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Rose Cactus

Pereskia grandiflora

a.k.a. Pereskia grandifolia

Unique shrub-like cactus having pretty pink flowers and red colored, triangular fruit.

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Shrub like cactus growing to 10-20ft tall, but sometimes remaining a spreading shrub to only 2-3ft. While the rose cactus is a true cactus, other than the spines, its appearance suggests a woody or herbaceous shrub.


Hardy to 25-26F.

Growing Environment

It is deciduous in winter, shedding its leaves and fruit. Grows well in arid conditions. Water should be provided during warmer, growth months.


By seed, or by stem cuttings.


Usually grown as an ornamental for its pink flowers which are produced en masse during warm months. The fruit may be edible, as a number of other fruits in this genus are edible.

Native Range

Native from Mexico through Brazil.

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