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  • Fuchsia excorticata - New Zealand Tree Fuchsia

    Fuchsia excorticata - New Zealand Tree Fuchsia

    15 seeds per pack. A very uncommon Fuchsia outside of New Zealand, this species takes on a tree-like growth habit to 10-20ft. Beautiful, multi-colored and ornate flowers are quite different from most common fuchsia's, having...

  • Fuchsia microphylla - Fuchsia

    Fuchsia microphylla - Fuchsia

    15 seeds per pack. Small, purple flowered fuchsia producing edible 1-3cm, juicy berries with a sweet flavor. This species is reportedly one of the best tasting fuchsia's. Hardy to the 20's (F), will attract birds. Bushy...

  • Fuchsia paniculata - Shrubby Fuchsia

    Fuchsia paniculata - Shrubby Fuchsia

    25 seeds per pack. Spreading, shrubby Fuchsia, to about 6-12ft. This type produces large clusters of small, pink-white flowers, followed by blueberry-sized, juicy, edible, dark blue colored fruit. Hardy to about 28F. #911...

  • Fuchsia procumbens - Creeping Fuchsia

    Fuchsia procumbens - Creeping Fuchsia

    10 seeds per pack. A very unique species of Fuchsia. This is the only Fuchsia species with yellow flowers. It is native to New Zealand, and unlike other Fuchsia's, grows along the ground, trailing clumpy vines. Produces an...

  • Fuchsia ravenii - Fuchsia

    Fuchsia ravenii - Fuchsia

    15-25 seeds per pack. Small flowered, native cloud forest fuchsia. Small dark purple berries follow and are reportedly edible. Has a handsome, bushy growth habit and is quite ornamental. Hardy to the mid 20's (F). #772 View...

  • Fuchsia splendens - Fuchsia

    Fuchsia splendens - Fuchsia

    25 seeds per pack. Cloud forest fuchsia bearing 1" whitish fruits with a sweet, lemon-like flavor. Flowers are tubular, ornate, with orange-red-green color. Low growing shrub, to 2-4ft, hardy to the low to mid 20's (F). #777...

  • Fuchsia tincta - Fuchsia

    Fuchsia tincta - Fuchsia

    15 seeds per pack. A year-round blooming Fuchsia native to cloud forests of the Andes in Peru. Has wonderful coral colored, tubular blooms that are popular with hummingbirds. Grows up to a few feet tall and bears small,...

  • Garcinia acuminata - Bacuri

    A delicious Garcinia with knobby, yellow skinned fruits in the rough shape of a lemon. Has a refreshing, sweet and acidic flavor. Native to the Amazon region. Very uncommon in cultivation. #3918 View plant database page.Out...

  • Garcinia brasiliensis - Bacupari

    Garcinia brasiliensis - Bacupari

    1 seed per pack. A South American Garcinia having orange skinned fruits with edible pulp. A much lesser known species than its cousin the mangosteen. Fruits are tasty fresh, with a sweetish flavor. Slow growing tree to 15-30...

  • Garcinia forbesii - Kundong

    1 seed per pack. Could be Garcinia parvifolia. Produces small red fruits with delicious white pulp, sort of like a mini-mangosteen. Tropical tree, no frost tolerance. The fruits are relished in their native Borneo, but are...

  • Garcinia hombroniana - Seashore Mangosteen

    Garcinia hombroniana - Seashore Mangosteen

    1 seed per pack. An extremely rare relative of the fabled Mangosteen, bearing 1-2" pink ripening fruits that have a delicious sour flavored pulp. Small tree, tropical, not frost hardy, good in containers. #1570 View plant...

  • Garcinia humilis - Bolivian Mangosteen

    1 seed per pack. a.k.a. Achachairu. A small fruited relative of the mangosteen, having egg-shaped, orange fruits with a tasty sweet and bitter flavor. Small tree, can fruit heavily. Unknown hardiness, possibly similar to the...

  • Garcinia intermedia - Lemon Mangosteen

    Garcinia intermedia - Lemon Mangosteen

    1 seed per pack. A tasty and rare mangosteen relative bearing 1", rounded, yellow fruits with an aromatic and sour flavor. Fruits grow on a small bushy tree that can grow to 10-20ft. Unknown hardiness. Should do well in...

  • Garcinia intermedia - Orange Lemon Drop Mangosteen

    Garcinia intermedia - Orange Lemon Drop Mangosteen

    1 seed per pack. Orange fruited variant of the Lemon Mangosteen. Bears round fruits from 1-2", ripening to orange, with flavorful, white flesh. Small tree to 10-20 feet. Tropical to subtropical. Species ID on this is not...

  • Garcinia kola - Bitter Kola

    A West African Garcinia, related to mangosteen, most known for its uses in traditional medicine. The seeds, as well as the fruit, nuts and bark are used. A medium sized, slow growing tree. Probably not frost hardy. Grows...

  • Garcinia laterifolia - Achachairu

    1 seed per pack. Said to be one of the tastiest of the Rheedia/Garcinia group, the Achachairu bears 1-1 1/2", round yellow-orange fruit with translucent pulp. Flavor is somewhat acidic, of excellent quality with mangosteen...

  • Garcinia livingstonei - Imbe

    Garcinia livingstonei - Imbe

    1 seed per pack. Small-fruited relative of the mangosteen having a tasty, tart flavor. Fruits are orange, grow to 2" and a single tree can produce hundreds of fruits a season. Trees grow to 10-15ft, hardy to about 26F...

