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Items listed in this category are not currently in stock. Some are seasonal or of limited availability. Click on any item for details about future availability and the option to add your name to a notify list.

  • King of Mammoth Pumpkin

    King of Mammoth Pumpkin

    (Cucurbita pepo) 12-15 seeds per pack. A giant pumpkin bearing fruits that routinely grow to 50-100 pounds. Some have even reached 200 pounds! They have a wonderful smooth surface and lots of deep, yellow flesh that is...

  • Kiwi Tomato

    Kiwi Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 25-50 seeds per pack. A beautiful green tomato, with lime-kiwi colored fruits that have a great, sharp acid-sweet flavor. Complex flavor, with citrus and kiwi overtones. Medium to large sized fruits...

  • Kleckly's Sweet Watermelon

    Kleckly's Sweet Watermelon

    (Citrullus lanatus) 25 seeds per pack. An heirloom dating to the late 1800's, it is known for its crisp, sweet red flesh. Fruits may grow up to 40 pounds and have a thin rind. Great sweet flavor, rare in cultivation. Please...

  • Klinger's Florida Grove Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 10 seeds per pack. A rare bird type pepper discovered growing wild in the orange groves of Florida. Fruits are large for a bird pepper and the variety could have the largest of any bird pepper. Perennial...

  • Komatsuna, Japanese Mustard Spinach

    Komatsuna, Japanese Mustard Spinach

    (Brassica rapa var. perviridis) 500 seeds per pack. A popular, traditional Japanese vegetable, relished for its tender, deep green leaves that remind of spinach. Fast-growing, upright habit, larger than normal spinach. Can...

  • Kumi Kumi Squash

    Kumi Kumi Squash

    (Cucurbita pepo) 10 seeds per pack. A Maori heirloom squash, popular in New Zealand. The fruits are eaten both at maturity like a winter squash and when young like a zucchini. Has pale yellow flesh with a mild flavor and...

  • Kung Pao Pepper

    Kung Pao Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 10 seeds per pack. A long, red, thin-skinned pepper with a mildly hot flavor. Excellent for use in Asian cooking. Plants bear heavily. Fruits can grow to 6-9" and are very slender. A recent hybrid...

  • Lange Aermer Tomato

    Lange Aermer Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 15 seeds per pack. An odd tomato variety having long, pointed, sausage like fruits that ripen to a beautiful mix of green, yellow and orange. The fruits are quite meaty, with not too much pulp and few...

  • Lao Green Stripe Eggplant

    Lao Green Stripe Eggplant

    (Solanum melongena) 25-50 seeds per pack. A very colorful, circular shaped eggplant with 2-4" diameter fruits that ripen to green, with white and purple stripes. Fruits have a great flavor and are popular in parts of...

  • Lao Purple Stripe Eggplant

    Lao Purple Stripe Eggplant

    (Solanum melongena) 25-50 seeds per pack. A very colorful, circular shaped eggplant with 2-4" diameter fruits that ripen to lavender, with dark purple stripes. Fruits have a great flavor and are popular in parts of Southeast...

  • Laotian Pepper

    Laotian Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 25-50 seeds per pack. From the market of Laos comes this thai/cayenne-style hot pepper. Bears 2", slender, pointed fruits with a very hot flavor. Great in Asian cooking and for cayenne pepper uses. #2612...

  • Large Cumari

    Large Cumari

    (Capsicum praetermissum) 10 seeds per pack. A small, rare, wild pepper from Brazil. This variant produces larger fruits than the regular Cumari, measuring up to 3/4" The fruits ripen through yellow and orange to red. Flavor...

  • Laurentian Rutabaga

    Laurentian Rutabaga

    (Brassica napus) 500 seeds per pack. Bears thick rutabaga roots, up to 6" long and 4" wide! Roots are purple on top, with creamy yellow-white on the bottom. Flesh is sweet, mild, firm, and great for keeping. #2398 Open...

  • Lemon Head Tomato

    Lemon Head Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 25 seeds per pack. Plum, juicy, mildly heart shaped tomato bearing bright, lemon-yellow fruits with lots of acidic juice. Excellent flavor and nice yields. Fruits sometimes have faint striping. #3655...

  • Lemon Squash

    Lemon Squash

    (Cucurbita pepo) 15 seeds per pack. A popular summer squash bearing lemon shaped, lemon sized yellow fruits with a very nice flavor. Vines show insect resistance and are very productive, yielding large numbers of fruits...

  • Little Nubian Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 10-20 seeds per pack. An uncommon and fun pepper with such dark purple fruits they look black! Fruits grow to about 3/4-1", with a fairly hot flavor. Foliage is tinged purple as well. Fruits mostly ripen...

  • Locato Pepper

    Locato Pepper

    (Capsicum pubescens) 15-25 seeds per pack. A Bolivian rocoto/manzano variety with somewhat more elongated fruits than the basic red manzano. Lots of heat, plus an exotic yet pungent flavor. Plants have vining growth habit...

  • Long Black Spanish Radish

    Long Black Spanish Radish

    (Raphanus sativus) 250-400 seeds per pack. An exotic black-skinned radish yielding long, tapered, cylindrical roots that can grow to 8". When cut, the flesh is white, with a crisp texture and flavorful bite. 50-60 days...

