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  • Pinus gerardiana - Nepal Nut Pine

    10 seeds per pack. An edible, nut bearing pine tree native to the Himalayas. Grows up to 40-60 ft. Has 4", needle-like leaves. The nuts are little under an inch long and though very expensive are quite popular in its native...

  • Pinus patula - Mexican Weeping Pine

    25 seeds per pack. A beautiful and distinctive pine with long, fine, gracefully weeping needles. It is mildly tender to frost and can grow to 150ft. While generally grown as an ornamental, the tree has a few medicinal uses...

  • Pinus thunbergii - Japanese Black Pine

    Pinus thunbergii - Japanese Black Pine

    15-25 seeds per pack. A tough and reasonably hardy ornamental pine tree native to Asia. Trees generally grow to 20-30ft, making a nice, more compact type of pine. Very drought tolerant. Has dark green, stiff needles. Hardy...

  • Plumeria rubra - Belle Vista Plumeria

    5 seeds per pack. Seeds are from the Belle Vista variety, having bright and vibrant pink colored flowers with yellow centers. Petals are large and rounded. The beautiful plumeria has a warm, sweet scent and is a popular...

  • Plumeria sp.  - Plumeria

    Plumeria sp. - Plumeria

    8 seeds per pack. Seeds are mixed color varieties of mostly P. rubra but also P. obtusa. A stunning and instantly recognizable tropical flower that comes in many colors! The beautiful plumeria has a warm, sweet scent and is...

  • Polygonum hydropiper - Waterpepper

    30-60 seeds per pack. A small annual growing to about 2ft, known for its spicy leaves which are used in Japanese cooking. The leaves have a Sichuan Pepper-like flavor. The seeds are highly pungent as well and the sprouted...

  • Pongamia pinnata - Pongam

    10-15 seeds per pack. Medium sized subtropical/tropical tree to 40ft. Planted for its pea-like, pink/lavender blossoms which bloom in clumps up to 10" long. Tree has high drought tolerance, will not survive freezes. Flowers...

  • Porophyllum coloratum - Papalo

    Porophyllum coloratum - Papalo

    30 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Bolivian Coriander. A Central and South American perennial herb, easily grown as annual, best known for its aromatic leaves that are an integral ingredient in Mexican cuisine. Sometimes used as an...

  • Protea aristata - Small Pine Sugarbush

    5 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Ladismith Protea. A beautifully colored protea, having red flowers, with pink centers and blushes of orange near the base of the petals. Native to a very small area of South Africa and otherwise...

  • Protea burchellii - Burchell's Protea

    Protea burchellii - Burchell's Protea

    5 seeds per pack. An evergreen, ornamental shrub having 4-5" cream-yellow flowers. Grows to 4-8 feet. The flowers are popular for use in the floral trade. Hardy to mild frosts. #2542 Out of stock. Last available: 6/28/2012 -...

  • Protea magnifica - Queen Protea

    Protea magnifica - Queen Protea

    5 seeds per pack. A magnificent protea that is popular as a garden ornamental as well as a cut flower. Has beautiful, large pink-red petaled flowers that can grow up to 8". Small shrub to 6-8 ft. Hardy to 25-30F. #2568 Out...

  • Protea scolymocephala - Green Protea

    Protea scolymocephala - Green Protea

    5 seeds per pack. A lesser known Protea, featuring creamy-white flowers that grow to 2". It is a small shrub, growing to only 3-4ft. The little flowers look like tiny white suns that cover the bush through warmer months. It...

  • Protea subvestita - Waterlily Sugarbush

    5 seeds per pack. A lesser known Protea with water lily-like flowers that are typically pink to white in color. A bushy shrub, it can grow up to 5-15 ft. This species shows good cold tolerance and is usually considered one...

  • Prunella grandiflora - Big-Flowered Self Heal

    Prunella grandiflora - Big-Flowered Self Heal

    100 seeds per pack. A pretty ornamental and edible herb, similar to the better known Self-Heal. Plants are frost hardy to 0F and lower and grow to 9-12". Flowers are a vibrant pink and purple and the plant is often grown as...

  • Prunella vulgaris - Self-Heal

    Prunella vulgaris - Self-Heal

    100 seeds per pack. Fairly widespread member of the mint family, known for its years-old uses for a wide variety of medical problems, too numerous to list here. Plant is a creeping annual, with aromatic leaves, and purple...

  • Prunus americana - American Plum

    5 seeds per pack. A wild plum, native to much of Eastern and Central North America, from Canada to Florida. Popular as an ornamental tree as well as a rootstock for the common plum, the American Plum also bears edible fruits...

  • Prunus angustifolia - Cherokee Plum

    Prunus angustifolia - Cherokee Plum

    5 seeds per pack. A North American native plum, found wild in portions of the southeast and mid-Atlantic states. Bears fruits looking much like small, regular plums, with a tart flavor that can be used to make preserves. The...

  • Prunus cerasus - Sour Cherry

    Prunus cerasus - Sour Cherry

    8 seeds per pack. A popular cherry species producing red to dark red fruits with a notably sour flavor. The fruits are used to flavor a variety of beverages as well as being used in cooking and medicinal applications. Fruits...

