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Lemonade Berry

Rhus integrifolia

a.k.a. Lemonade Sumac

Small red colored, elongated berry that can be steeped in water to made a refreshing, lemonade-like drink.

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Bushy shrub, usually to no more than 10ft. Can spread to 10-15ft. The lemonade berry can be trained as a hedge. Pretty white-pink flowers are borne in large clumps all across the plant in the spring. They are followed a few months later by the oblong berries, which ripen from green to yellow, then red. The berries are covered in a sticky substance.


It is somewhat hardy, able to survive short freezes. However, it may defoliate if temperatures drop below 32F for too long.

Growing Environment

Plants are very tolerant of drought and can survive near-desert conditions. Water is needed only occasionally.


By seed or by suckers.


The berry can be used in the flavoring of beverages.

Native Range

Native to coastal areas of Southern California and Baja, Mexico.

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