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  • Annona senegalensis - Wild Custard Apple

    Annona senegalensis - Wild Custard Apple

    1 seed per pack. One of Africa's main native tropical fruits, this sugar apple relative bears small, 2" fruits that ripen to yellow orange. The fruits have a soft pulp, with a creamy, pineapple-like flavor. The leaves and...

  • Capsicum chinense - Peach Charapita Pepper

    Capsicum chinense - Peach Charapita Pepper

    (Capsicum chinense) 10 seeds per pack. A rare peach colored variant of the popular Aji Charapita Pepper. A bushy (growing to 4 ft), heavily fruiting variety, the Aji Charapita originally was known as a wild growing pepper...

  • Elaeocarpus ganitrus - Rudraksha Tree

    Elaeocarpus ganitrus - Rudraksha Tree

    2 seeds per pack. A popular tree from India, through southeast Asia and even into the Pacific Islands. It bears round, brightly blue to green colored fruits. The color of the fruits is quite pretty and the large seeds inside...

  • Herrania mariae - Mountain Cocoa

    Herrania mariae - Mountain Cocoa

    1 seed per pack. A very rare cacao/chocolate relative from the South American rainforests. Bears a lobed, yellow-green fruit that has many similarities to the more common cacao pod. Contains presumably edible seeds and pulp...

  • Mammea africana - African Mamey Apple

    Mammea africana - African Mamey Apple

    1 seed per pack. An African relative of the Mamey Apple, bearing medium to large, brown fruits similar to its better known relative. Pulp is yellow, edible and the tree is known for profuse bearing. Native to tropical West...

  • Sugar Rush Red Pepper

    Sugar Rush Red Pepper

    (Capsicum baccatum) 10 seeds per pack. One of a few color varieties of Sugar Rush peppers, derived from Peruvian Aji's and prized for their excellent, complex fruity flavors lacking the usual pepper heat. Pods ripen to red...

  • Urfa Biber Pepper

    Urfa Biber Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 10 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Isot Pepper. A beloved Turkish pepper, often used dried and notable for its unique, smoky and sweet tangy flavor. The pods are quite large, measuring several inches long with an...

  • Cajanus cajan - Pigeon Pea

    Cajanus cajan - Pigeon Pea

    50 seeds per pack. An important tropical grain crop. Part of the legume family, it is a short-lived, perennial tree which can grow to 5-10ft, though is often grown as an annual. Bears podded, bean-like fruits with edible...

  • Cave Bean

    Cave Bean

    (Phaseolus vulgaris) 30 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Anasazi Bean. Annual. Allegedly, this type of bean was discovered by archaeologists in New Mexico searching the ruins of Native American dwellings. Along with being an excellent...

  • Eugenia victoriana - Sundrop

    Eugenia victoriana - Sundrop

    1 seed per pack. Note: many of the seeds in this batch are beginning to germinate. 2-3", orange fruit with a delicious sweet acidic flavor. Often used in juices and other beverages. Small tree, unknown hardiness. Seeds are...

  • Amethyst Bean

    Amethyst Bean

    (Phaseolus vulgaris) 50 seeds per pack. A beautiful deep purple colored dry bean. Popularly used in soups, but its creamy texture and mild flavor lends for use in salads, salsa's and more. #3166 Open pollinated. Bush type...

  • 7 Pot Pepper, Brain Strain Yellow

    7 Pot Pepper, Brain Strain Yellow

    (Capsicum chinense) 10 seeds per pack. A blisteringly hot pepper, often classified with the Jolokia's and Trinidad Scorpion as one of the hottest peppers in the world. Seeds are from the yellow fruited Brain Strain variant...

  • Durio zibethinus - Durian

    Durio zibethinus - Durian

    1 seed per pack. This batch of seeds are from large fruited commercial varieties and some seeds are beginning to sprout. The renowned and infamous durian. A large fruit weighing several pounds, best known for its foul...

  • Zuni Gold Bean

    Zuni Gold Bean

    (Phaseolus vulgaris) 40 seeds per pack. A beautifully colored bean, speckled in ivory and gold. Originally from the American Southwest, the beans are commonly used as a dry bean, having a delicious, nutty flavor. #3769...

  • Herrania balaensis - Wild Cacao

    1 seed per pack. A rare cacao relative found mainly in the wet jungles of Ecuador. It produces a medium sized fruit, somewhat smaller than a cacao fruit, with edible, acidic white pulp. The seeds can presumably be used to...

  • Glycosmis pentaphylla - Orange Berry

    Glycosmis pentaphylla - Orange Berry

    2 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Gin Berry. Translucent pink berry with juicy, sweet pulp. Pleasant to look at and to taste, the small fruits can be used as flavorings in beverages. Small to medium sized tree. Hardy to 25F. Seeds...

  • Fragaria vesca - Golden Alexandria Alpine Strawberry

    Fragaria vesca - Golden Alexandria Alpine Strawberry

    100 seeds per pack. A attractive, golden-leafed variant of the Alexandria Alpine Strawberry. Leafs are colored in green, with yellow-golden tinting. Lovely, both for its foliage and brightly red colored, edible fruits. The...

  • Syzygium aromaticum - Clove

    Syzygium aromaticum - Clove

    1 seed per pack. Seed is pre-germinated and beginning to sprout. A beautiful tropical tree and the source of the commercial clove spice. All parts of the tree smell strongly of cloves. The dried flower buds make up the clove...

