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Thorn Apple

Datura inoxia

a.k.a. Jimson Weed, Angel's Trumpet, Stinkweed, Pricklyburr

Low lying, spreading perennial with very pretty, 6-12" long lavender-white flowers.

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Low lying, short-lived perennial, usually only growing 1-3ft in height, but may spread out several feet. To continue blooming, unripe fruits should be cut off (this also stops the plant from becoming a pest). This species is closely related to, and sometime confused with or incorporated into Datura stramonium - jimson weed. D. inoxia tends to be even more poisonous than jimson weed.


The thorn apple is very hardy, and will survive outdoors pretty much anywhere in the United States, except for extreme winter areas.

Growing Environment

Grows in pretty much any soil type, will survive droughts and isn't picky about climate.


Plants grow readily from seeds and the plant can become weedy if left unchecked.


The thorn apple is usually planted as an ornamental, but in many areas in can become weedy if unchecked. Historically the plant was used for medicinal purposes but all parts of this plant are highly poisonous (it is sometimes labeled as the most poisonous plant on Earth, although this is subjective). No part of this plant should ever be injested.

Native Range

There is confusion about its true native range, its may be native to either Asia or parts of Central or South America. In either case, the thorn apple now grows practically all over the globe.

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