  • Garcinia macrophylla - Bacuripari

    1 seed per pack. A fairly rare mangosteen relative, bearing 2-3", rounded yellow-orange fruits with sometimes thin, but very tasty white pulp. Native to the Amazon lowlands but with more cold tolerance than the...

  • Garcinia madruno - Charichuelo

    1 seed per pack. An interesting mangosteen relative bearing small yellow fruits that look a bit like a bumpy lemon. The fruits contain soft white pulp with a mild acidic flavor that has been likened to lemon cotton candy...

  • Garcinia magnifolia - Giant Leaf Madrono

    1 seed per pack. A fairly rare Garcinia-madruno relative bearing medium sized, yellow skinned fruits with white, sweet-sour flavored pulp. This species is quite prolific and fairly fast-growing for a Garcinia. Recognizable...

  • Garcinia mangostana - Mangosteen

    Garcinia mangostana - Mangosteen

    1 seed per pack. The queen of fruits and by many judgements, one of the tastiest fruits in the world, the Mangosteen bears baseball sized, purple fruits with sweet, delicious flesh. The rind is high in nutrients and is now...

  • Garcinia nitida - Brunei Cherry

    1 seed per pack. a.k.a. Asam Kandis. A very rare Garcinia from the jungles of Borneo. Bears 1-2", red ripening fruits with acidic white pulp. Fruits are edible and most commonly used for flavoring. Small, evergreen tree to...

  • Garcinia sp. - Mexican Garcinia

    1 seed per pack. A newly discovered Garcinia from Mexico. Related to the gamboge and mangosteen, this unknown species bears medium sized fruits that ripen to orange-yellow. Fruits have a very nice, sub-acid flavor. Growth...

  • Garcinia spicata - Bitter Garcinia

    2 seeds per pack. A mangosteen/Garcinia relative native to India. Bears baseball sized, orange-yellow skinned fruits of unknown edibility. The tree is reasonably tough once established and tolerates salt very well. Pretty as...

  • Garcinia xanthochymus - Gamboge

    Garcinia xanthochymus - Gamboge

    1 seed per pack. Yellow fruited mangosteen relative with fruits 3" across, having a white-yellow, juicy, acidic-sweet pulp. Tree is hardy to brief frosts, grows in both subtropical and tropical climates. Trees tend to be...

  • Gnetum gnemon - Melinjo

    Gnetum gnemon - Melinjo

    5 seeds per pack. A tropical fruit native to Indonesia and other portions of southeast Asia. It has a wide variety of edible uses, most notably for its seeds and leaves, both of which are featured prominently in Indonesian...

  • Grewia asiatica - Phalsa

    Grewia asiatica - Phalsa

    4 seeds per pack. Small fruit native to India. Extremely popular in parts of India and Southeast Asia, often as a beverage producing fruit. Grows on a small bush, hardy to the upper 20's. #921 View plant database page.Out of...

  • Grewia bicolor - White Raisin Bush

    5 seeds per pack. An edible raisin bush similar to Grewia flavescens. Bears small red-brown fruits with a pleasant, acidic flavor. A small shrub, growing to a few feet, it is also attractive for its profuse, small, yellow,...

  • Grewia flava - Brandy Bush

    5 seeds per pack. A small 1/2" red-brown fruit traditionally used to brew beer and to flavor alcohol. Similar in form to some of the other raisin bushes, with shrubby growth to several feet. Flowers are yellow to orange...

  • Grewia flavescens - Raisin Bush

    Grewia flavescens - Raisin Bush

    5 seeds per pack. Small bushy shrub native to Central Africa. Fruits are small, brown, reportedly edible, and related to the phalsa. Hardy to the upper 20's. Shrubby, bushy growth to 1-2 m. #749

  • Halleria lucida - Tree Fuchsia

    Halleria lucida - Tree Fuchsia

    25 seeds per pack. Shrubby tree, to 10-25ft, native to South Africa. Bears 1", soft, fleshy fruits with a bland flavor. The tree is notable for its pretty fuchsia-like flowers, which are born from the trunk and branches...

  • Herrania mariae - Mountain Cocoa

    Herrania mariae - Mountain Cocoa

    1 seed per pack. A very rare cacao/chocolate relative from the South American rainforests. Bears a lobed, yellow-green fruit that has many similarities to the more common cacao pod. Contains presumably edible seeds and pulp...

  • Herrania umbratica - Monkey Cacao

    Herrania umbratica - Monkey Cacao

    1 seed per pack. Very rare, wild relative of the chocolate/cacao tree, native to Colombia. Pulp could be edible, sweet, as most Herrania species. This genus is also known for its ornate flowers. Seeds can be used to make a...

  • Hylocereus undatus - Pink Dragon Fruit

    Hylocereus undatus - Pink Dragon Fruit

    12 seeds per pack. Large, strangely shaped red fruit with sweet flavored pulp. The fruit has recently become a popular flavoring for beverages and there is much interest in growing the fruit as a commercial crop. This is a...

  • Inga edulis - Ice Cream Bean

    Inga edulis - Ice Cream Bean

    3 seeds per pack. Long, podded fruit up to 2ft long. Pulp is very soft, creamy white, with a flavor resembling vanilla ice cream. Tree is subtropical, hardy to short freezes and can be kept in a container. There seem to be...

  • Inga feuillei - Ice Cream Bean

    Inga feuillei - Ice Cream Bean

    3 seeds per pack. Very similar to Inga edulis. Long, podded fruit up to 2ft long. Pulp is very soft, creamy white, with a flavor resembling vanilla ice cream. Tree is subtropical, hardy to short freezes and can be kept in a...


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