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Pink Trumpet Tree

Tabebuia impetiginosa

a.k.a. Pau d'Arco, Pink Lapacho

A breathtaking flowering tree native to the America's, instantly recognizable for its pink blossoms, which cover the tree in spring. Its beauty has bestowed recognition of it being one of the most beautiful flowering trees in the world.

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A deciduous tree reaching up to 90ft, though many specimens are much smaller and can be kept to 10-20ft if needed. Flowering begins in winter and spring, with the flowers appearing prior to leaf sprout.


Hardy to 20-25F. Protect from prolonged freezes.

Growing Environment

Grows nicely in full sun. Trees need minimal care when established. Water during warm months, less so during cold months. It is fairly fast-growing.


By seeds.


Usually grown as an ornamental for its amazing color display. It is common in parts of the America's as a dooryard or street tree and is the national tree of Paraguay. A tea, called lapacho, is made from the inner bark and is used medicinally by some practitioners of herbal medicine. It supposedly has antibacterial and decongestant properties.

Native Range

From Mexico through Argentina.

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