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Parmentiera aculeata

a.k.a. Cuachilote, Candle Tree

Lesser-known than its near relative the Candle Stick Tree (and not to be confused with it), the guajilote tree is an interesting edible and ornamental tropical fruit. The waxy-skinned fruits are slender, though plumper than fruits of the Candle Stick Tree, and have a sweetish flavor reminiscent of sugar cane. Fruits can grow up to 6-9" in length, by 1-2" wide.

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A medium sized tree growing up to 30ft, though often to 10-15ft. The flowers are ornamental, white petaled and borne from the branches.


Exact hardiness unknown, but seems to endure short temperature drops to 32F.

Growing Environment

The Guajilote enjoys a tropical climate though it adapts well to sub-standard conditions. Water regularly. Grow in full sun. Protect from long frosts or hard freezes.


By seeds.


Often grown as an ornamental, but the fruits are edible and have a pleasant flavor. It can be pickled and has a few alleged medicinal benefits.

Native Range

Native to Mexico and Guatemala.

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