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Tropical Fruit


Tropical Fruit seeds from around the world! Rare, fresh seeds for gardeners in every climate.

  • Polaskia chichipe - Chichituna

    10 seeds per pack. A branching tree-like cactus that can grow to 15 feet. Bears small, red, edible fruits with similarities to some of the other cactus fruits. Grows quite well in arid, frost-free climates. Attractive...

  • Polyalthia debilis - Polyalthia

    8 seeds per pack. A small, shrubby Annona relative bearing small, elongated, yellow colored, edible fruits. The tree is known throughout the Indochina region and is sometimes grown for its fruits, along with its importance...

  • Pouteria alnifolia - Pouteria alnifolia

    Pouteria alnifolia - Pouteria alnifolia

    1 seed per pack. A sapote native to central and east Africa. Fruits are a small berry, with edible sweet pulp. The fruits are sometimes gathered locally as a food source. The seed oil can be extracted for cooking as well...

  • Pouteria glomerata - Cinnamon Apple

    Pouteria glomerata - Cinnamon Apple

    1 seed per pack. a.k.a. Pouteria hypoglauca. Fairly large, spherical, green-skinned fruit related to the many sapotes. The flesh is white, creamy, and ususally eaten fresh. The cinnamon apple is little-known and does well in...

  • Prunus lyonii - Catalina Island Cherry

    Prunus lyonii - Catalina Island Cherry

    3 seeds per pack. A fairly rare cherry native only to the Catalina islands of California. Fruits turn a dark red-black when ripe and are edible with a fairly large seed. Needs minimal water, hardy to the teens. Please see...

  • Prunus salicifolia - Capulin Cherry

    Prunus salicifolia - Capulin Cherry

    8 seeds per pack. A subtropical cherry species requiring no chill to set fruit. Fruits are red to deep red in color, with similarities to some common cherry varieties in flavor. Medium to large sized tree, hardy to 19F. Very...

  • Psidium acutangulum - Para Guava

    Psidium acutangulum - Para Guava

    8 seeds per pack. Closely related to the tropical guava. Fruit is yellow skinned, 1-2" wide, with an acidic aromatic flavor somewhat like the guava. Fruit is often used to flavor drinks. Climatic requirements are similar to...

  • Psidium cattleianum - Red Strawberry Guava

    Psidium cattleianum - Red Strawberry Guava

    15 seeds per pack. Related to the tropical guava, produces small dark red skinned fruits to 1.5". Flesh is translucent, juicy, and not mealy like the tropical guava, with a tasty acidic-strawberry flavor. Very easy to grow...

  • Psidium friedrichsthalium - Cas Guava

    Psidium friedrichsthalium - Cas Guava

    10 seeds per pack. Fragrant, juicy, yellow fleshed guava with an acidic flavor. Eat fresh or use in drinks, desserts, and flavorings. Grows on a small tree, will take mild frosts, but generally prefers a subtropical or...

  • Psidium guajava - Colombian Red Guava

    Psidium guajava - Colombian Red Guava

    25 seeds per pack. A delectable Colombian guava variety with large fruits having deep pink flesh and a deliciously sweet flavor. This is a popular commercial variety, widely used for juicing and flavorings. Small to medium...

  • Psidium guajava - Egyptian Guava

    Psidium guajava - Egyptian Guava

    25 seeds per pack. Seeds are from the yellow, pear-shaped Egyptian variety. Fruits grow to 4", with cream-yellow skin and sweet, juicy white flesh. Great for beverages, flavorings, and eating fresh. Small tree, hardy to 29F,...

  • Psidium guajava - Guava

    Psidium guajava - Guava

    50 seeds per pack. Seeds are from mixed or generic varieties. Medium to large green to yellow fruits with white or pink flesh having an aromatic, fruits smell. Great for beverages, flavorings, and eating fresh. Small tree,...

  • Psidium guajava - Guava, Apple Red

    Psidium guajava - Guava, Apple Red

    25 seeds per pack. An interesting guava variety from India, producing apple-sized guava's that ripen with yellow skin, covered in prominent red blush. The ripe fruits remind a lot of red apples. Flesh is white, sweet, with...

  • Psidium guajava - Guava, Lucknow 49

    Psidium guajava - Guava, Lucknow 49

    25 seeds per pack. A large fruited Asian guava, ripening to a pale green-yellow, with translucent pink to white flesh. The fruits have a delightfully aromatic, sweet flavor. This variety is popular in India and East Asia...

  • Psidium guajava ssp pyriferum - Pear Guava

    Psidium guajava ssp pyriferum - Pear Guava

    15 seeds per pack. Formerly Psidium pyriferum. Seeds are from a pear shaped guava, about the size of a small pear. Has white flesh, and small seeds with a nice, smooth guava flavor. Small tree, hardy to 29F, prefers warm...

  • Psidium sp. - Red Guava

    Psidium sp. - Red Guava

    10 seeds per pack. An unknown Psidium sp. bearing dark red fruits somewhat like the strawberry guava. The fruits are larger than the regular strawberry guava, reaching up to golf-ball size and slightly bigger. The pulp is...

  • Punica granatum - Dwarf Pomegranate

    Punica granatum - Dwarf Pomegranate

    10 seeds per pack. Seeds are from a dwarf variety, growing to 4-6ft. Fruits are red-skinned, pulp is pink-red, good flavored. Can be eaten fresh, but is sometimes juiced or used in making preserves. The juice can also act as...

