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  • Eucalyptus resinifera - Red Mahogany

    100 seeds per pack. A tall eucalyptus known for its pretty red wood that has a resemblance to tropical mahogany. Has rough, peeling bark and a slender profile, reaching as much as 75ft with maximum space. Hardy to the mid or...

  • Iochroma fuschioides - Red Iochroma

    Iochroma fuschioides - Red Iochroma

    10 seeds per pack. A quite rare and sought after ornamental also having medicinal uses. Red Iochroma is a bushy plant to 4-10ft best-known for its fuschia colored, tubular flowers which adorn the tree in large clumps all...

  • Eucalyptus globulus - Tasmanian Blue Gum

    Eucalyptus globulus - Tasmanian Blue Gum

    50 seeds per pack. Tall Eucalyptus with beautiful, smooth blue-gray bark and strong, aromatic foliage. This Eucalyptus is commonly used to obtain essential oils, which have considerable medicinal uses, most commonly to treat...

  • Indigofera tinctoria - True Indigo

    30 seeds per pack. Small bushy tree to 15ft with exotic pink-purple flower tufts. This plant is the original source of indigo dye and has been cultivated for centuries. Will stand brief frosts, makes for a good shade plant...

  • Ochroma pyramidale - Balsa

    15 seeds per pack. An extremely fast growing tropical tree grown for its very soft, light, but durable hardwood. Grows to 90ft and can grow many feet in a single season. Has pretty, triangular leaves and yellow, trumpet-like...

  • Eucalyptus citriodora - Lemon Scented Gum

    Eucalyptus citriodora - Lemon Scented Gum

    25 seeds per pack. Tall Eucalyptus with beautiful, smooth gray-white bark and a wonderful lemon scent to its foliage. This Eucalyptus is commonly used to obtain essential oils, which are used in the fragrance and perfumery...

  • Echinacea purpurea - White Swan Echinacea

    Echinacea purpurea - White Swan Echinacea

    25 seeds per pack. A showy perennial to 2-3ft, featuring large white flowers. Seeds are from the White Swan variety, having white petaled flowers. Plants make beautiful ornamentals in the garden, and echinacea has a variety...

  • Pogostemon cablin - Patchouli

    Pogostemon cablin - Patchouli

    15 seeds per pack. Low-medium height perennial best known for its fragrant oil used in perfumes and aromatherapy. Grows to about 6ft, hardy into the 20's (F). Forms a compact, bush appearance. #1007

  • Musa zebrina - Blood Banana

    Musa zebrina - Blood Banana

    6 seeds per pack. One of the most beautiful banana's, the Blood Banana has fiery red and green spotted foliage. Its large banana leaves combined with the beautiful foliage create a striking appearance. Also bears small...

  • Musa paradisiaca - French Plantain

    Musa paradisiaca - French Plantain

    5 seeds per pack. A beautiful edible and ornamental banana producing a type of sweet plantain fruit. Grows to 10-20ft with huge, cylindrical leaves. This species is sometimes crossed with the more common banana species to...

  • Anacardium occidentale - Cashew Nut

    Anacardium occidentale - Cashew Nut

    2 seeds per pack. This is the cashew nut of commerce. Trees bear cashew apples, a sweet, edible "fruit" often used to flavor beverages, with the hard-shelled cashew nut attached. The nuts are roasted and eaten. Tree to...

  • Coffea racemosa - Racemosa Coffee

    8 seeds per pack. Commercial coffee variety known for its compact and prolific-bearing trees. Grows to 4-6ft. A single tree may produce thousands of berries in a single season when mature. Makes an attractive and easy to...

  • Illicium verum - Star Anise

    Illicium verum - Star Anise

    10 seeds per pack. Small Asian-native tree which yields the spice star anise. The spice is used in a wide variety of dishes and the tree itself has a number of medicinal uses. Related to the magnolia, the tree is also a...

  • Asimina triloba - Pawpaw

    Asimina triloba - Pawpaw

    2 seeds per pack. Although not technically a tropical fruit, the native U.S. pawpaw has all the makings of one. Fruits grow to 2-6", with an excellent aromatic flavor of banana and pineapple. Trees grow to 10-15ft, and are...

  • Prunus lyonii - Catalina Island Cherry

    3 seeds per pack. A fairly rare cherry native only to the Catalina islands of California. Fruits turn a dark red-black when ripe and are edible with a fairly large seed. Needs minimal water, hardy to the teens. Please see...

  • Billardiera longiflora - Appleberry

    Billardiera longiflora - Appleberry

    10 seeds per pack. Pretty, dark purple fruited, climbing vine/shrub. Bears small, blue-purple fruits with a mild and aromatic flavor. Delicate and attractive as an ornamental. The appleberry is hardy to about 20-22F. #909...

  • Cereus validus - Orange Apple Pear

    Cereus validus - Orange Apple Pear

    10 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Cereus forbesii. Columnar cactus producing baseball-sized, orange colored fruit, with sweetish, white colored pulp. This cactus is very easy to grow in pots, and is moderately hardy. Fruits are...

  • Guaiacum officinale - Lignum Vitae

    Guaiacum officinale - Lignum Vitae

    6 seeds per pack. Beautiful evergreen tropical known for its extremely dense and heavy hardwood, used in woodworking. The tree is ornamental as well, with pretty purple flowers in season. Native to the Caribbean, its numbers...