  • Long China Cucumber

    Long China Cucumber

    (Cucumis sativus) 30 seeds per pack. A wonderful non-hybrid Asian cucumber with long, curved fruits that grow to several inches. Fruits are lightly ribbed and ripen to a light green color. Texture is crisp and flavor is...

  • Long White Choy Sum

    Long White Choy Sum

    (Brassica campestris var chinensis) 300 seeds per pack. A great pick for a full sized choy sum. Has long, large white stalks with a crisp texture and tender flavor. Grows to several inches. Used extensively in soups and stir...

  • Lotus Purple Amaranth

    Lotus Purple Amaranth

    (Amaranthus hypochondriacus) 500 seeds per pack. A large amaranth with beautiful red-purple heads and black-purple seeds. Plants grow to 8ft. Leaves are edible and the seeds are popular when cooked. 100 days to maturity...

  • Lucid Gem Tomato

    Lucid Gem Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 15 seeds per pack. A wonderful beefsteak style tomato having dazzling fruits with bright color inside and out. The fruits are neon orange, with strong indigo-purple coloration. Flesh is also orange,...

  • Lucky Cross Tomato

    Lucky Cross Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 25-50 seeds per pack. Derived from Brandywine as well another variety, Lucky Cross bears beautiful faintly bicolored fruits that can reach 10-14 ounces. The fruits have a wonderful rich flavor and a...

  • Lumina Pumpkin

    Lumina Pumpkin

    (Cucurbita pepo) 10 seeds per pack. An excellent white skinned pumpkin variety, bearing good-sized fruits averaging 10-15 pounds. Fruits grow to a globe or somewhat flattened shape, perfect for ghostly Halloween carving!...

  • Lunar White Carrot

    Lunar White Carrot

    (Daucus carota) 300 seeds per pack. Bears interesting, creamy white rooted carrots with small cores. Roots have a delicate, mild and smooth flavor with a color that you'll rarely find in carrots today! Productive plants, 75...

  • Lycopersicon macrocarpum lutea

    Lycopersicon macrocarpum lutea

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 25-50 seeds per pack. A great little tomato with an obsolete name. Referred to as "Lycopersicon macrocarpum lutea", this tomato is almost certainly not a different species from the common garden tomato...

  • Mako Kokoo Pepper

    Mako Kokoo Pepper

    (Capsicum chinense) 10 seeds per pack. A wonderful pepper from Ghana, in West Africa, bearing 3-4 cm / 1-1.5" wrinkled pods with a deliciously sweet and nutty flavor, intertwined with strong heat. Ripens to red. Very rare...

  • Malaysian Goronong Pepper

    Malaysian Goronong Pepper

    (Capsicum chinense) 10 seeds per pack. A very hot and very unusual habanero variety from Malaysia. Goronong bears elongated fruits that grow up to 3 1/2" long. They ripen to yellow, with a strange and unique, wrinkled shape...

  • Mammoth Perkins Long Pod Okra

    Mammoth Perkins Long Pod Okra

    (Abelmoschus esculentus) 50 seeds per pack. A green okra bearing large pods that can grow to 6-9". Large pods have a standard okra flavor. Plants are also quite large and can grow to 6-10ft. 60 days. #2693 Out of stock...

  • Mammoth Red Rock Cabbage

    Mammoth Red Rock Cabbage

    (Brassica oleracea var capitata) 600 seeds per pack. A superb red cabbage variety dating to the 1800's. Yields huge dark red-purple leafed heads that can weigh up to 6-8 pounds! Good flavor and lots of color for the garden...

  • Mandurian Round Cucumber

    Mandurian Round Cucumber

    (Cucumis sativus) 30 seeds per pack. A strange cucumber originally from Asia, bearing oval fruits to a few inches across, that ripen to a light green, with variegated dark spots. Flesh is crisp, sweet, juicy, and quite good...

  • Mangel Beet, Yellow

    Mangel Beet, Yellow

    (Beta vulgaris) 250-500 seeds per pack. A large, yellow rooted beet that can reach 10 pounds! The roots are mildly sweet in flavor and the greens can be used much like chard. A French heirloom. 70 days. #2954 Out of stock...

  • Mango Melon

    Mango Melon

    (Cucumis melo) 30 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Vine Peach Melon. A popular melon in Victorian times, the Mango Melon bears 3-4" fruits that are around the size of a large peach. Most commonly used pickled, or for preserves and...

  • Marbles Pepper

    Marbles Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 10 seeds per pack. An edible ornamental, the Marbles peppers produces profuse amounts of small, marble-like fruits that ripen from yellow to purple, to orange and finally red. Fruits appear on the plant in...

  • Martian Giant Tomato

    Martian Giant Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 15 seeds per pack. A juicy and delicious slicing tomato, with large, scarlet red fruits. Flavor is excellent, sweet and mild. Compact growing to 3-4 feet with heavy bearing, having up to 50 fruits on a...

  • Marvel Stripe Tomato

    Marvel Stripe Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 10 seeds per pack. One of the best of the bicolored tomatoes, the Marvel Stripe combines a beautiful multi-colored skin (red, yellow, orange, green), with an exquisite taste and fruits that weigh up to...


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