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Artocarpus heterophyllus
a.k.a. Jakfruit  

The largest tree borne fruit in the world, jackfruits can sometimes weigh over 75 lbs. Average sized fruits are 1-2 feet long, and 9-12" wide. Skin is green-yellow, with small spiky knobs, flesh is custard yellow with a banana-like flavor. Fruits may sometimes emit a foul smelling odor emanating from the skin. Jackfruits are extremely popular throughout southeast Asia.

Description: A very large tree growing to 90+ feet in ideal conditions. The trunk, branches, and leaves contain a gummy latex.

Hardiness: The jackfruit is mildly hardy, surviving short frosts and temperatures to 28F for brief periods. Young trees will be killed by any frost.

Growing Environment: Grow in a warm location, with well drained soil. Jackfruit's cannot stand drought, so water frequently throughout the year, except when cold.

Propagation: Usually by seed which germinate in 1-8 weeks. Air-layering and grafting is done to propagate some named varieties. Transplant seedlings after a few leaves have sprouted as the jackfruit has a long tap root that is easily damaged.

Uses: Fruits are often sliced and sold raw in parts of southeast Asia. The seeds can be boiled or roasted and are said to taste like chestnuts.

Native Range: Native to rain forests of India and southeast Asia.