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  • Acacia baileyana - Cootamundra Wattle

    Acacia baileyana - Cootamundra Wattle

    20 seeds per pack. One of the only Acacia's used in the flower industry, this beautiful bushy tree is an amazing sight in bloom! Puffy, yellow flowers bloom in season and cover virtually the whole tree. Ornate foliage also...

  • Acacia baileyana var purpurea - Purple Leafed Cootamundra Wattle

    Acacia baileyana var purpurea - Purple Leafed Cootamundra Wattle

    15 seeds per pack. A rare variant of the already delightful Cootamundra Wattle. Features purple-tinged young foliage, along with puffy yellow flowers that are a sight to behold when in bloom! Drought tolerant. Hardy to the...

  • Acacia farnesiana - Cassie Tree

    Acacia farnesiana - Cassie Tree

    10 seeds per pack. Small bush or tree to 20-25ft. The French Cassie perfume is distilled from the flowers of the sweet acacia. The bark and fruit yields a dye. Subtropical/tropical, can survive frosts, and will withstand...

  • Acacia podalyrifolia - Pearl Acacia

    Acacia podalyrifolia - Pearl Acacia

    20 seeds per pack. Small to medium sized tree known for its silvery pearl colored foliage and fruits. Flowers are yellow, ornamental, and similar to many other Acacia's. Hardy to the low 20's, drought tolerant. #248 View...

  • Acacia senegal - Gum Arabic

    6 seeds per pack. A small tree, generally growing to 15-30ft that provides the Gum Arabic of commerce. Gum Arabic, which is obtained from the trunk and branches is used as a food additive, in industry, and has several...

  • Acacia tortilis - Umbrella Thorn Acacia

    Acacia tortilis - Umbrella Thorn Acacia

    10 seeds per pack. One of a number of well-known Acacia's, famous for its classical spreading canopy that adorns the African savanna. Extremely hardy to drought and mildly frost hardy. May grow to a small bushy tree or if...

  • Achillea millefolium - Yarrow, Red

    Achillea millefolium - Yarrow, Red

    500 seeds per pack. A red flowered version of the herbaceous perennial native to the Western United States. Yarrow is easily grown and will grow in almost any soil. Young leaves are eaten as a vegetable and the plant has a...

  • Acnistus arborescens - Wild Tobacco

    Acnistus arborescens - Wild Tobacco

    15 seeds per pack. Medium sized, shrubby tree with cork-like bark. Extracts from the tree have anti-cancer properties. Fruits are very popular with birds. Easy subtropical tree with an interesting look. #272 View plant...

  • Acoelorrhaphe wrightii - Everglades Palm

    Acoelorrhaphe wrightii - Everglades Palm

    10 seeds per pack. A clumping palm, native to the Everglades region of South Florida, as well as Caribbean islands. Multi-stemmed, with slender trunks up to 20-30 feet. The stem side of the large leaves has orange tinted...

  • Adenanthera pavonina - Red Sandalwood

    Adenanthera pavonina - Red Sandalwood

    10 seeds per pack. Medium sized tree to 40ft. The Red Sandalwood is known for its pretty reddish heartwood, used in woodworking. In season, the tree also produces long pods which open to expose bright red seeds. The seeds...

  • Adenium obesum - Desert Rose

    Adenium obesum - Desert Rose

    8 seeds per pack. A very popular container plant, known for its other-worldly foliage and its gorgeous rose-red flowers. The Desert Rose is an arid-climate plant native to East Africa. It is great in pots, indoors in bright...

  • Agapanthus africanus - Lily of the Nile

    Agapanthus africanus - Lily of the Nile

    15 seeds per pack. A pretty ornamental with huge multi-flowered blooms that are a bright sky-blue. Reasonably hardy, will survive frosts. A popular ornamental, they are great in areas with lots of water. #1061

  • Agastache scrophulariifolia - Purple Giant Hyssop

    Agastache scrophulariifolia - Purple Giant Hyssop

    200 seeds per pack. An ornamental hyssop having large, spiked inflorescences with pale purple flower. Foliage is somewhat similar to anise hyssop and the flowers attract butterflies. Can grow to 6 feet. Perennial. Freeze...

  • Agave horrida - Mexcalmetl

    Agave horrida - Mexcalmetl

    15 seeds per pack. A pretty and spiny agave with compact rosettes of gray green leaves. This is species is popular as an ornamental and also as the source of a type of mescal liquor. Grows to 12-18". Hardy to light frosts...

  • Agonis flexuosa - Peppermint Tree

    Agonis flexuosa - Peppermint Tree

    30 seeds per pack. A shrubby tree up to about 15-35 feet. Recognizable for its peppermint aroma, given off from crushed leaves. Also has an attractive, willow-like leaves and canopy. Popular as a street tree in mild winter...

  • Aiphanes minima - Macaw Palm

    5 seeds per pack. A spiny palm tree bearing red colored fruits with an edible seed that is kind of like a mini coconut. Despite its spines, the tree is quite popular as an ornamental in tropical regions. Native to the...

  • Aloe arborescens - Candelabra Aloe

    Aloe arborescens - Candelabra Aloe

    10 seeds per pack. A popular ornamental aloe with sprawling growth and attractive, succulent, green leaves that have a slight blue tint. Also features beautiful and bright, red-orange-yellow flower stalks. The species may...

