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Alpine Strawberry

Fragaria vesca

Small strawberry, with either red or white skin depending on the variety. Possibly the predecessor of the garden strawberry, the delicious little berries have a wonderful flavor all their own.

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A small herbaceous plant usually 4-10" high, spreading out up to 12". They will reseed very easily and often, small plants will pop up throughout the garden. The white flowers are followed by white berries which either turn red when ripe (some varieties), or stay white, but whose seeds begin to brown when ripe.


Hardy to frosts. Can be grown anywhere as an annual. Sunset Zones: 1-9, 14-24, H1-H2 USDA: most

Growing Environment

Plants enjoy an acidic soil in partial sun or shade. Water frequently. Alpine strawberry's grow very well in temperate and subtropical climates. They do poorly in humid tropical climates and very hot or arid areas. Cover plants with netting to discourage birds and animals from eating the fruit if this becomes a problem.


By seeds. For best germination, seeds can be placed in the freezer for 2-4 weeks before sowing, (although this is not a requirement). True alpine strawberry's do not produce runners. Plants can also be propagated in some cases by division.


The berries are eaten fresh and have a wonderful strawberry-wine flavor, much more delicate than the common strawberry. The berries allegedly have antioxidant properties, with some purporting them helpful in fighting cancer. The juice is used to treat gastritis and has antibacterial qualities, so it was once used to fight off typhoid. Historically, the leaves were used to make a tea which was taken to ease diarrhea, quell an upset stomach, and to strengthen appetites. The leaves are flavorful and contain vitamin C. Alpine strawberry's are known to be a natural bleach. The juice can be used both to whiten the teeth, and when applied topically, to bleach out the skin.

Native Range

Strawberry's occur wild throughout Europe, Asia, North America, and temperate parts of South America (Chile).

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