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  • Pachypodium lamerei - Madagascar Palm

    Pachypodium lamerei - Madagascar Palm

    10-20 seeds per pack. A strange and exotic succulent from Madagascar, well known for its bulbous, thorny gray trunk and long, attractive leaves. Popularly grown as a houseplant, but will also grow outdoors in frost free...

  • Panax ginseng - Korean Ginseng

    10 seeds per pack. An important medicinal herb native to Asia. This species is a variety popular in Korea and is used for a wide range of medicinal purposes. Ginseng has a long history of use in Asia, especially as a general...

  • Panax quinquifolium - American Ginseng

    8 seeds per pack. Seeds do not need stratification and are sprouting. An important medicinal herb native to the Eastern United States. Nearly identical to Asian Ginseng, American Ginseng is used for a wide range of medicinal...

  • Papaver rhoeas - Falling in Love Poppy

    Papaver rhoeas - Falling in Love Poppy

    100 seeds per pack. Annual. An eye-popping variety of the famous Flanders Poppy of World War I fame. Falling In Love blooms papery-petaled flowers in glowing pinks, reds, and whites. Single plants are rich in blooms and...

  • Papaver s. - Hens and Chickens Poppy

    Papaver s. - Hens and Chickens Poppy

    250 seeds per pack. One of the strangest of the breadseed poppies, known for its odd pods which consist of a large, main pod surrounded by mini pods giving the subtle appearance of a hen and her chicks. The beautiful flowers...

  • Papaver s. - Single Lilac Poppy

    Papaver s. - Single Lilac Poppy

    250 seeds per pack. A type of garden breadseed poppy producing light purple-lilac blooms. Flower shoots grow to 1-2ft and produce bright flowers followed by medium sized pods. Annual. #1407

  • Papaver sp. - Drama Queen Poppy

    Papaver sp. - Drama Queen Poppy

    250 seeds per pack. Dark purple-black poppy with red petal tips and white stamens makes for a startling look in the garden! This variety is like no other. Easy to grow annual, to 1-2 ft. #286 Out of stock. Last available:...

  • Passiflora aurantia -

    6 seeds per pack. An exotic peach-orange colored passion flower. The delicate but fast-growing vines feature tri-lobed leaves, ornate, peach colored flowers and small green fruits. Native to the northeastern coastal region...

  • Passiflora bicuspidata -

    Passiflora bicuspidata -

    10 seeds per pack. A rare cool weather Passiflora from Colombia. Has wonderful pink-red flowers followed by small purple fruits. Grows well in cool weather areas free of frost. Fruits are not edible. A smaller vine, with...

  • Passiflora bogotensis -

    Passiflora bogotensis -

    10 seeds per pack. A rare Passiflora from the mountains of Colombia. Features both attractive, bat-leaved foliage, as well as beautiful, white flowers. It is a smaller growing vine than most Passiflora's, and produces...

  • Passiflora capsularis - Capsule Fruited Passion Flower

    5 seeds per pack. A pleasant passion flower having somewhat small, white flowers that have the fragrant scent of warm vanilla. Fruits are red-purple, ridged and elongated. They burst open when ripe to expel seeds. The fruits...

  • Passiflora helleri -

    Passiflora helleri -

    10 seeds per pack. Subtropical passion flower having white-petaled, purple-crowned flowers. Fruits are 1-1.5", dark purple, fleshy, edibility unknown. A fast-growing vine, this Passiflora is hardy into the 20's (F). #411...

  • Passiflora morifolia - Woodland Passion Flower

    Passiflora morifolia - Woodland Passion Flower

    5 seeds per pack. A pretty Passiflora for both flowers and fruit! This easy to grow passion flower has ornate white-purple flowers followed by oval, dark purple fruits with neon orange pulp. Fast-growing vine, will flower...

  • Penstemon cobaea - Showy Beardtongue

    100 seeds per pack. A bright and colorful penstemon having purple-lilac colored flowers reminiscent of foxglove. Grows to around 2 ft. Hardy in most climate zones and quite easy to grow. Adaptable to a variety of soil...

  • Penstemon digitalis - Foxglove Beardtongue

    100's of seeds per pack. An easy to grow, hardy and attractive penstemon featuring sprays of white to pink colored, tubular flowers. Will grow up to 4 ft. Grows well in many conditions and soil types. Great for attracting...

  • Perilla frutescens - Shiso, Britton

    Perilla frutescens - Shiso, Britton

    100 seeds per pack. An ornamental shiso, having large green leaves with red undersides. Excellent for both edible uses and as a foliage ornamental in the garden. Leaves have a subtle minty and basil aroma along with classic...

  • Perilla frutescens - Shiso, Vietnamese

    50 seeds per pack. A Vietnamese strain of perilla or shiso. This strain has somewhat smaller leaves that other types, but with a stronger and quite aromatic flavor. Leaves are green on their tops, with purple coloring...

  • Pernettya pumila -

    Pernettya pumila -

    20-40 seeds per pack. A low growing evergreen shrub native to the Andes area. Flowers from April to May maturing into small pink berries similar to lilly pillies in late Summer and early Fall. Has a spreading habit and can...

