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  • Kumi Kumi Squash

    Kumi Kumi Squash

    (Cucurbita pepo) 10 seeds per pack. A Maori heirloom squash, popular in New Zealand. The fruits are eaten both at maturity like a winter squash and when young like a zucchini. Has pale yellow flesh with a mild flavor and...

  • Kung Pao Pepper

    Kung Pao Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 10 seeds per pack. A long, red, thin-skinned pepper with a mildly hot flavor. Excellent for use in Asian cooking. Plants bear heavily. Fruits can grow to 6-9" and are very slender. A recent hybrid...

  • Lange Aermer Tomato

    Lange Aermer Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 15 seeds per pack. An odd tomato variety having long, pointed, sausage like fruits that ripen to a beautiful mix of green, yellow and orange. The fruits are quite meaty, with not too much pulp and few...

  • Lao Green Stripe Eggplant

    Lao Green Stripe Eggplant

    (Solanum melongena) 25-50 seeds per pack. A very colorful, circular shaped eggplant with 2-4" diameter fruits that ripen to green, with white and purple stripes. Fruits have a great flavor and are popular in parts of...

  • Lao Purple Stripe Eggplant

    Lao Purple Stripe Eggplant

    (Solanum melongena) 25-50 seeds per pack. A very colorful, circular shaped eggplant with 2-4" diameter fruits that ripen to lavender, with dark purple stripes. Fruits have a great flavor and are popular in parts of Southeast...

  • Laotian Pepper

    Laotian Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 25-50 seeds per pack. From the market of Laos comes this thai/cayenne-style hot pepper. Bears 2", slender, pointed fruits with a very hot flavor. Great in Asian cooking and for cayenne pepper uses. #2612...

  • Large Cumari

    Large Cumari

    (Capsicum praetermissum) 10 seeds per pack. A small, rare, wild pepper from Brazil. This variant produces larger fruits than the regular Cumari, measuring up to 3/4" The fruits ripen through yellow and orange to red. Flavor...

  • Lemon Drop Tomato

    Lemon Drop Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 10 seeds per pack. A vigorous producer of lemon-green colored cherry tomatoes. Flavor is tart-sweet and delicious out of hand. Vines produce huge clusters of fruits well through the season and even...

  • Lemon Head Tomato

    Lemon Head Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 25 seeds per pack. Plum, juicy, mildly heart shaped tomato bearing bright, lemon-yellow fruits with lots of acidic juice. Excellent flavor and nice yields. Fruits sometimes have faint striping. #3655...

  • Little Nubian Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 10-20 seeds per pack. An uncommon and fun pepper with such dark purple fruits they look black! Fruits grow to about 3/4-1", with a fairly hot flavor. Foliage is tinged purple as well. Fruits mostly ripen...

  • Locato Pepper

    Locato Pepper

    (Capsicum pubescens) 15-25 seeds per pack. A Bolivian rocoto/manzano variety with somewhat more elongated fruits than the basic red manzano. Lots of heat, plus an exotic yet pungent flavor. Plants have vining growth habit...

  • Long Black Spanish Radish

    Long Black Spanish Radish

    (Raphanus sativus) 250-400 seeds per pack. An exotic black-skinned radish yielding long, tapered, cylindrical roots that can grow to 8". When cut, the flesh is white, with a crisp texture and flavorful bite. 50-60 days...

  • Lotus Purple Amaranth

    Lotus Purple Amaranth

    (Amaranthus hypochondriacus) 500 seeds per pack. A large amaranth with beautiful red-purple heads and black-purple seeds. Plants grow to 8ft. Leaves are edible and the seeds are popular when cooked. 100 days to maturity...

  • Lucid Gem Tomato

    Lucid Gem Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 15 seeds per pack. A wonderful beefsteak style tomato having dazzling fruits with bright color inside and out. The fruits are neon orange, with strong indigo-purple coloration. Flesh is also orange,...

  • Lucky Cross Tomato

    Lucky Cross Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 25-50 seeds per pack. Derived from Brandywine as well another variety, Lucky Cross bears beautiful faintly bicolored fruits that can reach 10-14 ounces. The fruits have a wonderful rich flavor and a...

  • Lumina Pumpkin

    Lumina Pumpkin

    (Cucurbita pepo) 10 seeds per pack. An excellent white skinned pumpkin variety, bearing good-sized fruits averaging 10-15 pounds. Fruits grow to a globe or somewhat flattened shape, perfect for ghostly Halloween carving!...

  • Lycopersicon macrocarpum lutea

    Lycopersicon macrocarpum lutea

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 25-50 seeds per pack. A great little tomato with an obsolete name. Referred to as "Lycopersicon macrocarpum lutea", this tomato is almost certainly not a different species from the common garden tomato...

  • Malaysian Goronong Pepper

    Malaysian Goronong Pepper

    (Capsicum chinense) 10 seeds per pack. A very hot and very unusual habanero variety from Malaysia. Goronong bears elongated fruits that grow up to 3 1/2" long. They ripen to yellow, with a strange and unique, wrinkled shape...

