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  • 7 Pot Chocolate Bubble Gum Pepper

    7 Pot Chocolate Bubble Gum Pepper

    (Capsicum chinense) 10 seeds per pack. The extremely rare chocolate variety of the Bubble Gum 7-Pot. Most notable for its strange coloration where the color bleeds from the fruits onto the stem. Pods ripen to a wonderful...

  • Aloe ferox - Cape Aloe

    Aloe ferox - Cape Aloe

    15 seeds per pack. A popular aloe and a medicinal companion to Aloe vera. Plants grow to 5-10 feet and feature large, brightly red colored flowers bracts. Plants are drought tolerant and grow fairly well in poorer soils. Gel...

  • Amelanchier alnifolia - Saskatoon Serviceberry

    Amelanchier alnifolia - Saskatoon Serviceberry

    20 seeds per pack. A small berry native to much of North America. The small blue fruits look a bit like blueberries and have a variety of uses, from preserves and pies, to ciders and alcohol. A deciduous shrub growing to...

  • Belamcanda chinensis - Blackberry Lily

    Belamcanda chinensis - Blackberry Lily

    25 seeds per pack. Actually an Iris, this bright and dazzling flower features tiger-like coloration of orange, red, and yellow. Named blackberry lily for its shiny black seed capsules. Hardy to zone 5. Will regrow from...

  • Flacourtia inermis - Louvi

    Flacourtia inermis - Louvi

    10 seeds per pack. Dark purple fruit looking much like a large grape. Fruits are often cooked into desserts or used to make preserves. The tree is ornamental and new growth spurts are quite pretty. Seeds are fresh, cannot...

  • Fragaria vesca - Alexandria Alpine Strawberry

    Fragaria vesca - Alexandria Alpine Strawberry

    100 seeds per pack. Red colored alpine strawberry with a good, rich flavor. Probably the best of the red varieties. Care is similar to that of the standard strawberry. #312 Hardy to at least zone 6 (-10 - 0F).View plant...

  • Freckles Lettuce

    Freckles Lettuce

    (Lactuca sativa) 1000 seeds per pack. A fun and tasty romaine-type lettuce with green leaves that are dotted by maroon colored spots. Leaves have a crisp texture and good flavor. Great for baby greens or for use as mature...

  • Greigia sphacelata - Hardy Pineapple

    4 seeds per pack. A large bromeliad producing delicious fruits known as chupones. The fruits are said to have a wonderful flavor combining pineapple with coconut and kiwi. Native to Chile, will grow in areas with mild frosts...

  • Hornstedtia tomentosa - Wild Ginger

    5 seeds per pack. A wild ginger, native to Java and Borneo. It bears oblong, black, grizzled looking fruits with a pleasant citrusy flavor. Also has ornamental leaves and attractive flowers. Very rare. Little information is...

  • Manzano Pepper, Red

    Manzano Pepper, Red

    (Capsicum pubescens ) 15 seeds per pack. Extremely hot, red colored pepper looking much like a large habanero. Seeds are from the rarer red-skinned type. This pepper is a rocoto tree pepper and is noted for its cold...

  • Morus macroura - Pakistani Mulberry

    Morus macroura - Pakistani Mulberry

    15 seeds per pack. Large fruited mulberry bearing fruits several inches long. Fruits are sweet flavored, eat just like common mulberries. Will stand temperatures several degrees below freezing. Wood is also of high quality...

  • Musa cheesmanii - Cheesman's Banana

    5 seeds per pack. A large, wild banana native to India. Noteworthy for its very large, ornamental leaves. It is similar to M. sikkimensis, a cold hardy banana, so there is potential for this species being cold hardy as well...

  • Puya Chile

    Puya Chile

    (Capsicum annuum) 25 seeds per pack. Red, ripening to black, hot pepper growing to about 4" long. The puya is popular in Mexican cooking and its origin dates back to early Central America. The peppers are fairly hot (6 of 10...

  • Rosenbergiodendron formosum - Blackberry Jam Fruit

    Rosenbergiodendron formosum - Blackberry Jam Fruit

    5 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Randia formosa. Small yellow fruit that tastes like blackberry jam. Fruits are borne on a small bushy plant that is a relative of the gardenia. Pretty white flowers are fragrant. Can survive light...

  • Shishigatani Squash

    Shishigatani Squash

    (Cucurbita moschata) 15 seeds per pack. A very rare and special type of Japanese Pumpkin, dating to at least the 1800's. Like a Kaboocha squash, but with elongated, hourglass shaped fruits having a dark green to brown, bumpy...

  • Ugni molinae - Chilean Guava

    Ugni molinae - Chilean Guava

    10 seeds per pack. Hardy to the mid 20's, easy to grow. A shrubby guava relative with small aromatic fruit. Fruit has a spicy guava taste and can be eaten fresh or used in cooking. #119 View plant database page...

  • Alaska Pea

    Alaska Pea

    (Pisum sativum) 50 seeds per pack. One of the earliest ripening peas on the market, this garden pea type dates back to the late 1800's. Bears 6-8 podded fruits having a mild flavor with a variety of uses, most commonly as a...

  • Bod'e Amarillo Pepper

    Bod'e Amarillo Pepper

    (Capsicum chinense) 15 seeds per pack. A small and colorful hot pepper from Brazil. Bears 1/2" pods with a rounded-wrinkled shape. Flavor is very hot, with a fruity mixture. This version of the Bod'e has orange ripening...

