prized as a delicacy, that once soaked in warm water has a tasty, nutty, avocado-like flavor. Fruits are oval, with a blue-gray-purple exterior and yellow flesh. Tropical...

  • Canarium ovatum - Pili Nut

    Canarium ovatum - Pili Nut

    1 seed per pack. A delicious and still relatively unknown (in the United States and Europe) tropical nut tree, bearing large fruits containing seeds with a kernel that is often eaten raw and toasted. Medium sized tree up to...

  • Capparis bonifaziana - Barnix Tree

    5 seeds per pack. A caper relative from the lowland forests of South America. Unlike its famous relative, this species forms a small to medium sized tree up to 5-25 m (15-75 ft). Bears yellow-orange fruits that are said to...

  • Carica goudotiana - Papayuelo

    5 seeds per pack. A papaya relative bearing edible, medium sized fruits with a sweet flavor. The fruits are sometimes eaten fresh or used in preserves and can be occasionally found in local markets near the species' wild...

  • Carica microcarpa baccata - Ecuadorian Wild Papaya

    5 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Vasconcellea microcarpa. A rare, wild papaya relative native to the rainforests of Ecuador. Bears small, edible red fruits. Slender, unbranched growth to 10-15 feet. Unknown frost hardiness. Very...

  • Carica monoica - Wild Papaya

    Carica monoica - Wild Papaya

    5 seeds per pack. A wild papaya, from Central and South America. Bears small orange fruits up to a few inches in length, with a very mild flavor. The plant shows typical growth to that of the standard papaya. Not freeze...

  • Carica papaya - Honeydew Papaya

    10 seeds per pack. A popular papaya variety from India, with medium to large sized fruits that can reach 3-4 pounds. Semi-dwarf, gynodioecious. Hardy to 32F or a bit lower, generally likes warm weather for optimal growth...

  • Carica papaya - Maridol Papaya

    Carica papaya - Maridol Papaya

    15 seeds per pack. Large fruited variety, similar to the mexican papaya but with red flesh much like the Sunrise papaya. Very fast-growing, can produce fruit from seed in just 9 months. Hardy to 32F or a bit lower, generally...

  • Carica vasconcela - Cobquecura Papaya

    Carica vasconcela - Cobquecura Papaya

    4 seeds per pack. A highly intriguing member of the Papaya family naturally growing the furthest south of any known wild papaya population. Bears good sized, tasty, edible yellow fruits that have similarities to the Mountain...

  • Carissa bispinosa - Num Num

    Carissa bispinosa - Num Num

    5 seeds per pack. A fleshy, red-fruited relative of the Natal Plum. Fruits are ovoid, with sweet edible flesh that is quite good. The fruits are popular in parts of Southern Africa where the plant is native. A tree-like...

  • Carissa macrocarpa - Variegated Natal Plum

    Carissa macrocarpa - Variegated Natal Plum

    8 seeds per pack. Seeds are from a variegated variant of the Natal Plum. Note that seedlings can show either variegated and normal foliage. Small shrub or bush. Fruits are similar to the regular form and can be eaten fresh...

  • Carissa wyliei - Forest Num Num

    3 seeds per pack. A relative of the Natal Plum bearing red, oval, edible fruits. Little known and uncommon in cultivation. A short shrub, growing to 3-6 ft. Similar overall growth habit to the Natal Plum. Probably hardy to...

  • Casimiroa edulis - White Sapote

    Casimiroa edulis - White Sapote

    1 seed per pack. Apple sized fruit with a yellow-green skin and custard like flesh having a sort of banana-pineapple flavor. Hardy to the low 20's. The white sapote grows well in areas where citrus grows. Medium sized tree...

  • Cereus aethiops -

    10-15 seeds per pack. A pretty apple cactus having spiny, blue-green colored stems that can grow up to 5-12 feet tall. Quite ornamental just for its foliage, but the plant also bears 1 1/2" red fruits with edible white pulp...

  • Cereus chalybaeus -

    10-15 seeds per pack. Very similar to Cereus aethiops, with columnar cactus growth to 10 ft. Bears red fruits with white pulp that is likely edible. Native to Uruguay and Argentina. Very uncommon but desirable for arid and...