  • Mammoth Perkins Long Pod Okra

    Mammoth Perkins Long Pod Okra

    (Abelmoschus esculentus) 50 seeds per pack. A green okra bearing large pods that can grow to 6-9". Large pods have a standard okra flavor. Plants are also quite large and can grow to 6-10ft. 60 days. #2693 Out of stock...

  • Mammoth Red Rock Cabbage

    Mammoth Red Rock Cabbage

    (Brassica oleracea var capitata) 600 seeds per pack. A superb red cabbage variety dating to the 1800's. Yields huge dark red-purple leafed heads that can weigh up to 6-8 pounds! Good flavor and lots of color for the garden...

  • Mangel Beet, Yellow

    Mangel Beet, Yellow

    (Beta vulgaris) 250-500 seeds per pack. A large, yellow rooted beet that can reach 10 pounds! The roots are mildly sweet in flavor and the greens can be used much like chard. A French heirloom. 70 days. #2954 Out of stock...

  • Marbles Pepper

    Marbles Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 10 seeds per pack. An edible ornamental, the Marbles peppers produces profuse amounts of small, marble-like fruits that ripen from yellow to purple, to orange and finally red. Fruits appear on the plant in...

  • Marconi Pepper, Purple

    Marconi Pepper, Purple

    (Capsicum annuum) 40 seeds per pack. One of the classic Italian sweet peppers, seeds are from the rare purple colored form. Fruits have a blocky shape and can grow to about 4-6". Skin ripens to a beautiful purple, with a...

  • Marvel Stripe Tomato

    Marvel Stripe Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 10 seeds per pack. One of the best of the bicolored tomatoes, the Marvel Stripe combines a beautiful multi-colored skin (red, yellow, orange, green), with an exquisite taste and fruits that weigh up to...

  • Mary Robinson's German Bicolor

    (Lycopersicon esculentum ) A monster-sized bicolor tomato! Ripens to a red-orange-green color. Fruits are very meaty, thick with flesh. One of the largest bicolors around, fruits are picture perfect to see! Indeterminate. 85...

  • Maui Purple Pepper

    Maui Purple Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 10 seeds per pack. A beautiful purple pepper, with green, purple tinged leaves. Slender but meaty pods grow to a few inches and ripen to a deep black purple color, followed by red. Attractive foliage and...

  • Mayan Love Pepper

    Mayan Love Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 15 seeds per pack. Extremely hot, like the Habaneros. This small conical, slightly heart-shapped pepper ripens from purple to red. Fruits grow to about 1" on 4ft plants. Supposedly once grown by the Mayan's...

  • Mboga Pepper

    Mboga Pepper

    (Capsicum frutescens) 15-25 seeds per pack. Exotic red hot pepper from the island of Zanzibar, Tanzania. Pods are medium to long, up to 3" and ripen from green to red. Thin skin, with a fairly hot flavor. Traditionally they...

  • Mek Phet Pepper

    Mek Phet Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 10-15 seeds per pack. A very uncommon pepper originally from Laos. Plants bear healthy sized, 3-4" long, skinny fruits with a slight tapering at the end. Flavor goes from hot to very hot. The peppers are...

  • Mexico Tomato

    Mexico Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 25 seeds per pack. A popular member of the giant-tomato-club, this respected heirloom bears 1-2 pound, flattened red fruits with excellent taste. The plants are known for their generous bearing, rare...

  • Micro-Tom Tomato

    Micro-Tom Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 10 seeds per pack. The smallest tomato plant in the world! Very rare in cultivation. Plants grow to only 4-7 inches but bear 1-3" good flavored tomatoes in heavy quantities. This variety is wonderful...

  • Midnight Ruffles Lettuce

    Midnight Ruffles Lettuce

    (Lactuca sativa) 250 seeds per pack. A deep red colored lettuce, with such dark burgundy colored leaves, they almost look a bit black. The leaves are very frilly and are ornamental for the salad plate. Flavor is mild,...

  • Mini White Pumpkin

    Mini White Pumpkin

    (Cucurbita pepo) 15 seeds per pack. Bears cute little pumpkins that ripen to white. Fruits measure just 3-6" wide, with a somewhat ridged and flattened shape. Great for decoration or for standard edible pumpkin uses. Annual...

  • Moldavian Heart x Purple Bhut Pepper

    Moldavian Heart x Purple Bhut Pepper

    (Capsicum chinense) 5 seeds per pack. A unique cross, resulting in amazing, yet strangely colored pods during the ripening stage. Ultimately the fruits ripen to red, but the real prize are the immature pods, which ripen with...

  • Monkey Face Yellow Pepper

    Monkey Face Yellow Pepper

    (Capsicum chinense) 10 seeds per pack. A strange and interesting pepper named for its said resemblance to a monkey's face. The large pods have a unique shape and a pleasantly fruity flavor, sometimes with mild to moderate...

  • Mulato Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 15-30 seeds per pack. A prominent pepper in Mexican cuisine, the Mulato bears somewhat blocky fruits that measure 5-7" long by 2-3" wide. Fruits ripen to a dark chocolate-black color and have a highly...


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