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Sealing Wax Palm

Cyrtostachys renda

Medium sized palm with bright red stalks, the only such palm in the world.

Seed Availability

Seeds are not available for the Sealing Wax Palm. Please visit our seed store to view current selections. Seeds were last available in June 2018.


Medium sized, slow-growing and slender palm to 30ft in its native range, often only to 10-15ft elsewhere. Its best known feature is its brightly red colored trunk and fronds, making it instantly recognizable from other palms.


It is not hardy, surviving only brief temperature drops into the 40's. Ideal year-round temperatures range from 75-85F.

Growing Environment

Grows well in both full sun or part shade. Tricky to grow, the sealing wax palm needs high humidity, well-drained soil, and is not tolerant of drought or wind. As they naturally grow in swamps, they are highly tolerant of flooding and can be grown in standing water.


By seeds, which take 2-4 months (and sometimes up to 9 months) to germinate.


Often grown in tropical regions for its pretty red color.

Native Range

Native to swampy areas of peninsular Malaysia and the island of Sumatra.

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