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Pink-Fruited Banana

Musa velutina

a.k.a. Baby Pink Banana, Hairy Banana

An ornamental banana with bright pink colored fruits. The plant is very attractive as a garden ornamental and its popularity is enhanced by its relative hardiness for a banana.

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A small plant with the typical banana-like growth habit to 4-6ft high and 3-5ft wide. The leaves are quite large and can grow to 12-24". While not dwarf in form, this species generally remains quite small and can flower and fruit in just over a year from seed. The pink fruits are covered with thin hairs, hence its alternative common name, the Hairy Banana.


Reported to be hardy to 20F, though temperatures below 32F generally kill back foliage which will regrow when temperatures warm. This species also flourishes in warm, tropical climates.

Growing Environment

Regular water is a necessity (though do not overwater) and the plant should be protected from low humidity (<25%). Grows well in filtered light/part-shade and in well-drained but moist soil.


By seeds, which can take several months to sprout. Seeds can be dried and should be sprouted in warm (75-85F), well-drained soil. Propagation also by rhizomes, tubers and offsets.


Grown as an ornamental for its beautiful pink-fruits and large pink flowers. The fruits could be edible (from some sources), though they are quite seedy with minimal flesh.

Native Range

Native to India and parts of southeast Asia.

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