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Peruvian Tecoma

Tecoma arequipensis

A small to medium subtropical flowering tree, bearing tubular red and orange flowers throughout Spring and Summer.

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Sparsely shrubby tree to 10-15ft. The leaves are smaller than some of its more common relatives. The tubular flowers are borne in small clusters and grow to 2-3". The flowers are quite ornamental, but the tree generally isn't as showy as some of its hybrid relatives, having a subtler effect on the ornamental landscape.


Exact hardiness unknown, but should survive to 15-20F, if not lower.

Growing Environment

Grows well in part-shade or full sun. Irrigate during warm months. Grow in any soil type, so long as it is well-drained.


By seeds, which can take several weeks to germinate. The lightweight seeds should be planted in a light soil mix that is well-drained and kept warm.


The plant is an uncommon but desirable ornamental. Like other Tecoma species, the plant has some use in its native habitat in traditional medicine.

Native Range

Native to South America.

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