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California Poppy

Eschscholzia californica

Pretty annual that is the state flower of California. There a number of different varieties having flowers ranging from white (pictured at left 'Alba') to orange and red.

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Plants are annuals but reseed easily. Flowers bloom throughout spring and summer and are naturally pollinated by beetles in California, but often by bees elsewhere.


The plants are not frost hardy. Will reseed in areas of frost.

Growing Environment

Will grow in a wide range of soils and can survive arid climates and short drought conditions. They do enjoy sandy soils and do best with well draining soil.


By seeds.


Usually planted as an ornamental. Historically, the California poppy was used medicinally, as a sedative (it does not contain the alkaloids found in opium poppies), and to treat toothaches, headaches, and sores. Parts of the plant are edible.

Native Range

Native to North America.

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