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  • Archontophoenix cunninghamiana - King Palm

    Archontophoenix cunninghamiana - King Palm

    10 seeds per pack. Medium to large sized palm up to 40ft or more. Withstands temperatures to 25F. Very pretty, slender, ornamental palm native to Australia. Fast-growing and adaptable. #356 Seeds are on hand and in the...

  • Brahea armata - Mexican Blue Palm

    Brahea armata - Mexican Blue Palm

    7 seeds per pack. Beautiful, blue-gray fronded palm hardy to 10F. Fairly short in stature, usually growing to 10-25ft. Produces large quantities of edible brown fruits. #367 View plant database page. Seeds are on hand and...

  • Butia catarinensis - Dwarf Jelly Palm

    10 seeds per pack. Edible, fruiting palm whose fruits are commonly used to make jelly. Fruits have a tasty fruity-tart flavor. Extremely hardy, to 12F. Seeds are from the dwarf variety, which generally grows only a few feet...

  • Calamus palustris - Rattan Palm

    Calamus palustris - Rattan Palm

    8 seeds per pack. A Rattan Palm, native to the southeast Asia, though Malaysia and portions of China. It is a naturally growing rain forest species, with slender stems that yield a yellow colored rattan cane. The are said to...

  • Daemonorops schmidtiana - Mountain Ginseng Rattan Palm

    5 seeds per pack. An interesting rattan palm and an economically important source of fiber material for textiles, furniture, and much more. The young shoots are also edible when cooked. Grows to varying heights, with some...

  • Dioon edule - Mexican Cycad

    Dioon edule - Mexican Cycad

    3 seeds per pack. Ancient cycad often grown for its pretty, spreading gray-green foliage. The Mexican Cycad also has seeds (when young) that after some processing to lessen toxicity, have been used by some native peoples to...

  • Hyophorbe lagenicaulis - Bottle Palm

    Hyophorbe lagenicaulis - Bottle Palm

    4 seeds per pack. A unique palm and a sure conversation piece, the bottle palm is best known for its trunk, which is often prominently swollen at the base, appearing like a bottle planted in the ground. Also features large,...

  • Jubaea chilensis - Chilean Wine Palm

    Jubaea chilensis - Chilean Wine Palm

    2 seeds per pack. Majestic palm with a large trunk, that can grow to 80 feet. Bears edible, golf-ball sized fruits with a pleasant, sweet flavor. The seeds look and taste like miniature coconuts. Wine is made from the sap...

  • Latania loddigesii - Blue Latan Palm

    Latania loddigesii - Blue Latan Palm

    4 seeds per pack. One of the most attractive ornamental fan palms, loved for its huge, blue tinted leaves. Slender trunk, can grow to 20-40 feet, with an up to 15 feet spread. Native only to the island of Mauritius. Probably...

  • Phoenix canariensis - Canary Island Date Palm

    Phoenix canariensis - Canary Island Date Palm

    15 seeds per pack. The popular Canary Island Date Palm is often planted as an ornamental, though it also yields edible fruits. Full grown trees attain an attractive, "classic" palm look, with sweeping leaves and a pretty...

  • Roystonia regia - Cuban Royal Palm

    Roystonia regia - Cuban Royal Palm

    10 seeds per pack. A majestic ornamental palm native to South Florida, Cuba, and parts of the Caribbean through Central America. Very popular as an ornamental street tree in the tropics. The palm also has religious...

  • Sabal bermudana - Bermuda Palmetto

    Sabal bermudana - Bermuda Palmetto

    10 seeds per pack. A palmetto endemic to the island of Bermuda. Now endangered in the wild, the palm has become an uncommon though popular ornamental in subtropical regions. Hardy to around 20 F. One of the largest of the...

  • Sabal uresana - Sonoran Palmetto

    Sabal uresana - Sonoran Palmetto

    5 seeds per pack. Very hardy palmetto, able to survive temperatures well below freezing. Uncommon in cultivation, known for its gray-blue fronds. Fast-grower, usually to 10-20ft. #371 Seeds are on hand and in the process...

  • Trachycarpus fortunei - Windmill Palm

    Trachycarpus fortunei - Windmill Palm

    10 seeds per pack. One of the hardiest palm trees in the world, with full grown specimens having survived as low as -4F. Native to Central China, it is an attractive ornamental growing up to 30-45 ft. Classic palm appearance...


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