  • Prunus persica - Indian Blood Peach

    4 seeds per pack. An interesting peach that breeds true from seeds. Bears plump peaches that ripen to blood red, with reddish interiors. Has a delicious flavor and overall wonderful fruits, it is surprising the variety isn't...

  • Puya coerulea - Chagual

    25 seeds per pack. Silver-fronded bromeliad with stunning 2-4ft flower stalks blooming bright blue flowers. This species grows well in warm and cool climates, and is hardy to the low to mid 20's (F). Needs little water. #855...

  • Puya ferruginea - Bolivian Puya

    Puya ferruginea - Bolivian Puya

    15-25 seeds per pack. A puya bromeliad from Bolivia and Ecuador. Has low growing, spiky and spiny foliage. The flowers are large as compared with the foliage, white, tubular, and borne on narrow spikes. Grows well in poor...

  • Puya laxa -

    Puya laxa -

    15-30 seeds per pack. A clumping Puya featuring colorful flowers. Related to the sapphire tower, this Puya features trailing inflorescences with bright, aquamarine colored flowers. Flowers bloom during warm months. Plant...

  • Puya micrantha -

    Puya micrantha -

    25 seeds per pack. A bromeliad and part of the sapphire tower group of plants. The plant sprouts a large flower spike to a foot or two, notable for its pink color and dark, almost black colored flowers. Foliage is light...

  • Puya raimondii - Queen of the Andes

    Puya raimondii - Queen of the Andes

    10 seeds per pack. Easily the most spectacular of the Puya bromeliads, the gigantic Queen of the Andes is still rare in cultivation. The plant itself is a large bromeliad growing up to 5-10 feet tall, with long, spiky leaves...

  • Quercus suber - Cork Bark Tree

    Quercus suber - Cork Bark Tree

    2 seeds per pack. Large oak tree, the commercial source of cork. The fruits are also edible, and can be ground down or roasted and eaten. The beautiful bark which covers the tree is the cork wood. Hardy to the low 20's,...

  • Quillaja saponaria - Soapbark Tree

    Quillaja saponaria - Soapbark Tree

    10 seeds per pack. Native to Chile, medium sized tree with attractive form. Leaves and bark are used for numerous medicinal purposes, from respiratory problems, to dandruff, to treatment of several diseases. Bark contains...

  • Rhododendron x - Orange-Yellow Rhododendron

    Rhododendron x - Orange-Yellow Rhododendron

    10 seeds per pack. A Vireya Rhododendron hybrid featuring stunning orange-yellow-salmon colored flowers. Small, shrubby tree or bush to 4-10 feet. Does well in cooler, subtropical climates with minimal frost. #3305 Out of...

  • Ribes fasciculatum - Fragrant Currant

    Ribes fasciculatum - Fragrant Currant

    10 seeds per pack. Small, edible, red-fruited currant of average quality. Plant is also notable for its highly fragrant flowers. Hardy to -20F. Small shrub to 3-5ft. #323 Out of stock. Last available: 11/25/2016 -...

  • Ribes nigrum - Black Currant

    Ribes nigrum - Black Currant

    20 seeds per pack. Fine flavored, black colored berry best known for its use in desserts, jams, and jellies. The black currant grows on a small bush, best adapted to cool and cold climates as plants need winter chill. Hardy...

  • Ribes sativum - White Currant

    Ribes sativum - White Currant

    25 seeds per pack. Fine flavored, translucent-white colored berry best known for its use in desserts, jams, and jellies. The white currant grows on a small bush, best adapted to cool and cold climates as plants need winter...

  • Ribes triste - Swamp Red Currant

    Ribes triste - Swamp Red Currant

    10 seeds per pack. Bushy shrub to 6-12ft, bearing edible, red, currant berries with a tart flavor. Often used in pies. This currant grows fairly well in warmer subtropical areas, but is also extremely hardy, surviving...

  • Romneya coulteri - Matilija Poppy

    Romneya coulteri - Matilija Poppy

    25 seeds per pack. A beautiful poppy native to California and appreciated both for its stunning white flowers and its tolerance of extreme conditions. Grows to 6-8ft, with large white petaled flowers that can reach many...

  • Rosa arvensis - Shakespeare's Musk Rose

    A trailing or vining musk rose, popular for use in some garden hybrids. Has pretty, white flowers followed by medium sized rose hips. Very hardy. #2104 Out of stock. Last available: 2008

  • Rosa glauca - Red Leaf Rose

    Rosa glauca - Red Leaf Rose

    15-20 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Ruosa rubrifolia. An attractive ornamental rose, both for its flowers but also for its red-copper tinted foliage. Also features delicate, 1-2", pink/rose colored flowers. Shrubby growth up to...

  • Rosa palustris - Swamp Rose

    Rosa palustris - Swamp Rose

    25 seeds per pack. A delicate, wild, pink flowered rose native to the U.S. Flowers grow to 2" across, with a fragrant scent, and are followed by rose hips which are popular with birds. Grows well in soggy and poorly drained...

  • Rosa pimpinellifolia - Scotch Rose

    15-30 seeds per pack. Native to Western Europe, this creamy white colored rose is popular as a hardy ornamental. At home in coastal locations, this short deciduous plant generally reaches only 1-2ft. Cream-white flowers...


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