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  • Artabotrys hexapetalus - Ylang Ylang Vine

    3 seeds per pack. One of several closely related vines, this species native to southern India and Sri Lanka. Best known for its yellow, highly fragrant flowers that are similar to Ylang Ylang. The scent is popular in...

  • Basella rubra - Malabar Spinach, Green

    Basella rubra - Malabar Spinach, Green

    (Basella rubra) 50 seeds per pack. Seeds are from the dark green leafed type. Annual in cold climates, perennial in warm climates. An easy to grow, fast-growing tropical vine whose leaves and young stems are eaten (and have...

  • Lapageria rosea - Chilean Bellflower

    Lapageria rosea - Chilean Bellflower

    5 seeds per pack. One of the truly gorgeous subtropical vines, the Chilean Bellflower is also the national flower of Chile. Still uncommon in cultivation, this versatile plant is a winding and hiding vine bearing bright...


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