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  • Billardiera longiflora - Appleberry

    Billardiera longiflora - Appleberry

    10 seeds per pack. Pretty, dark purple fruited, climbing vine/shrub. Bears small, blue-purple fruits with a mild and aromatic flavor. Delicate and attractive as an ornamental. The appleberry is hardy to about 20-22F. #909...

  • Chrysophyllum albidum - White Star Apple

    Chrysophyllum albidum - White Star Apple

    1 seed per pack. An edible star apple native to Nigeria. Little known outside of Africa, it bears round, golf ball-sized fruits that ripen to orange, with white flesh having an sweetish-acidic flavor. The fruits are popular...

  • Indigofera australis - Indigo

    Indigofera australis - Indigo

    15 seeds per pack. Small bushy tree to 15ft with exotic pink-purple flower tufts. Plant is also a source of indigo dye. Will stand brief frosts, makes for a good shade plant. #267 View plant database page...

  • Landolphia owariensis - Congo Rubber Plant

    Landolphia owariensis - Congo Rubber Plant

    1 seed per pack. A shrubby, vining plant, native to tropical West Africa. It is known for its orange, edible fruits which are quite popular in its native range, and have a variety of fresh uses. The plant was once used...

  • Melaleuca alternifolia - Tea Tree

    Melaleuca alternifolia - Tea Tree

    100 seeds per pack. The famous Australian-native Tea Tree is well-known for its antiseptic and aromatic oil which has a variety of uses medicinally. The oil has numerous topical uses---to treat various infections and skin...

  • Viola x wittrockiana - Pansy, Swiss Giant Mix

    Viola x wittrockiana - Pansy, Swiss Giant Mix

    100 seeds per pack. A vibrant color mix of pansies, with seeds for large bloomed red, pink, blue, white, purple and yellow shaded flowers. Pansies are great for small spaces and are an easy way to add beautiful colors to...

  • Diospyros digyna - Black Sapote

    Diospyros digyna - Black Sapote

    2 seeds per pack. Baseball sized fruit with chocolate pudding like pulp. Eaten out of hand or in desserts. Subtropical tree can withstand mild frost, to around 28F. Grows to 20-80 feet. Seeds are fresh, cannot be stored and...

  • Pouteria campechiana - Canistel

    Pouteria campechiana - Canistel

    1 seed per pack. One of the finest sapotes, the canistel is a large (4-7"), bright yellow fruit with soft, sweet flavored pulp. Some liken the flavor to a baked sweet potato but the true taste is difficult to describe. Tree...

  • Yucca baccata - Banana Yucca

    Yucca baccata - Banana Yucca

    6 seeds per pack. A desert yucca bearing a 4-6" long, yellow fruit resembling a banana. The fruits are sweet and were once considered a delicacy by many Native American tribes who used the food as a staple. The flowers,...

  • Violetta di Chioggia Artichoke

    Violetta di Chioggia Artichoke

    (Cynara scolymus) 15 seeds per pack. One of the uncommon purple artichokes having a deep purple color on pointed heads. Great flavor and exotic color, plus nearly spineless. An old Italian variety still popular today. #2668...

  • Cyphomandra corymbiflora - Hardy Tamarillo

    Cyphomandra corymbiflora - Hardy Tamarillo

    5 seeds per pack. A little known tamarillo relative producing white-greenish fruits that are said to be edible. The fruits are not quite as large as the common tamarillo, but can grow to a few inches. Most noteworthy is that...

  • Peganum harmala - Syrian Rue

    Peganum harmala - Syrian Rue

    100 seeds per pack. A very low-lying perennial native to the Mediterranean region. Syrian Rue has numerous uses, but is best known for its seeds, which are used as a condiment spice. Both the fruit and seeds also have a...

  • Wild Pepper

    Wild Pepper

    (Capsicum chacoense) 10 seeds per pack. A rare, wild pepper native to South America. The pods are small, slender and ripen to red. Growth habit is similar to standard peppers, though like many wild peppers, it is a perennial...

  • Biquinho Yellow Pepper

    Biquinho Yellow Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 15 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Little Beak Pepper, Chupetinho Pepper. Yellow fruited form of the popular Brazilian pepper. A rounded, tear-drop shaped pepper up to 3" long. Mildly hot flavor. The pods are most...

  • Thai Pepper, Red

    Thai Pepper, Red

    (Capsicum annuum) 25 seeds per pack. Red Thai pepper much like the Thai Orange. A standard in Thai and east Asian cuisine. Strong heat, close behind the habanero. Plants bear heavily. #1156 Open pollinated.

  • Helianthus annuus - Giant Mongolian Sunflower

    Helianthus annuus - Giant Mongolian Sunflower

    15 seeds per pack. One of the largest sunflowers in the world, the Giant Mongolian produces flower heads that reach up to a foot and a half! The seeds are huge for a sunflower and can grow to 1.5" long. Flowers are a...

  • Diamond Pepper

    Diamond Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 25 seeds per pack. A pretty ivory-white colored sweet bell pepper. Fairly large, blocky fruits have the standard bell pepper look, but with a unique coloration that is not usually seen. Accent your salads...

  • Garcinia gummi-guta - Malabar Tamarind

    Garcinia gummi-guta - Malabar Tamarind

    1 seed per pack. A ribbed, green colored fruit, native to India, but also found in tropical southeast Asia and Africa. The fruits are traditionally used in curries. Recently the fruit gained attention for dubious weight loss...

