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Midnight Horror

Oroxylum indicum

a.k.a. Broken Bones Plant, Indian Trumpet Flower, Tree of Damocles

Odd, upright growing tree known for several fear-provoking ornamental attributes, as well as its use in cooking and medicinal treatments.

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Evergreen or partly deciduous tree to 50-60ft. Flowers bloom at night and emit a strong, stinky odor which attracts bats.


Tropical tree, but it may survive to as low as 32F for brief periods. We had seedlings that survived low 40's temperatures with little problem.

Growing Environment



By seeds.


The tree is often grown as an ornamental for its strange appearance. The long, podded fruits hang down from bear branches, looking like dangling sickles or swords in the night. The tree is also a night-bloomer and is pollinated naturally by bats. Additionally, after the large leaf stalks wither, they fall off the tree and collect near the base of the trunk, appearing to look like a pile of broken limb bones.

Native Range

Native to India and Southern China.

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