  • Cereus hexagonus - Lady of the Night Cactus

    10-15 seeds per pack. A columnar cactus that can grow to 30 feet bearing large, up to 8" red fruits with white flesh. Flesh is mildly sweet and said to have an apricot-like flavor. Features long, up to 10" white flowers that...

  • Cereus jamacaru - Pleated Cereus

    Cereus jamacaru - Pleated Cereus

    10 seeds per pack. A less common apple cactus with a tree-like growth habit to 10-30 feet tall. Bears 5" long oval fruits that ripen to dark red and contain edible, mildly sweet white pulp. Similar to the more common apple...

  • Cereus repandus - Apple Cactus, Montrose Form

    Cereus repandus - Apple Cactus, Montrose Form

    10 seeds per pack. Seeds are from the Montrose form of the Apple Cactus, famous for its twisted, gnarled branches. Columnar cactus producing baseball-sized, red fruit, with sweetish, white colored pulp. This cactus is very...

  • Chrysobalanus icaco - Cocoplum

    Chrysobalanus icaco - Cocoplum

    2 seeds per pack. Small, red-skinned fruit with fleshy white pulp that is popular for jams. The cocoplum is a low-growing (usually 2-6ft) shrub that does exceedingly well along shorelines and in salty soil. Hardy to the...

  • Chrysophyllum cainito - Green Star Apple

    Chrysophyllum cainito - Green Star Apple

    2 seeds per pack. Seeds are from the uncommon green skinned variety. Round fruit with firm skin growing to the size of a baseball. Flesh is very soft, with a mild sweet flavor. Pulp is white. Foliage is also ornamental,...

  • Chrysophyllum cainito - Purple Star Apple

    Chrysophyllum cainito - Purple Star Apple

    5 seeds per pack. Beautiful purple skinned fruit the size of a baseball. Flesh is very soft, with a mild sweet flavor. Pulp is white-purple. Foliage is also ornamental, having a golden tinge on the underside of leaves. Will...

  • Chrysophyllum lacourtianum - Abam

    1 seed per pack. A relative of the Star Apple, native to tropical West Africa. Bears a red-skinned fruit, with a sour-sweet flavor. The tree is also valuable for its timber, which is utilized in furniture and construction...

  • Chrysophyllum oliviforme - Satin Leaf Tree

    Chrysophyllum oliviforme - Satin Leaf Tree

    2 seeds per pack. A prolific tropical tree, native throughout much of the Caribbean region. Bears slender fruits that somewhat resemble an olive fruit. The fruits are edible, but have a white latex filled, gummy skin. The...

  • Cinnamomum tamala - Indian Bay Leaf

    3 seeds per pack. A native Indian tree known for its aromatic leaves which are extensively used as a spice, known as tejpat. The leaves have a cassia-cinnamon scent and are popular in a variety of cooked dishes. Medium sized...

  • Cinnamomum zeylanicum - Cinnamon

    Cinnamomum zeylanicum - Cinnamon

    4 seeds per pack. Beautiful subtropical or tropical tree producing the cinnamon of commerce. The dried bark is the cinnamon. New growth is bright red in color and very ornamental. Tree takes light frosts. #194 View plant...

  • Citriobatus pauciflorus  - Orange Thorn

    Citriobatus pauciflorus - Orange Thorn

    10 seeds per pack. Orange berried bush native to Australia. Fruits are said to be edible, with a mildly sweet flavor, though they are mostly skin and seeds. The bush is hardy to short freezes, native to rainforest areas, yet...

  • Citrullus lanatus mucosospermus - Egusi Watermelon

    Citrullus lanatus mucosospermus - Egusi Watermelon

    5 seeds per pack. The exotic Egusi Watermelon hails from West Africa. Bears small, rounded fruits with sizable seeds that are rich in oil. Seeds are subsequently used in desserts, soups and as an oil base. The fruits are not...

  • Citrus aurantifolia - Key Lime

    Citrus aurantifolia - Key Lime

    10 seeds per pack. Small lime, ripening to yellow but often used while green. The key lime is probably the best citrus for tropical areas, and while cold tender, can be grown in areas that receive brief frosts. Has a unique...

  • Citrus australasica - Australian Finger Lime

    Citrus australasica - Australian Finger Lime

    2 seeds per pack. A very rare citrus native to Australia. The Australian Finger Lime bears small, finger-sized, ovaloid fruits with a strong lime-citrusy flavor. The fruits are a delicacy where available and can be used as...


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