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Trade Winds Fruit


Kwai Muk 
Artocarpus hypargyraeus
a.k.a. A. hypargyraeus, A. lingnanensis  

Smallish orange-brown fruit with fuzzy skin and a nice subacid taste. Fruits are popular in some parts of Asia.

Description: Medium sized tree to 20-50ft. It is usually fairly slow-growing. The tree is very ornamental, with pretty, glossy green leaves. The bark contains a milky latex. Male and female flowers are borne on the same tree. Fruits ripen in late summer and early fall, and often ripen seedless.

Hardiness: Trees are reasonably hardy, surviving to at least 26F, with some specimens standing brief drops even a few degrees lower.

Growing Environment: Grow in full sun. Water regularly.

Propagation: By seed.

Uses: Fruits are usually eaten raw and are also dried and eaten.

Native Range: Southern China, where it is also occasionally grown commercially. Local Adaptation Florida - Grows well in warmer, mostly frost-free parts of Florida.