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Purple Yatay Palm

Butia purpurascens

A rare relative of the Jelly Palm having small, yellow fruits that have a prominent purple tint. The fruits have a succulent pulp, with an acidic flavor but are quite uncommon.

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A short palm, growing to 5-15 feet. Has huge, pinnate leaves that grow to several feet. Fruits form in large clusters of up to 75-100.


Fairly hardy for a palm, withstanding temperatures to at least 20F and probably lower.

Growing Environment

Unknown, but likely similar to the other jelly palms.


By seeds, which are very slow to germinate.


The fruits can be eaten fresh but are usually used to make juices. The tree is generally not cultivated.

Native Range

Native to deciduous forest and savanna regions of Brazil. This species is rare in its natural environment and is rarely seen in cultivation.

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