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Brazil Plum

Spondias tuberosa

a.k.a. Ambu, Giqui, Umbu

A green to yellow, 1-1 1/2" fruit with a sweet acidic flavor. Fruits are quite popular in local and street markets in parts of Brazil. The tree is virtually unknown outside its native range, yet bears tasty and quite interesting fruits that have a number of uses.

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A small tree, growing to usually 10-20 feet. The tree is deciduous and will loose its leaves for a few months during cooler or drier seasons. Trees have a low and spreading crown, which can reach up to 25 feet. Fruits are generally round and contain a single large seed. A single mature specimen can produce a few hundred pounds of fruit in a season.


Hardiness unknown. Probably not too freeze hardy, though the tree can be grown in South Florida and is said to have survived at least 28F.

Growing Environment

Naturally grows in a semi-arid region and is mildly tolerant of short droughts. The tree has a large root system that stores quite a bit of water for drier seasons. The swollen roots themselves can grow quite big, hence its binomial 'tuberosa'. Would seem to not be too tolerant of limestone soils, preferring sand, gravel and clay based soils.


By seeds and cuttings.


Fruits are quite popular eaten fresh and are also juiced. Fruits can be used to make preserves and are also a primary ingredient in the Brazilian dessert imbuzada.

Native Range

Native to the dry plains and scrublands of northeastern Brazil. The tree is not often cultivated but quite popular for wild collecting of fruits for sale. Fruits are generally much appreciated, yet the tree still remains obscure outside its native range.

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