  • Bolivian Rainbow Pepper

    Bolivian Rainbow Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 10 seeds per pack. A gorgeous ornamental, the Bolivian Rainbow has both striking purple foliage and fruits that ripen between a variety of colors. The conical, 1" fruits cover the plant in various stages of...

  • Garcinia livingstonei - Imbe

    Garcinia livingstonei - Imbe

    1 seed per pack. Small-fruited relative of the mangosteen having a tasty, tart flavor. Fruits are orange, grow to 2" and a single tree can produce hundreds of fruits a season. Trees grow to 10-15ft, hardy to about 26F...

  • Malpighia punicifolia - Acerola

    Malpighia punicifolia - Acerola

    4 seeds per pack. This batch of seeds is being kept in vermiculite and is not dried out. Seeds are from the 'Florida Sweet' variety. Please note that acerola can be very difficult to germinate. Cherry-sized red fruit with a...

  • Psidium guineense - Brazilian Guava

    Psidium guineense - Brazilian Guava

    8 seeds per pack. Small guava, with a tart but distinctive flavor sometimes likened to strawberries. It can be eaten out of hand, but is often made into jellies and preserves. It is fairly hardy and does well in both...

  • Punica granatum - Black Pomegranate

    Punica granatum - Black Pomegranate

    5 seeds per pack. A very rare pomegranate, bearing small, black skinned fruits. The fruits have a sharp flavor, much like standard variety pomegranates. The black skinned varieties are uncommon in much of the world, but...

  • Sapindus mukorossi - Chinese Soapberry

    Sapindus mukorossi - Chinese Soapberry

    4 seeds per pack. Similar to its close relative the Soapberry, the Chinese Soapberry bears 1", yellow fruits with a large seed. The fruits and seed contain high levels of saponin and are commonly used as a detergent. Medium...

  • Sword Lettuce

    Sword Lettuce

    (Lactuca sativa) 1000 seeds per pack. A popular Taiwanese lettuce with long, slender, pointed, sword-like leaves. Their exotic appearance gives way to a tasty green that is traditionally used in Cantonese cuisine. Good in...

  • Brassica rapa var pekinensis - Michihili Chinese Cabbage

    Brassica rapa var pekinensis - Michihili Chinese Cabbage

    (Brassica rapa var pekinensis) 1000 seeds per pack. A highly popular and standard variety Chinese Cabbage, having large heads that can grow to 18" tall, by 4-6" wide. Crisp texture, dark green leaves with white center veins...

  • Lactuca sativa - Oak Leaf Lettuce

    Lactuca sativa - Oak Leaf Lettuce

    (Lactuca sativa) 1000 seeds per pack. A tasty lettuce with unique leaves that look much like the oak tree. Produces compact rosettes perfect for mini greens and for larger leafed salads. Fast-growing and shows decent...

  • Myrciaria x - Red Hybrid Jaboticaba

    Myrciaria x - Red Hybrid Jaboticaba

    2 seeds per pack. A rare and newly introduced jaboticaba, this variety is best known for being fast bearing from seed. Standard jaboticaba's can take up to 8-10 years to fruit from seed, while this variety has fruited in as...

  • Phaseolus vulgaris - Contender Bush Bean

    Phaseolus vulgaris - Contender Bush Bean

    (Phaseolus vulgaris) 50 seeds per pack. One of the earliest ripening green beans, Contender can produce ripe pods in as early as 50 days from seed. An excellent standard green bean variety, with some resistance to mosaic...

  • Myrciaria vexator - Blue Grape

    Myrciaria vexator - Blue Grape

    1 seed per pack. Possibly the best tasting of the Myrciaria species, the blue grape resembles a large purple grape and has well-flavored, sweet, grape-berry flavored pulp. Fruits can be eaten out of hand or used in drinks...

  • Eugenia selloi - Pitangatuba

    Eugenia selloi - Pitangatuba

    1 seed per pack. a.k.a. Eugenia neonitida. Very rare tropical fruit related to the surinam cherry. Bears yellow-orange fruits that are similar in basic appearance to the surinam cherry, but two times the size. Flavor is...

  • Eugenia calycina - Savannah Pitanga

    Eugenia calycina - Savannah Pitanga

    1 seed per pack. Recently classified as likely the same species as Eugenia involucrata, this nonetheless shows distinct (albeit similar) features in fruiting and growth. If anything, this could end up a subspecies of E...

  • Spondias tuberosa - Imbu

    Spondias tuberosa - Imbu

    1 seed per pack. A lesser known fruit, native to scrub and dry lands regions of Brazil. Fruits are rounded, 1-1 1/2" and ripen to yellow and green. Flavor is excellent, with soft and juicy pulp that some have likened to a...

  • Plinia oblongata - Azeda Jaboticaba

    1 seed per pack. Please note that some seeds in this batch are beginning to germinate. A little known and large fruited jaboticaba, with succulent, purple fruits that reach the size of a very large grape. Similar in overall...

  • Eugenia uniflora dasyblasta - Dasyblasta Surinam Cherry

    1 seed per pack. A noteworthy wild variety of the Surinam Cherry, and possibly a unique species, this produces small, red ripening fruits similar to the common Surinam Cherry. Wild populations grow in far southern regions of...

  • Citrus aurantium - Brazilian Sour Orange

    8 seeds per pack. Large, classic tasting sour orange, prized for marmelades. Fruits can weigh up to a couple of pounds, are yellow-orange and juicy. Trees are hardy to 26-28F. Sour oranges are known for being considerably...



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