  • Yellow Cherry Pepper

    Yellow Cherry Pepper

    15 seeds per pack. An uncommon yellow-orange, cherry-type pepper with small to medium sized pods that are packed with strong heat. Plants are prolific producers and the tasty little pods have versatile uses. #2360

  • Capsicum chinense - Leviathan Pepper

    Capsicum chinense - Leviathan Pepper

    10 seeds per pack. A wonderful super-hot pepper, derived from the Kraken Scorpion. Pods grow to be some of the longest of the super hots, reaching several inches long, with dark red-brown skin, wrinkled and mottled. Flavor...

  • Physalis ixocapra - Queen of Malinalco Tomatillo

    Physalis ixocapra - Queen of Malinalco Tomatillo

    10 seeds per pack. A rare and unique tomatillo variety having large, elongated, yellow colored fruits with a sweet flavor as compared with standard tomatillo's. This variety originated in the town of Malinalco, Mexico and...

  • Zea mays - Red and White Texas Gourdseed Corn

    (Zea mays) 25 seeds per pack. Originally brought to Texas in the 1800's by German farmers, this variety is still highly popular for tortilla making. Produces bulky, narrow kerneled ears that are either white, or somewhat...

  • Capsicum annuum - Lemon Spice Jalapeno

    Capsicum annuum - Lemon Spice Jalapeno

    10 seeds per pack. A delightful NuMex variety of Jalapeno with pods that are bright yellow and bursting with fruity flavor and mild to moderate heat. A recent introduction from New Mexico State University. The peppers are...

  • Nauclea xanthoxylon - Ndea

    10 seeds per pack. A lesser known, edible tropical fruit that is related to the African Peach. Fruits are brown-yellow, shaped a bit like a cherimoya, with a flavor some have likened to apple. Cultivated on a very small...

  • Myrciaria dubia - Camu Camu

    Myrciaria dubia - Camu Camu

    1 seed per pack. An Amazon rainforest tree related to the jaboticaba, bearing purple fruits with an extremely high vitamin C content. Flavor is very acidic and the fruits are usually blended into beverages or desserts. Owing...

  • Duguetia marcgraviana - Wild Duguetia

    Duguetia marcgraviana - Wild Duguetia

    1 seed per pack. An extremely rare Annona relative from the South American rain forests. Bears medium sized fruits with lots of knobs, similar to a Biriba. Skin ripens to red-orange. Edible pulp. Unknown hardiness. Another...

  • Elaeocarpus angustifolius - Blue Marble Tree

    Elaeocarpus angustifolius - Blue Marble Tree

    2 seeds per pack. An interesting Australian tree known for its bright blue fruits which look like shiny marbles. The fruits have a long history of uses, with their nuts once extensively traded and used in jewelry, medicine,...

  • Ocimum basilicum - Basil, Red Lettuce Leaved

    Ocimum basilicum - Basil, Red Lettuce Leaved

    100 seeds per pack. An uncommon, large-leaved red basil! Similar to the giant lettuce-leaved basil that is so popular in cooking, this variety features equally big leaves, with a ruffled appearance and a dark red color...

  • Aji Colorado Pepper

    Aji Colorado Pepper

    (Capsicum baccatum) 10 seeds per pack. A Peruvian Andean Aji pepper, bearing 3-5" long, slightly wrinkled pods with a conical, pendant shape. Fruits ripen to red (with a hint of brown) and have an excellent, sharply hot...

  • Vaccinium ovalifolium - Early Blueberry

    Vaccinium ovalifolium - Early Blueberry

    20 seeds per pack. An edible blueberry native to Southern Alaska and the Aleutian Islands. Bears small blue fruits that look much like a common blueberry. Fruits are often used to make preserves but can be eaten raw and have...

  • Opuntia phaeacantha - Tulip Prickly Pear

    10 seeds per pack. A prickly pear cactus native to the American southwest. Bears edible fruits with red flesh, similar to some of the other prickly pear species. Both the fruits and the plant have varying sized spines and...

  • Vaccinium membranaceum - Mountain Huckleberry

    Vaccinium membranaceum - Mountain Huckleberry

    25 seeds per pack. This is the most common wild huckleberry in western parts of North America, with fruits extensively collected for commercial use. Native through western Canada, the Pacific Northwest and into the central...

  • Marchant Pepper

    Marchant Pepper

    (Capsicum baccatum) 10 seeds per pack. An interesting baccatum pepper with a unique history. It bears long pods with some similarities to European Wax pepper varieties. It is often labeled as an Italian Wax Pepper, though it...

  • Joe's Long Pepper

    Joe's Long Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 15 seeds per pack. A cayenne type pepper with extra-long pods that can grow to 12" long. Fruits are thin-walled, with fairly strong heat and are perfect for drying and fresh eating. Heavy yielding...

  • Extra Long Smooth Edible Luffa

    Extra Long Smooth Edible Luffa

    (Luffa cylindrica) 25 seeds per pack. Grow your own sponge! This variety of edible Luffa is popular in Asian cooking and also bears long sponges. Fruits can reach 3ft! Vining plant, much like cucumbers. Annual. #1970

  • Cosmic Purple Carrot

    Cosmic Purple Carrot

    (Daucus carota) 400 seeds per pack. One of the strangest carrots you'll ever see! Cosmic Purple produces dark purple skinned carrots with bright yellow and orange insides. When cut, this carrot looks like no other, with...



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