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  • Theobroma cacao - Cacao, Red fruited (Pre-germinated)

    Theobroma cacao - Cacao, Red fruited (Pre-germinated)

    2 seeds per pack. Seeds are pre-germinated and beginning to sprout. Seeds are from red fruited types. The cacao tree is the source of the famous and delicious cocoa bean (the source of chocolate). This small tropical tree...

  • Theobroma grandiflorum - Cupuassu

    Theobroma grandiflorum - Cupuassu

    1 seed per pack. The rare Amazonian Cupuassu is best known as a jungle relative of the Cacao/Chocolate tree. The large fruits have a tasty pulp that is often used in beverages or as a flavoring. The seeds can also be used...

  • Theobroma subincanum - Cupui (pre-germinated)

    1 seed per pack. Seed is pre-germinated and beginning to sprout. Almost never seen outside the Amazon, this is a wild cacao species producing fairly large fruits with edible sweet pulp. The fruits have a number of...

  • Treculia africana - African Breadnut

    Treculia africana - African Breadnut

    1 seed per pack. A soccer ball sized fruit that sometimes can reach near 20 pounds in weight, popular throughout Central Africa for a variety of edible uses. The seeds can also be ground into flour for baking, as well as...

  • Ugni molinae - Chilean Guava

    Ugni molinae - Chilean Guava

    10 seeds per pack. Hardy to the mid 20's, easy to grow. A shrubby guava relative with small aromatic fruit. Fruit has a spicy guava taste and can be eaten fresh or used in cooking. #119 View plant database page.Out of stock...

  • Uvaria rufa - Calabao

    2 seeds per pack. A tropical vine bearing small, multi-lobed, edible berries with a sweet and sour flavor. Related to the Annona's. Also notable for its colorful, red flowers. Grows to around 5 m / 16 ft. Tropical. #3915 Out...

  • Uvariodendron calophyllum - Wild Annona

    1 seed per pack. An extraordinarily rare Annona from the West African jungles. Bears strange, knobbed fruits somewhat similar to some of the Duguetia's. Many Annona's are edible, so this could be too. Small to medium sized...

  • Uvariopsis submontana - Wild Annona

    1 seed per pack. An extremely rare Annona, known only from a few small areas in Cameroon. Has amazing, profuse dark red-brown flower blooms from its trunk, followed by possibly edible fruits. Small to medium sized understory...

  • Vaccinium consanguineum - Costa Rican Blueberry

    Vaccinium consanguineum - Costa Rican Blueberry

    20 seeds per pack. Native Costa Rican blueberry species producing typically sized blueberry fruits. Plant is low growing, to 2-3ft, fairly hardy, will stand temperatures below freezing. Fruits are eaten fresh and are of...

  • Vaccinium gaultheriifolium - Chinese Blueberry

    25-50 seeds per pack. Native Southern China blueberry species producing large clusters of 3/4", dark-blue fruits. Plant is moderate-sized, spreading to 4x8ft, fairly hardy, will stand temperatures below freezing, probably to...

  • Vaccinium meridionale - Andean Blueberry

    10 seeds per pack. A blueberry species native to the Andes mountains. Short and shrubby growth with edible, dark blue-purple fruits. This species is more tolerant of warmth than the regular blueberry and does not need much...

  • Vaccinium reticulatum - Ohelo 'Ai

    Vaccinium reticulatum - Ohelo 'Ai

    10 seeds per pack. The beautiful and rare, native Hawaiian blueberry. Bears small, red berries with a tasty, tart flavor somewhat akin to a sweet cranberry. Usually found in mountainous areas having old lava flows on Maui...

  • Vangueria edulis - Spanish Tamarind

    1 seed per pack. A tropical tree native to Madagascar and continental Africa. Bears 2" fruits with a greenish skin and a flavor that is likened to a tart apple when unripe, to tamarind-like when ripe. Makes an attractive and...

  • Vanilla planifolia - Vanilla

    Vanilla planifolia - Vanilla

    15 seeds per pack. Seeds are from the vanilla orchid of commerce. Vanilla is a slow-growing, vining orchid, needing specialized conditions for best growth. Please note that seeds are very tiny and very difficult to germinate...

  • Vitellaria paradoxa - Shea Butter Tree

    1 seed per pack. A sapote tree native to Central Africa and the commercial source of shea butter. The seeds are used in much of Africa as a food source, but are also processed into the popular emollient, known worldwide in...

  • Vitex doniana - West African Plum

    4 seeds per pack. An African tree, with 1", edible and sweet black fruits that taste a bit like prunes. The fruits are popular locally and sold in some markets. Native to much of Africa. A large tree that can grow up to 75...

  • Willughbeia acida - Pepino do Mato

    1 seed per pack. A very rare Amazon fruit, bearing elongated fruits up to several inches long that bear a passing resemblance to the fruits of the cacao. The fruits are eaten fresh and sometimes processed for various edible...

  • Willughbeia edulis - Willughbeia

    1 seed per pack. A rare, Bornean Willughbeia species, bearing medium sized edible, sour, yellow-orange fruits. A number of the Willughbeia's are highly sought after for high quality, yet little known fruits. This species is...

  • Willughbeia sarawakensis - Gitak

    Willughbeia sarawakensis - Gitak

    1 seed per pack. An extremely rare and large fruit growing wild in the Bornean rainforests. The fruits grow on a liana, which uses large rainforest trees as support. The edible pulp is reportedly very tasty and sweet, with a...

  • Xanthophyllum amoenum - Langir

    Xanthophyllum amoenum - Langir

    1 seed per pack. An uncommon southeast Asian rainforest fruit having edible white pulp that is said to have similarities to the Star Apple. The fruits are primarily harvested wild, but this species may be cultivated in small...

  • Ximenia americana - Sea Lemon

    5 seeds per pack. A lesser known edible fruit native to parts of Australia and Asia. Also found in Southern Florida. Bears orange to yellow colored fruits that are said to have a mild, plum-like flavor. The leaves smell...

  • Ziziphus jujube - Jujube

    Ziziphus jujube - Jujube

    5 seeds per pack. Native to China, but now grown throughout the subtropics and temperate world. Fruit can be eaten at different stages, with a taste reminiscent of a mild and sweet apple. Very hardy, to -25F. Small,...

  • Ziziphus obtusifolia - Gray Thorn

    6 seeds per pack. A jujube relative bearing small, red-blue fruits that are edible, but lacking in much flavor. A shrub, growing to 5-10 feet. Hardy to 15F. Native to the arid regions of the southwestern United States, from...

  • Ziziphus spina-christi - Christ's Thorn

    5 seeds per pack. A medium sized African tree that is highly versatile and prized in its native range. The fruits are edible and have a sweetish flavor similar to the common Jujube. The tree is also a source of honey and a...

  • Ziziphus thyrsiflora - Ebano

    5 seeds per pack. A tropical jujube relative bearing small, edible fruits. Little information is available about this species. It is native to dry forests of South America. Medium sized tree, tolerant of some drought. Fruits...


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