  • Phoenix canariensis - Canary Island Date Palm

    Phoenix canariensis - Canary Island Date Palm

    15 seeds per pack. The popular Canary Island Date Palm is often planted as an ornamental, though it also yields edible fruits. Full grown trees attain an attractive, "classic" palm look, with sweeping leaves and a pretty...

  • Phoenix dactylifera - Bahri Date

    Phoenix dactylifera - Bahri Date

    5 seeds per pack. Majestic palm producing the date of commerce. Seeds are of the Bahri variety, which is consumed both in its fresh-ripe state, as well as its dried state---as most dates are. Fruits have a highly sweet...

  • Phoenix roebelenii - Pygmy Date Palm

    Phoenix roebelenii - Pygmy Date Palm

    15 seeds per pack. A beautiful little palm related to the standard date palm. The Pygmy Date is a popular ornamental and a great palm for containers or small spaces. The palms grow to 4-10ft and maintain a compact presence...

  • Phormium cookianum - Mountain Flax

    Phormium cookianum - Mountain Flax

    15-25 seeds per pack. A beautiful and hardy flax native to the mountains of New Zealand. The long leaves that grow up to 15ft clump at the base and spread out several feet. While it is usually planted as an ornamental, the...

  • Phormium tenax 'Red' - Red New Zealand Flax

    Phormium tenax 'Red' - Red New Zealand Flax

    15 seeds per pack. Beautiful agave relative often grown as a landscape shrub for its long-stranded foliage. This variety has dark-red foliage. The fronds can grow up to 10-15ft, but more commonly the shrub stays at 2-6ft...

  • Phyla dulcis - Aztec Sweet Herb

    Phyla dulcis - Aztec Sweet Herb

    50 seeds per pack. A small perennial herb native to the Central American region with flower buds that have an intensely sweet flavor. It is best known in Central and South America where it is sold for medicinal uses, owing...

  • Pinus cembra - Swiss Pine

    Pinus cembra - Swiss Pine

    6 seeds per pack. A pine tree native to portions of Western and Central Europe. Popular for its tall cone-shaped growth habit and it has become a street tree in many cooler climates areas. Bears edible pine nuts which are...

  • Pinus gerardiana - Nepal Nut Pine

    10 seeds per pack. An edible, nut bearing pine tree native to the Himalayas. Grows up to 40-60 ft. Has 4", needle-like leaves. The nuts are little under an inch long and though very expensive are quite popular in its native...

  • Pinus patula - Mexican Weeping Pine

    25 seeds per pack. A beautiful and distinctive pine with long, fine, gracefully weeping needles. It is mildly tender to frost and can grow to 150ft. While generally grown as an ornamental, the tree has a few medicinal uses...

  • Pinus thunbergii - Japanese Black Pine

    Pinus thunbergii - Japanese Black Pine

    15-25 seeds per pack. A tough and reasonably hardy ornamental pine tree native to Asia. Trees generally grow to 20-30ft, making a nice, more compact type of pine. Very drought tolerant. Has dark green, stiff needles. Hardy...

  • Pithecellobium flexicaule - Texas Ebony

    Pithecellobium flexicaule - Texas Ebony

    7 seeds per pack. Medium or small sized tree with fragrant flowers. Large pods produce pretty red seeds that can be roasted and eaten. Pods can be used as a coffee substitute. The wood is very hard and can be used in...

  • Plumeria rubra - Belle Vista Plumeria

    5 seeds per pack. Seeds are from the Belle Vista variety, having bright and vibrant pink colored flowers with yellow centers. Petals are large and rounded. The beautiful plumeria has a warm, sweet scent and is a popular...

  • Plumeria sp.  - Plumeria

    Plumeria sp. - Plumeria

    8 seeds per pack. Seeds are mixed color varieties of mostly P. rubra but also P. obtusa. A stunning and instantly recognizable tropical flower that comes in many colors! The beautiful plumeria has a warm, sweet scent and is...

  • Polygonum hydropiper - Waterpepper

    30-60 seeds per pack. A small annual growing to about 2ft, known for its spicy leaves which are used in Japanese cooking. The leaves have a Sichuan Pepper-like flavor. The seeds are highly pungent as well and the sprouted...

  • Pongamia pinnata - Pongam

    10-15 seeds per pack. Medium sized subtropical/tropical tree to 40ft. Planted for its pea-like, pink/lavender blossoms which bloom in clumps up to 10" long. Tree has high drought tolerance, will not survive freezes. Flowers...

  • Porophyllum coloratum - Papalo

    Porophyllum coloratum - Papalo

    30 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Bolivian Coriander. A Central and South American perennial herb, easily grown as annual, best known for its aromatic leaves that are an integral ingredient in Mexican cuisine. Sometimes used as an...

  • Protea aristata - Small Pine Sugarbush

    5 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Ladismith Protea. A beautifully colored protea, having red flowers, with pink centers and blushes of orange near the base of the petals. Native to a very small area of South Africa and otherwise...

  • Protea burchellii - Burchell's Protea

    Protea burchellii - Burchell's Protea

    5 seeds per pack. An evergreen, ornamental shrub having 4-5" cream-yellow flowers. Grows to 4-8 feet. The flowers are popular for use in the floral trade. Hardy to mild frosts. #2542 Out of stock. Last available: 6/28/2012 -...


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