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Horned Poppy

Glaucium flavum

A beautiful yellow, ornamental poppy.

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Shiny yellow poppy with slight tints of orange. It is named the horned poppy for its swollen and pointed seed pods, which sometimes have horn-like protrusions. The plant is a perennial, and fairly hardy, but can also be grown as an annual or allowed to naturally reseed. Plants grow to 2-3ft, with 2-3" flowers. Plant contains glaucine, which has some medicinal properties, including the relieving of coughs and lowering of blood pressure. Seed oil was once used in lanterns. Flowers throughout spring and summer, grows well in areas with low or moderate rainfall.


Not frost hardy. Will reseed in areas of frost.

Growing Environment

Grow in full sun. Needs minimal care once established.


By seeds.


Grown as an ornamental.

Native Range

Native to coastal areas of Western Europe. Perennial.

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