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Capsicum praetermissum

A wild hot pepper, bearing tiny fruits reminiscent of a pequin. The fruits are quite hot in flavor. The plant is uncommon and an interesting ornamental as well as edible, particularly for the pepper enthusiast.

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Short perennial or annual to a few feet in height. The leaves are larger than most of the common Capsicum peppers and are bit like those of the Manzano's. The dainty flowers are often born in little clusters and are very ornamental in appearance. Fruits are about the size of a pea, though some plants seem to produce them with larger size. Fruits ripen from green to orange-yellow and finally to red.


Not frost hardy. Can be grown anywhere as an annual. Perennial in warm climates.

Growing Environment

This pepper would seem to enjoy humid and warm conditions, with regular water. Can be container grown. Grow in full sun and in well-drained soil.


By seeds, which can be tricky to germinate. Some seeds will sprout readily but others may take weeks to a few months to germinate. Warm soil at 80F with only moderate water seems to encourage germination. Do not use high peat content soils.


This species is unfortunately rare in cultivation. The fruits are edible and the plant is very pretty.

Native Range

Native to South America, particularly Southern Brazil.

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