  • Aloe camperi - Nubian Aloe

    Aloe camperi - Nubian Aloe

    15 seeds per pack. Bushy succulent aloe with bright orange flowers. Ornamental foliage, sprawling growth habit. Highly drought tolerant, hardy to about 28F. From Ethiopia. #1015

  • Aloe globuligemma -

    Aloe globuligemma -

    10 seeds per pack. Orange to red-pink rose colored, flowering aloe. Unlike most aloe's, flowers are borne angled out from the base. Very pretty ornamental that loves arid and desert climates. #254

  • Aloe tomentosa - Aloe

    Aloe tomentosa - Aloe

    10 seeds per pack. Hardy aloe with red tipped, spiky leaves. Hardy to the 20's (F). Also tolerates very high temperatures. #802

  • Alpinia katsumadai - Katsumadai Ginger

    Alpinia katsumadai - Katsumadai Ginger

    8 seeds per pack. A lovely ornamental ginger, similar to Shell Ginger - Alpinia zerumbet. Has multi-colored flowers and large leaves with a tropical look. Unlike Shell Ginger, this species has standing (rather than drooping)...

  • Alpinia nutans - Cinnamon Ginger

    10 seeds per pack. An ornamental ginger, popular for its long, spreading leaves and colorful flowers. The foliage smells strongly of cardamom-cinnamon, though this species is not a source of cardamom itself. Shows decent...

  • Amaranthus sp. - Perfecta Amaranth

    Amaranthus sp. - Perfecta Amaranth

    200 seeds per pack. An amazing ornamental amaranth having bright, yellow and red foliage resembling a summertime poinsettia! Beautiful as an ornamental and great for small spaces and borders. Grows to 36". #2873 Photo...

  • Amaranthus sp. - Yellow Amaranth

    Amaranthus sp. - Yellow Amaranth

    200 seeds per pack. A stunning yellow leafed amaranth with bright, golden yellow leaves at its top. Excellent as an ornamental, in smaller spaces or along borders. Fast-growing, summertime annual. Grows to 24 inches. #2874...

  • Amaranthus tricolor - Early Splendor Amaranth

    Amaranthus tricolor - Early Splendor Amaranth

    200 seeds per pack. A vibrant ornamental amaranth with brilliantly colored foliage ranging from dark to neon red. New leaves are blushed with bright, neon red coloration and mature to a deep dark red. Excellent for...

  • Amaranthus tricolor - Illumination Amaranth

    Amaranthus tricolor - Illumination Amaranth

    200 seeds per pack. An amazingly colorful ornamental amaranth with beautiful leaves that look like a ball of fire. New growth is colored brightly yellow and red, accented above old growth leaves in dark green, dusted red...

  • Archontophoenix alexandrae - Alexander Palm

    Archontophoenix alexandrae - Alexander Palm

    10 seeds per pack. One of the two common King Palms, grown around the world as an ornamental and common on streets and in gardens. A tall, slender grower up to 20-40 ft. Hardy to 28-32F. Very fast growing and requiring...

  • Archontophoenix cunninghamiana - King Palm

    Archontophoenix cunninghamiana - King Palm

    10 seeds per pack. Medium to large sized palm up to 40ft or more. Withstands temperatures to 25F. Very pretty, slender, ornamental palm native to Australia. Fast-growing and adaptable. #356

  • Arenga engleri - Dwarf Sugar Palm

    Arenga engleri - Dwarf Sugar Palm

    5 seeds per pack. Short (to 10ft), hardy palm that can survive to 22-25F. Flowers are aromatic and followed by bright yellow fruits which ripen to a bright red. Will grow in shade and needs moderate water. It is one of the...

  • Aristolochia elegans - Calico Flower

    Aristolochia elegans - Calico Flower

    15 seeds per pack. A beautiful ornamental vine with 2-3", somewhat circular, calico red-brown and white flowers. Easily grown, the species also attracts butterflies. Hardy to some frost, can be invasive in certain tropical...

  • Aristolochia grandiflora - Pelican Flower

    Aristolochia grandiflora - Pelican Flower

    10 seeds per pack. One of the largest flowered Aristolochia's, this species bears huge flowers that can reach up to 8" wide, with two foot tails! The flowers are an exotic mix of green, white, purple and brown. Very popular...

  • Artabotrys siamensis - Climbing Ylang Ylang

    Artabotrys siamensis - Climbing Ylang Ylang

    3 seeds per pack. A medium sized, woody vine, related to the Annona's and the Ylang-Ylang tree. Known for its small but ornate yellow flowers that have a wonderful, perfume scent. Probably hardy to about 32F. #428

  • Asparagus sprengeri - Asparagus Fern

    Asparagus sprengeri - Asparagus Fern

    15 seeds per pack. a.k.a Asparagus densiflorus 'Sprengeri'. Native to South Africa, this short shrub is usually grown for its attractive fern-like leaves. The delicate-looking leaves create a "soft" appearance to the plant,...

  • Bauhinia acuminata - Dwarf White Orchid Tree

    Bauhinia acuminata - Dwarf White Orchid Tree

    10 seeds per pack. Dwarf, white flowered orchid tree similar to B. variegata. Ornate, white flowers are orchid like in appearance, long 5" woody pods follow flowers. Bushy tree to 10ft. #278

  • Bauhinia bowkeri - Kei White Bauhinia

    5 seeds per pack. A rare orchid tree endemic to South Africa. Features profuse blooms of white colored, orchid-like flowers during warmer months. Like the other orchid trees, it makes an excellent flowering ornamental tree...

  • Bauhinia galpinii - Red Orchid Tree

    Bauhinia galpinii - Red Orchid Tree

    5 seeds per pack. A small, shrubby tree with exceptional red-orange-yellow flowers that look like an orchid. Similar to some of the more common orchid trees, except with bright red to orange flowers. Semi-deciduous. Hardy to...



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