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Galapagos Island Pepper

Capsicum galapagoense

A very rare, wild pepper found only in the Galapagos Islands. Known for its ornamental foliage as well as tiny, red, pea sized fruits that are very hot to the taste.

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A shrubby plant that can grow as high as 3-4 feet, though often remains smaller. Growth habit is similar to C. annuum. This species is noteworthy for its hairy, aromatic (though pleasant) leaves. The leaves generally remain small and casually resemble the tepin pepper in form. Flowers are small, solid white, similar in appearance to standard C. annuum flowers. This species is said to cross with C. annuum. Along with C. chacoense, the Galapagos Island Pepper is the most closely related wild pepper to all of the common wild and domesticated pepper species.


Unknown, but apparently not frost hardy. Plants are best kept at subtropical warm temperatures.

Growing Environment

This species is known to be a challenge to bring to full fruiting. Prefers moderately warm temperatures, protected from cold and intense heat. Forcing blooms can be a challenge with some specimens, but easier with others.


Usually by seeds. The seeds can be very slow to germinate and sometimes difficult to sprout.


An extremely rare, though sought after ornamental curiosity. The fruits are edible and useful, but the plant is quite uncommon and is usually grown as a conversation piece or by collectors.

Native Range

Native only to the Galapagos Islands.

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