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Dwarf Sugar Palm

Arenga engleri

a.k.a. Formosa Palm, Taiwain Arenga Palm

An attractive ornamental palm, popular for its fishtail leaves, compact growing habit and pretty fruit stalks. The Dwarf Sugar Palm is the quintessential tropical landscape palm, and is popular as such in many cultivated gardens.

Seed Availability

Seeds are not available for the Dwarf Sugar Palm. Please visit our seed store to view current selections. Seeds were last available in May 2018.


A short to medium sized palm growing to 6-10ft, with a spread of up to 10-15ft. Leaves are very long, ornamental, with a fishtail shape and grow up to 8ft long. Spiky flower stalks are born in Spring and have a delicate fragrance. Dark red ripening fruits follow and adhere well to the stalk, remaining on the palm for several weeks. The fruits can cause a mild allergic reaction to the skin, so care should be taken when handling fruits and even seeds. Its recommended to wear gloves.


Hardy to as low as 15F. The Dwarf Sugar Palm is an excellent specimen for cooler subtropical climates.

Growing Environment

Grow in part-shade or full sun (in cooler climates). Protect from hot, direct sun. Grow in moist, well-drained soil. Water regularly.


By seeds. Seeds are very slow and erratic to germinate. Germination time averages anywhere from a few weeks to 12-18 months. Keep seeds only moderately moist. Standing water and overwatering may promote rot.


Generally planted as an ornamental.

Native Range

Native to Taiwan and the Ryukyu Islands.

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