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Solanum dulcamara

a.k.a. Bitter Nightshade, Climbing Nightshade, Scarlet Berry, Poisonberry, Violet Bloom

A vining and ornamental member of the nightshade family. It has a number of uses in herbal medicine, but the plant itself makes a colorful ornamental in the garden. It is weedy in North America and cultivators of this plant should be careful about allowing it to disperse seed.

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A woody, perennial, with a vining habit, generally growing to 3-10ft, though needing some something to climb on. The pretty purple flowers are born in clusters and red ripening fruits follow, which hang down from the branches in large groups. During both flowering and fruiting season, the vine is particularly pretty in the landscape.


Very hardy, to well below 0F.

Growing Environment

Care should be taken in areas where other Solanum species are at home as the plant has the potential to be a weed. While it makes a nice ornamental, North American gardeners in particular should prevent seeding of the plant.


By seeds. Seeds should be planted in warm soil and generally germinate within several weeks.


The fruits are poisonous to humans and mammals. They are quite popular with birds. The plant is typically grown as an ornamental, though it has medicinal uses and is sometimes grown for these purposes. In herbal medicine it is used to treat skin problems, herpes and allergies.

Native Range

Native to parts of Europe and Asia.

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