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  • Paullinia cupana - Guarana

    1 seed per pack. The increasingly popular guarana has become a common ingredient in energy drinks and sodas, mainly due to its seeds, which are very high in caffeine. Native to the Amazon basin region, it is a climbing,...

  • Pentadesma butyracea - Butter Tree

    Pentadesma butyracea - Butter Tree

    1 seed per pack. A tropical West African tree, best known for its large seeds which contain a high percentage of fat. The fat is extracted and used for cooking, or much like shea butter. The fruits are said to have edible...

  • Pereskia sacharosa - Pink Rose Cactus

    10 seeds per pack. An ornamental rose cactus with 3", bright pink, rose-like flowers. Flowers are followed by 1 1/2" fruits. Fruits of other Pereskia species are edible and have a variety of uses. Shrub, growing to 5-20 feet...

  • Physalis acutifolia - Wright's Ground Cherry

    15 seeds per pack. A wild ground cherry native to the southwestern United States. Low growing up to 2 feet, bears berries similar to the common ground cherry. According to some sources, the fruits are probably edible. Grows...

  • Physalis angulata - Mullaca

    Physalis angulata - Mullaca

    10 seeds per pack. A tropical ground cherry with orange colored fruit about the size of a cherry tomato. Similar in appearance to the regular ground cherry and cape gooseberry. The mullaca also has a number of medicinal...

  • Physalis chenopodifolia - Milpero

    Physalis chenopodifolia - Milpero

    25-35 seeds per pack. Closely related to the tomatillo, the milpero is sort of a miniaturized version of the tomatillo, with fruits to 1-1.5". Flavor is much like the tomatillo, though with subtle differences. Plants are...

  • Physalis costomatl - Cotztomatl

    Physalis costomatl - Cotztomatl

    20-40 seeds per pack. An rare Physalis native to tropical America. Produces small gound cherry-like fruits with a mild, sweet flavor. The plant is a small annual, growing to a few feet. Growth habit is similar to common...

  • Physalis crassifolia - Yellow Nightshade Ground Cherry

    10-15 seeds per pack. A wild ground cherry, native to the deserts of the American Southwest. A low-growing, small plant to just 12-18". Has yellow flowers followed by small berries hidden with papery husks, similar to other...

  • Physalis ixocarpa - Cisineros Tomatillo

    Physalis ixocarpa - Cisineros Tomatillo

    30 seeds per pack. An excellent large-fruited variety of tomatillo, yielding green fruits. Medium sized, green colored fruit closely related to the tomato. Fully ripe fruits are eaten raw, much like tomatoes. The unripe...

  • Physalis pubescens - Yantar Ground Cherry

    Physalis pubescens - Yantar Ground Cherry

    40-60 seeds per pack. A variety of the Cossack Pineapple type ground cherry originally from Belarus. Bears cherry tomato sized fruits that ripen to golden orange. Flavor is somewhat like a tomato crossed with a pineapple and...

  • Pimenta racemosa - Bay Rum

    Pimenta racemosa - Bay Rum

    4 seeds per pack. A small to medium sized tree native throughout the Caribbean region, best known for aromatic leaves, the source of bay rum oil. The oil is used in scented lotions, colognes and a variety of other topical...

  • Piper marginatum - Marigold Pepper

    Piper marginatum - Marigold Pepper

    15-25 seeds per pack. A black pepper relative from the humid forests of the Amazon. Recognizable by its heart shaped leaves and licorice-like scent. Sprawling, shrubby habit, grows to a few feet. Mainly an ornamental, though...

  • Pistacia atlantica - Mt. Atlas Mastic Tree

    Pistacia atlantica - Mt. Atlas Mastic Tree

    10 seeds per pack. A pistachio relative from northern Africa and the middle East. The tree is an important economic source of resin and oil. The fruits are said to be edible when roasted like the pistachio. A slow-growing,...

  • Plinia edulis - Cambuca

    1 seed per pack. A Brazilian rainforest fruit tree bearing delicious yellow-orange fruits with a sweet, somewhat mango-like flavor. Fruits are little known, even in its home range. Related to the jaboticaba. Small to medium...

  • Plinia rivularis - Guaburiti

    1 seed per pack. A Brazilian rainforest fruit, with some rough similarities in appearance to the jaboticaba's. Bears small berry-like fruits with what is said to be a delicious flavor eaten fresh or used in a number of...

  • Plukenetia huayllabambana - Giant Inca Peanut

    3 seeds per pack. A very recently discovered relative of the popular Inca Peanut. What makes this species noteworthy is its natural distribution at higher elevations than its more common relative, making it potentially much...

  • Plukenetia volubilis - Sacha Peanut

    Plukenetia volubilis - Sacha Peanut

    3 seeds per pack. A small, Amazonian rainforest vining plant bearing star shaped fruits containing seeds (nuts) that are edible when roasted. The plant is gaining recent interest as a possible health food due to high levels...

  • Polyalthia suberosa -

    Polyalthia suberosa -

    Cherimoya/Custard Apple relative with small (1/4") purple, edible fruit borne in clusters on a medium-small tree sometimes used for timber. Hardiness unknown, native to tropical India. #700 Out of stock. Last available:...

  • Pometia pinnata - Island Lychee

    Pometia pinnata - Island Lychee

    1 seed per pack. A widespread tropical tree throughout much of southeast Asia and parts of the Pacific. Bears purple fruits that have a lychee-like flavor. The seeds are also said to be edible when roasted or boiled. Large...

