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Bee's Friend

Phacelia tanacetifolia

a.k.a. Lacy Phacelia

A annual wildflower native to the American southwest, valued for its bright purple blooms which open slowly in sequence allowing the plant a long blooming season. The blooms attract bees as well as other beneficial insects and the plant is popularly grown in gardens to encourage fruit set on vegetables and crops as well as aid in a natural control of garden pests.

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A fairly short annual growing to 2-3 feet. Long stalks contain coiled inflorescences which open over a period of days and weeks, revealing a seemingly almost constant purple bloom. Leaves contain small hairs and curved lobes which give the appearance of lace.



Growing Environment

Grows easily as an annual in most climates. Grow in full or filtered sun. Use well drained soil and water occasionally during growth cycles. Once established it requires minimal attention.


By seeds. The seeds are noteworthy in that they need total darkness to germinate.


Very popular as an ornamental bee and beneficial insect attractant for the garden. It is also used as cover crop or on a larger scale to attract bees for pollination of agriculture crops.

Native Range

Native to the southwestern United States and parts of Northern Mexico.

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