  • Pouteria caimito - Abiu

    Pouteria caimito - Abiu

    1 seed per pack. Please note that this batch of seeds is beginning to germinate. A popular tropical fruit from the Amazon having translucent pulp with a mildly sweet flavor with overtones of caramel. Fruits are small to...

  • Lavendula angustifolia - Lavender, Rosea

    Lavendula angustifolia - Lavender, Rosea

    10 seeds per pack. A stunning and unexpected color from a lavender plant---rose pink! This variety features elegantly colored flowers with the same scents and ornamental qualities you expect. Compact form, to 9-18 inches...

  • Erythrina crista-galli - Cockspur Coral Tree

    Erythrina crista-galli - Cockspur Coral Tree

    10 seeds per pack. The national tree and flower of Argentina. The Cockspur Coral tree is well known for its vibrant, red blooms, which occur throughout the summer. Popular as a street tree in South America and warmer parts...

  • Theobroma bicolor - Mocambo

    Theobroma bicolor - Mocambo

    1 seed per pack. Seeds are pre-germinated and beginning to sprout. A rare cacao/chocolate relative with greenish pods that run roughly the same size as T. cacao. The seeds can also be used to make a type of chocolate and the...

  • Moringa oleifera - Horseradish Tree PKM2

    Moringa oleifera - Horseradish Tree PKM2

    5 seeds per pack. Seeds are from an improved variety of Moringa oleifera, PKM2. On average it produces larger pods and larger crop yields than standard types. Highly popular tree with a variety of edible and medicinal uses...

  • Mentha aquatica - Water Mint

    Mentha aquatica - Water Mint

    150 seeds per pack. A perennial mint, found throughout much of Europe, into Asia and Africa. Grows very well in water-logged areas, swamps, streams, rivers, etc. The leaves have a nice minty flavor, somewhat like peppermint...

  • Cola lepidota - Monkey Cola

    Cola lepidota - Monkey Cola

    1 seed per pack. An interesting and rare Cola Nut from Western Africa. The large fruit have a number of edible uses, with vitamin filled, orange colored pulp and huge, violet colored seeds. While the species is scarcely...

  • Litsea cubeba - Aromatic Litsea

    Litsea cubeba - Aromatic Litsea

    10 seeds per pack. A highly fragrant tropical tree, native to the Malay peninsula area. Most commonly grown for its essential oil, used widely in fragrance products such as soaps and candles. The fruits are sometimes used as...

  • Garcinia oblongifolia - Lingnan Garcinia

    Garcinia oblongifolia - Lingnan Garcinia

    1 seed per pack. An edible fruiting Garcinia from eastern Asia. The yellow fruits have edible pulp and are said to be mostly collected from wild trees, with some very limited cultivation. This is a very little known Garcinia...

  • Florida High Bush Eggplant

    Florida High Bush Eggplant

    (Solanum melongena) 25 seeds per pack. A popular standard eggplant variety once used extensively by commercial growers. Beautiful purple fruits grow to 10", with a plump shape. Fruits have very good flavor and can be used...

  • Dacryodes edulis - Butterfruit

    Dacryodes edulis - Butterfruit

    1 seed per pack. Seeds are beginning to sprout. Rare, African tree bearing 2-6", oval fruits which ripen to an off-purple blue color. The fruits are eaten raw or cooked and when cooked, have a texture much like butter. The...

  • Diospyros lycioides - Monkey Plum

    Diospyros lycioides - Monkey Plum

    5 seeds per pack. A widespread plant throughout Southern Africa, bearing small, red to black fruits that have a mildly sweet flavor. The tree and fruits have many uses. Seeds are used as a coffee substitute and the plant is...

  • Pink Habanero Pepper

    Pink Habanero Pepper

    (Capsicum chinense) 10 seeds per pack. A delightful habanero lacking heat! Produces large, elongated fruits up to several inches long that ripen to an orange-pink color. The fruits lack spice and have a wonderful fruity...

  • Carissa bispinosa - Num Num

    Carissa bispinosa - Num Num

    5 seeds per pack. A fleshy, red-fruited relative of the Natal Plum. Fruits are ovoid, with sweet edible flesh that is quite good. The fruits are popular in parts of Southern Africa where the plant is native. A tree-like...

  • Vitellaria paradoxa - Shea Butter Tree

    1 seed per pack. A sapote tree native to Central Africa and the commercial source of shea butter. The seeds are used in much of Africa as a food source, but are also processed into the popular emollient, known worldwide in...

  • Protea obtusifolia - Limestone Protea

    Protea obtusifolia - Limestone Protea

    5 seeds per pack. A bright and colorful Protea, with red inflorescences that have accents of yellow and pink. Vigorous growing and adaptable to more soil types than many other Protea species. Does well in both clay and...

  • Annona stenophylla - Dwarf Custard Apple

    Annona stenophylla - Dwarf Custard Apple

    1 seed per pack. A rare African Annona, with nicely sized, edible fruits having soft, bright orange-yellow pulp. The fruits are eaten raw and processed for juice. Fruits ripen from green to orange. Growing habit is a bit...

  • Schotia brachypetala - African Walnut

    Schotia brachypetala - African Walnut

    5 seeds per pack. A wonderful ornamental tree from South Africa. Most renowned for its beautiful red blossoms which have popularized the species as a street tree in some subtropical areas. Also bears legume fruits with seeds...



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