  • Punica granatum - White Pomegranate

    Punica granatum - White Pomegranate

    10 seeds per pack. Seeds are from a white fruited variety. An interesting variant of the typical pomegranate, with fruits that ripen to a white-cream color. Pulp is mildly pink but mostly translucent. Care and growth is...

  • Randia thurberi - Papache

    4 seeds per pack. A rare blackberry jam fruit from Northern and Central Mexico. The small, round fruits are striped and spotted green and yellow, with sweet flavored, deep black colored pulp. Adapted to warmer, dry climates...

  • Renealmia alpinia - Garden Ginger

    Renealmia alpinia - Garden Ginger

    10 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Mishqui Panga. A type of ginger found in tropical America and the Caribbean region. Notable for its traditional use of the leaves as a flavoring, often for fish. The leaves have a fragrant, ginger...

  • Rollinia deliciosa - Biriba

    Rollinia deliciosa - Biriba

    3 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Rollinia mucosa. Large yellow skinned fruit usually weighing several pounds. Flesh is creamy white, with an excellent sweet-cream flavor. Tree is small or medium sized, will stand brief frosts...

  • Rollinia exsucca - Black Maho

    Rollinia exsucca - Black Maho

    1 seed per pack. A rare Amazonian Rollinia, with smallish fruits that ripen to yellow-green, looking a bit like half-sized sugar apples. Flesh is translucent, edible and sweet, with a mildly salty edge. Native to the lowland...

  • Rosenbergiodendron formosum - Blackberry Jam Fruit

    Rosenbergiodendron formosum - Blackberry Jam Fruit

    5 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Randia formosa. Small yellow fruit that tastes like blackberry jam. Fruits are borne on a small bushy plant that is a relative of the gardenia. Pretty white flowers are fragrant. Can survive light...

  • Rubus glaucus - Andean Raspberry

    25 seeds per pack. A much appreciated blackberry species native to much of Central and South America, including the Andes region. It grows naturally in cooler, cloud forest regions, making the species ideal for subtropical...

  • Rubus niveus - Mysore Raspberry

    Rubus niveus - Mysore Raspberry

    15 seeds per pack. One of the only subtropical/tropical raspberries, the mysore raspberry is also noted for its heavy production. Plants grow to 10-15ft, and can produce for most of the year in warm climates. Hardy to 20F...

  • Salacca zalacca - Salak Palm

    Salacca zalacca - Salak Palm

    1 seed per pack. a.k.a. Snake Fruit. A popular edible fruiting palm from southeast Asia. Fairly widely cultivated for its edible fruits which have a brown, patterned surface that looks much like snake skin. Flesh is white,...

  • Sapindus mukorossi - Chinese Soapberry

    Sapindus mukorossi - Chinese Soapberry

    4 seeds per pack. Similar to its close relative the Soapberry, the Chinese Soapberry bears 1", yellow fruits with a large seed. The fruits and seed contain high levels of saponin and are commonly used as a detergent. Medium...

  • Sapindus saponaria - Soapberry

    Sapindus saponaria - Soapberry

    6 seeds per pack. Closely related to the Soapnut, the Soapberry has a similar shape and appearance. Fruits are slightly smaller than the Soapnut and the tree is hardier, able to withstand frosts and light freezes. The...

  • Saurauia omichlophila - Saurauia

    10 seeds per pack. A very rare shrubby tree, bearing small, green to red colored fruits. While not known, like other Saurauia species, the fruits could be edible. The species has some relation to the kiwi's. It is native to...

  • Schleichera oleosa - Kusum Tree

    Schleichera oleosa - Kusum Tree

    7 seeds per pack. A medium to large sized deciduous tree native to India, known for being the source of Kusum Oil. The oil has a number of medicinal, topical and edible uses. The tree also features attractive, red-colored...

  • Schotia brachypetala - African Walnut

    Schotia brachypetala - African Walnut

    5 seeds per pack. A wonderful ornamental tree from South Africa. Most renowned for its beautiful red blossoms which have popularized the species as a street tree in some subtropical areas. Also bears legume fruits with seeds...

  • Sclerocarya birrea - Marula

    Sclerocarya birrea - Marula

    3 seeds per pack. Medium sized fruit with sweet-sour tasting flesh that is highly esteemed in parts of Africa. Often used in juices and alcoholic drinks. Very high in vitamin C. The marula is one of Africa's main native,...

  • Sechium tacaco - Tacaco

    Sechium tacaco - Tacaco

    1 seed per pack. A very interesting perennial climber native to Costa Rica. It is related to the popular Chayote Squash, but little known outside of its small native range. It produces 2-3" long green fruits that are eaten...

  • Selenicereus grandiflorus - Queen of the Night

    Selenicereus grandiflorus - Queen of the Night

    10 seeds per pack. A gorgeous night blooming cactus with large white flowers that grow to several inches. The flowers are also fragrant, with a mild vanilla-like scent. Bears spiny, 2-4" long red ripening fruits that are...

  • Selenicereus hondurensis - Moonlight Cactus

    10 seeds per pack. A lesser known dragon fruit native to Honduras. Like other Selenicereus, it has very large and attractive night-blooming flowers. Flowers can be followed by spiny, round red fruits, with lots of juicy,...

  • Selenicereus megalanthus - Yellow Pitaya

    Selenicereus megalanthus - Yellow Pitaya

    8 seeds per pack. Tasty yellow skinned dragon fruit relative. Very popular in Asia. The plant is a vining cactus growing either out of the soil or as an epiphyte, with aerial roots. Plants are tolerant of short frosts and...



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