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  • Duguetia lanceolata - Pindaiba

    1 seed per pack. An extremely rare Brazilian fruit instantly recognizable for its bright red, segmented skin. Related to the sugar apple, the Pindaiba has creamy flesh said to be smooth and delicious. Medium sized tree, but...

  • Duguetia marcgraviana - Wild Duguetia

    Duguetia marcgraviana - Wild Duguetia

    1 seed per pack. An extremely rare Annona relative from the South American rain forests. Bears medium sized fruits with lots of knobs, similar to a Biriba. Skin ripens to red-orange. Edible pulp. Unknown hardiness. Another...

  • Duguetia peruviana - Duguetia

    Duguetia peruviana - Duguetia

    1 seed per pack. A very rare Duguetia/Annona from the South American rain forests. Fruits look like a classic Annona, with bright red skin and edible, white flesh. Like other Duguetia's, they are little studied and as of...

  • Duguetia phaseoloides - Cherry Sugar Apple

    Duguetia phaseoloides - Cherry Sugar Apple

    1 seed per pack. Species could be Duguetia phaeoclados. An amazing Duguetia from the jungles of South America, bearing small to medium sized, red ripening fruits with soft, creamy, edible flesh. The fruits are quite...

  • Duguetia spixiana - Duguetia

    Duguetia spixiana - Duguetia

    1 seed per pack. A virtually unknown Annona relative from the South American rainforests. Bears exotic red tinted fruits with bright red, sweet flavored pulp. Almost nothing is known about the species' growth habits or...

  • Duguetia uniflora -

    An extremely rare Annonaceae from South America, related to the also rare Duguetia lanceolata. Bears #3552 Out of stock. Last available: 9/25/2014 - 9/25/2014We need your help in finding a picture for this plant, $20 in...

  • Durio dulcis - Red Durian

    Durio dulcis - Red Durian

    1 seed per pack. A beautiful, wild, forest durian from the Bornean rainforest. It bears large, round, exceptionally spiny, red fruits with yellow-orange pulp that is said to be a mixture of durian and caramel in flavor. This...

  • Durio graveolens - Red Fleshed Durian

    Durio graveolens - Red Fleshed Durian

    1 seed per pack. A spectacular Durian species from southeast Asia, known for its bright red flesh. It is the most popular of the wild durian's, and is occasionally cultivated, though often found in local markets through its...

  • Durio griffithii - Wild Durian

    1 seed per pack. A very rare, wild durian species from Borneo. Bears bright red, spiky fruits with thin, red flesh. It is unknown if they are edible, but the tree would still make a remarkable and exotic ornamental. Tropical...

  • Durio kutejensis - Durian Pulu

    Durio kutejensis - Durian Pulu

    1 seed per pack. A wild durian species from Borneo, bearing large fruits with yellow to orange flesh that have a number of similarities to the more common durian. The species is less known than the regular durian, but in...

  • Durio oxleyanus - Durian Isu

    Durio oxleyanus - Durian Isu

    1 seed per pack. a.k.a. Kerontongan. An amazing and rare wild durian from the Bornean rain forest. The fruits are small by durian perspective, reaching only 1-2 pounds (1 kg), but contain creamy flesh, with a mild fruity...

  • Durio zibethinus - Durian (pre-germinated)

    Durio zibethinus - Durian (pre-germinated)

    1 seed per pack. Seed is pre-germinated and beginning to sprout. The renowned and infamous durian. A large fruit weighing several pounds, best known for its foul smelling flesh which is relished and esteemed by its many...

  • Ehretia rigida - Puzzle Bush

    Ehretia rigida - Puzzle Bush

    5 seeds per pack. A mainly ornamental shrub from South Africa featuring attractive orange-red fruits and dense clusters of attractive purple-white flowers. The small fruits have a sweet scent and are popular with birds. They...

  • Elaeocarpus angustifolius - Blue Marble Tree

    Elaeocarpus angustifolius - Blue Marble Tree

    2 seeds per pack. An interesting Australian tree known for its bright blue fruits which look like shiny marbles. The fruits have a long history of uses, with their nuts once extensively traded and used in jewelry, medicine,...

  • Elaeocarpus lanceifolius - Himalayan Olive

    2 seeds per pack. An interesting and edible fruit from the Himalayan region. Bears small apple-sized fruits with glossy, pale green skin containing green, oily flesh surrounding a single seed. Fruits supposedly have an...

  • Englerophytum magaliesmontanum - Stamvrug

    Englerophytum magaliesmontanum - Stamvrug

    5 seeds per pack. A small fruited shrub that is part of the sapote family, native to southern Africa. It bears berry-like fruits with a small amount of edible, sweet and tasty flesh. The tree is also produces a type of latex...

  • Euclea crispa - Blue Guarri

    Euclea crispa - Blue Guarri

    8 seeds per pack. A small South African tree growing to 5-15 feet. Bears small fruits that form in large clusters and ripen to dark red-black. Fruits are edible though of unknown quality. The tree has some use in local...

  • Euclea pseudebenus - Wild Ebony

    5 seeds per pack. A small South African tree related to commercial ebony. Bears edible fruits which some sources claim are quite tasty. Its wood is used in carving and woodworking and the tree also makes a nice drought...

