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Golden Trumpet Tree

Tabebuia chrysotricha

A gorgeous ornamental known for its trumpet-like, bright yellow flowers. The tree has become a popular ornamental and street tree in milder climates.

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An deciduous tree to 20-30ft. The canary yellow flowers bloom during Spring and last for a couple of months. Flowers are born just as the older leaves drop and before the new leaves form, creating a particularly head-turning effect as the yellow bathes the branches from top to bottom. Bean-like pods ripen over the course of Summer and contain a number of light, papery seeds. The seeds are dispersed by wind.


Hardy to the mid 20's (F). USDA 9b+

Growing Environment

Grow in full sun or part-shade and in well-drained soil, though it does do fine in sandy soils. Once established the trees are fairly tough, though they should be regularly watered during warmer months. Does show some drought tolerance. Will tolerate salt spray.


By seeds.


Generally planted as a showy ornamental, mainly for the bright yellow flowers which cover the tree in Spring.

Native Range

Native to Brazil.

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