  • Dracaena draco - Dragon Tree

    Dracaena draco - Dragon Tree

    10 seeds per pack. Exotic Agave relative native to the Canary Islands. Known for its interesting growth pattern and pretty, palm-like foliage. Name comes from the red sap, once used in medicine and ancient witchcraft. Hardy...

  • Aloe tomentosa - Aloe

    Aloe tomentosa - Aloe

    10 seeds per pack. Hardy aloe with red tipped, spiky leaves. Hardy to the 20's (F). Also tolerates very high temperatures. #802

  • Cinnamomum camphora - Camphor

    Cinnamomum camphora - Camphor

    10 seeds per pack. Pretty, evergreen, subtropical tree, known as the source of camphor-a highly fragrant substance widely used in topical and analgesic medicines. Tree is hardy to 10F. All parts of the tree, including...

  • Pouteria campechiana - Canistel

    Pouteria campechiana - Canistel

    1 seed per pack. One of the finest sapotes, the canistel is a large (4-7"), bright yellow fruit with soft, sweet flavored pulp. Some liken the flavor to a baked sweet potato but the true taste is difficult to describe. Tree...

  • Rubus niveus - Mysore Raspberry

    Rubus niveus - Mysore Raspberry

    15 seeds per pack. One of the only subtropical/tropical raspberries, the mysore raspberry is also noted for its heavy production. Plants grow to 10-15ft, and can produce for most of the year in warm climates. Hardy to 20F...

  • Ugni myricoides - Black Chilean Guava

    Ugni myricoides - Black Chilean Guava

    25 seeds per pack. Plump fruited chilean guava relative with dark purple/black fleshed fruits. Flavor is tasty, much like the chilean guava. Hardy to the upper teens/lower 20's (F). Small bushy shrub to 3-6ft. #738 View...

  • Fuchsia microphylla - Fuchsia

    Fuchsia microphylla - Fuchsia

    15 seeds per pack. Small, purple flowered fuchsia producing edible 1-3cm, juicy berries with a sweet flavor. This species is reportedly one of the best tasting fuchsia's. Hardy to the 20's (F), will attract birds. Bushy...

  • Passiflora herbertiana - Native Passion Fruit

    Passiflora herbertiana - Native Passion Fruit

    15 seeds per pack. Rare and endangered in the wild, green-skinned passion fruit. The native passion fruit is one of the only passion fruits native to Australia. Fruits are approximately egg-sized and reports vary on how...

  • Mammea americana - Mamey Apple

    Mammea americana - Mamey Apple

    1 seed per pack. Related to the mangosteen, the delightful Mamey bears round, brown fruits up to 8" across. Fruits have a fragrant, tasty apricot-raspberry like flavor. Hardy to some frost. The tree is quite attractive...

  • Garcinia dulcis - Mundu

    1 seed per pack. A yellow fruited mangosteen relative, bearing some similarities to the gamboge. The fruits are sweet, with a sour overtone and are often collected from wild trees in some southeast Asian countries where they...

  • Sandorium koetjape - Santol

    Sandorium koetjape - Santol

    1 seed per pack. Yellow fruited type. Sweet-sour, baseball sized fruit popular in parts of Asia. Rind and pulp is edible, with a flavor akin to citrus. Fruits are also used to make an alcoholic beverage. Tree is mildly hardy...

  • Genipa americana - Genip

    Genipa americana - Genip

    4 seeds per pack. Large brown fruit with edible pulp flavored somewhat like an apple or quince. Tropical tree, likes humid climates, probably not frost hardy. Popular in parts of the Caribbean and South America and used for...

  • Terminalia catappa - Tropical Almond

    Terminalia catappa - Tropical Almond

    2 seeds per pack. Large tropical tree commonly growing near river banks or ocean shorefronts. The large seed/nut is edible and has an almond-like flavor. The tropical almond is commonly grown for its large canopy, and high...

  • Syzygium samarangense - Wax Jambu (pre-germinated)

    Syzygium samarangense - Wax Jambu (pre-germinated)

    1 seed per pack. Seeds are already beginning to germinate and will be packaged in moist vermiculite. Medium to large sized fruit with a crunchy texture and mild sweet flavor. The wax jambu is marginally hardy, surviving...

  • Pouteria lucuma - Lucuma

    Pouteria lucuma - Lucuma

    1 seed per pack. Prized in its Peruvian homeland, this sapote fruit is still quite rare in cultivation. Bears softball-sized fruits that grow to a few inches, with orange colored, dry pulp that is reminiscent of a hard...

  • Solanum quitoense - Naranjilla

    Solanum quitoense - Naranjilla

    10 seeds per pack. Orange, fuzzy skinned fruit about the size of a large cherry tomato. Has tasty acidic green pulp that can be eaten fresh but is also used in Central and South America to make a popular beverage...

  • Canna edulis - Canna

    Canna edulis - Canna

    10 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Canna indica. Important crop plant producing large tuberous rhizomes that can be eaten raw, cooked, or used in baking. Achira is closely related to the ornamental Canna's and has pretty dark red...

  • Solanum melanocerasum - Garden Huckleberry

    Solanum melanocerasum - Garden Huckleberry

    40 seeds per pack. Small, purple-black fruit similar in appearance to the huckleberry. The true garden huckleberry is larger (about 1.5-2x) than the wonderberry (a hybrid relative). This variety is sweeter than most and of...



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