  • Eugenia axillaris - White Stopper

    3 seeds per pack. A native Floridian Eugenia, bearing small, red to purple berries that are possibly edible. The fruits are mainly popular with birds and the plant makes a nice landscape hedge. It features seasonal, fragrant...

  • Eugenia brasiliensis - Grumichama (pre-germinated)

    Eugenia brasiliensis - Grumichama (pre-germinated)

    3 seeds per pack. Seeds are germinating and will be packaged in moist moss. A medium sized fruiting tree from Brazil bearing small, dark purple fruits with an acid, cherry-like flavor. The trees can be prolific in fruiting...

  • Eugenia calycina - Savannah Pitanga

    1 seed per pack. Recently classified as likely the same species as Eugenia involucrata, this nonetheless shows distinct (albeit similar) features in fruiting and growth. If anything, this could end up a subspecies of E...

  • Eugenia candolleana - Rainforest Plum

    Eugenia candolleana - Rainforest Plum

    2 seeds per pack. A dark purple fruit, up to 1" across, with mildly sweet, whitish pulp that has some similarities to the Jaboticaba. The tree is fairly rare but the fruits are quite tasty, with a nicely agreeable flavor...

  • Eugenia capensis - Dune Myrtle

    2 seeds per pack. A small, shrubby Eugenia, native to southeast Africa. Bears a dark purple, berry-like fruit that is said to be edible, with a mild, acidic flavor. Similar growth to other small-leafed Eugenia's. May have...

  • Eugenia floribunda - Rumberry

    3 seeds per pack. Seeds are from the famous Caribbean rumberry, a small dark-purple skinned fruit, with a highly aromatic and slightly bittersweet flavor. Fruits are very tasty fresh and are also used to make preserves and...

  • Eugenia florida -

    1 seed per pack. An interesting and rare Eugenia, native to Brazil. Bears small berry-like fruits that ripen to dark purple. They are slightly reminiscent of grumichama's. The fruit is not widely known so little information...

  • Eugenia foetida - Spanish Stopper

    4 seeds per pack. A bushy, tropical to subtropical plant native to South Florida and much of the Caribbean, into Central America. Bears small, probably edible, berry fruits that ripen to brown-black and are very popular with...

  • Eugenia involucrata - Cherry of the Rio Grande

    Eugenia involucrata - Cherry of the Rio Grande

    2 seeds per pack. 1-2", dark purple/red fruit with a sweet cherry flavor. Looks a bit like the grumichama or surinam cherry, but is quite a bit larger. Grows on a small or medium sized tree, usually to 10-25ft. Can be...

  • Eugenia itaguahiensis - Dwarf Grumichama

    1 seed per pack. a.k.a. Grumicahama-A–a. A rare species, similar to the grumichama, but having smaller fruits. The fruits ripen to dark purple/black and are said to be quite good. Small and fairly fast growing, to only 1-3 m...

  • Eugenia luschnathiana - Pitomba

    Eugenia luschnathiana - Pitomba

    1 seed per pack. Orange fruit, 1-2" long having sweet aromatic flesh. The pitomba is a surinam cherry relative and their culture is similar. Small bush or tree up to 20ft. Will survive short frosts. #648 Out of stock. Last...

  • Eugenia lutescens - Uvaia Rugosa (pre-germinated)

    1 seed per pack. A Uvaia or possibly Perinha hybrid with bumpy skinned, 1-2" yellow fruits that are edible, with a tasty, strong sweet-acidic flavor. This species is native to parts of Brazil, but is little known elsewhere...

  • Eugenia mattosii - Cambui-Peba

    1 seed per pack. A very rare Eugenia from Brazil. Bears small, cherry-like fruits with some similarities to the surinam cherry and other thin-skinned Eugenia's. The fruits ripen to a wonderful bright red and are said to be...

  • Eugenia myrcianthes - Uvaia do Campo

    Eugenia myrcianthes - Uvaia do Campo

    1 seed per pack. a.k.a. Hexachlamys edulis. An interesting Eugenia relative from South America, bearing 2" / 5 cm edible fruits having a peach-like flavor. The fruits are quite juicy, with some tartness, and ripen to...

  • Eugenia patrisii - Amazonian Ubaia

    1 seed per pack. A native Amazonian Eugenia species, bearing shiny, red fruits, with bright red, edible pulp. Fruits are around the size of a strawberry guava, typically rounded to pear shaped. The fruits are eaten fresh and...

  • Eugenia punicifolia - Beach Cherry

    1 seed per pack. A small, shrubby Eugenia with light red fruits that bear some resemblance to the Cedar Bay Cherry. Native to drier areas of Brazil and some parts of the Caribbean. Little known, but occasionally cultivated...

  • Eugenia pyriformis - Uvalha

    1 seed per pack. A rare Eugenia, native to the Brazilian Amazon. Bears bright, shiny orange fruits that can grow to 1-2". Fruits are prized for their flavor, which is used in juice production. The fruits are highly aromatic,...

  • Eugenia reinwardtiana - Cedar Bay Cherry

    Eugenia reinwardtiana - Cedar Bay Cherry

    1 seed per pack. 1-1.5" around, bright red fruit with a juicy berry/grape-like flavor. Grows on a small bush or tree, often to only 10 ft tall. Subtropical, will survive to 30F. Easily container grown. #604 View plant...


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