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Mangifera indica

While maybe not in the United States, the mango may be the worlds most well-known, and most popular fruit. There are countless varieties, but most have green, red, or yellow skin, with yellow-orange, aromatic flesh having a unique sweetish flavor.

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Beautiful, large tropical tree to 50-80ft. New growth is very pretty, dark red to purple. The mango is self-fruitful, and large stalks of of small flowers are produced, with only a few maturing into full fruit. Fruit quality varies depending on the variety, and poor varieties may have turpentine-like aftertastes to the flesh. Fruits generally take 4-5 months to ripen.


Mango trees are not strictly tropical and can be grown in areas where frost and short freezes occur. In such regions, trees often remain very short and shrubby, but will produce fruit. Temperatures below 40F can damage fruit and flowers. Trees will stand temperatures well above 100F.

Growing Environment

Trees will grow in a wide variety of soils, and do well in shallow soils. Keep well watered and well drained. There are two main races of mango, the Southeast Asian varieties which have red and green colored fruit, and the Philippines varieties which have yellow colored fruit. The Asian varieties are not tolerant of humidity, while the Philippines varieties are.


Best varieties are propagated by grafting. Seedlings can be variable.


Often eaten fresh, but the mango is also used in preserves, desserts, and as a flavoring for many foods. The skin is not edible, and can be allergic to some people.

Native Range

Native to Southern Asia and Eastern India.

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