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Cydonia oblonga

The quince is round golden colored relative of the apple, with rich historical importance. The appearance of the mature fruit differs depending on the climate. Colder regions develop fruits with woolly rough rinds while in warmer climates the rind looses its woolly character. It is known for its intense sweet candy-like scent. It is filled with seeds.

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Small or medium sized deciduous temperate tree. The tree can grow from 10 to 12 feet tall.


Hardy to below 0F.

Growing Environment

Quince's grow much like apple's and can grow in areas having a deep winter freeze. Water during growing season, little care is needed during dormant periods. Plants are very prone to fire blight and do not tolerate humid environments.


Can be propagated by seeds or cuttings.


Can be eaten fresh, for juices, and prepared in a variety of recipes. It also had an important function as dwarfing root stock providing enabling grafted varieties to withstand cold temperatures.

Native Range

The quince is thought to originate from Persia, but is known to have also been cultivated in Greece and Turkey. Today the Quince is grown all over the world.

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