  • Poncirus trifoliata - Flying Dragon Trifolate Orange

    Poncirus trifoliata - Flying Dragon Trifolate Orange

    5 seeds per pack. This citrus relative is heavily used as a dwarfing rootstock for almost all commercial citrus. The Flying Dragon is hardy to -15F, and is ornamental, having numerous highly curved spines on its branches...

  • Poncirus trifoliata - Trifoliate Orange

    5 seeds per pack. Small to medium sized citrus, usually used for preserves or marmelades but most commonly used as a cold-hardy rootstock for other citrus varieties. Hardy to -15F. Tree to 6-12ft. #722 View plant database...

  • Pourouma cecropiifolia - Amazon Tree Grape

    1 seed per pack. Said to be one of the more tasty fruits of the Amazon jungle, the Amazon Tree Grape bears round, dark purple fruits about the size of a common cherry. The fruits have a sweet, flavorful pulp. Fast growing,...

  • Pouteria caimito - Abiu

    Pouteria caimito - Abiu

    1 seed per pack. A popular tropical fruit from the Amazon having translucent pulp with a mildly sweet flavor with overtones of caramel. Fruits are small to medium in size, with yellow skin. A single tree can bear hundreds to...

  • Pouteria campechiana - Canistel (pre-germinated)

    Pouteria campechiana - Canistel (pre-germinated)

    1 seed per pack. Seeds are pre-germinated and beginning to sprout. One of the finest sapotes, the canistel is a large (4-7"), bright yellow fruit with soft, sweet flavored pulp. Some liken the flavor to a baked sweet potato...

  • Pouteria glomerata - Cinnamon Apple

    Pouteria glomerata - Cinnamon Apple

    1 seed per pack. a.k.a. Pouteria hypoglauca. Fairly large, spherical, green-skinned fruit related to the many sapotes. The flesh is white, creamy, and ususally eaten fresh. The cinnamon apple is little-known and does well in...

  • Pouteria lucuma - Lucuma

    Pouteria lucuma - Lucuma

    1 seed per pack. Prized in its Peruvian homeland, this sapote fruit is still quite rare in cultivation. Bears softball-sized fruits that grow to a few inches, with orange colored, dry pulp that is reminiscent of a hard...

  • Pouteria multiflora - Bully Tree

    1 seed per pack. A sapote relative bearing medium sized, green to yellow fruits with creamy pulp, having a tasty sweet flavor. Medium sized tree, native to the Caribbean region. Unknown hardiness. Trees grow well in humid,...

  • Pouteria sapota - Mamey Sapote

    Pouteria sapota - Mamey Sapote

    1 seed per pack. Very large fruit with flavorful, soft orange pulp. The fruits are popular in Caribbean regions and are grown as a commercial crop in South Florida. Tree is marginally frost hardy, and grows best in warmer...

  • Pouteria sp. - Ross Sapote

    1 seed per pack. A desirable sapote of unknown parentage, the Ross Sapote produces tasty and edible, canistel-like fruits. The fruits tend to have a softer texture and sweeter flavor than the canistel, along with a more...

  • Pouteria viridis - Green Sapote

    Pouteria viridis - Green Sapote

    1 seed per pack. One of the less common sapotes, the Green Sapote bears wonderfully flavored fruits having some similarities to the Mamey Sapote. Fruits are 2-3", and ripen to green, with smooth textured salmon colored flesh...

  • Prainea limpato - Limpato

    1 seed per pack. a.k.a Artocarpus limpato. One of the strangest, yet entrancing fruits in the world, this Artocarpus-jackfruit relative bears fruits that look like they are from another planet! The edible fruits have...

  • Pseudospondias microcarpa - African Grape Tree

    3 seeds per pack. A very uncommon African tree with edible, cherry-like red fruits. Related to the mombins. A large tree, can grow up to 100 ft. The tree is also used for its timber. Little cultural information is available...

  • Psidium angulatum - Araca Pera

    Psidium angulatum - Araca Pera

    10 seeds per pack. An intriguing and tasty wild guava from the Brazilian Amazon. Fruits grow to 2-3", with an acidic, sour but guava-like flavor. Fresh fruits are often used to make juices, when diluted. Small tree, unknown...

  • Psidium cattleianum var lucidum - Lemon Guava, Large

    Psidium cattleianum var lucidum - Lemon Guava, Large

    10 seeds per pack. Seeds are from a very large fruited variety of the Lemon Guava, bearing fruits up to and over golf-ball size. Similar in other respects to the standard Lemon Guava. This is the largest Lemon Guava we have...

  • Psidium cattleianum var lucidum - Yellow Strawberry Guava

    Psidium cattleianum var lucidum - Yellow Strawberry Guava

    10 seeds per pack. Related to the tropical guava, produces medium sized, yellow skinned fruits to 1-3". Flesh is translucent, juicy, similar to the strawberry guava, but with a slightly more acidic flavor. Is sometimes known...

  • Psidium friedrichsthalium - Cas Guava

    Psidium friedrichsthalium - Cas Guava

    10 seeds per pack. Fragrant, juicy, yellow fleshed guava with an acidic flavor. Eat fresh or use in drinks, desserts, and flavorings. Grows on a small tree, will take mild frosts, but generally prefers a subtropical or...


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