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Trade Winds Fruit


Amazon Tree Grape 
Pourouma cecropiaefolia
a.k.a. Caimaron, Curcura, Peruma, Uva, Uvilla  

Round, purple fruit, usually from 0.5-1.5" wide, with a white juicy pulp. Flavor is said to be mild and much like the common grape. Ripe fruits smell like wintergreen mint.

Description: Medium-sized tree reaching 25-50ft tall. The leaves, up to 12" long, grow in large clusters. The underside is a velvet blue-gray. Male and female flowers are borne on separate trees. The fruits form in large clusters of up to 25 or more.

Hardiness: Will not tolerate frost.

Growing Environment: Water frequently throughout the year. Trees will stand short periods of flood, but they are highly susceptible to drought.

Propagation: By seed, which loose viability quickly. Seedlings may bear in 1-3 years.

Uses: Fruits are eaten raw or made into wine.

Native Range: Native to rain forests of Western Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru. The amazon tree grape has been locally cultivated for centuries in this area.