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Gaping Dutchman's Pipe

Aristolochia ringens

Strange nepethes-like flowering vine. Flowers are large, ornate, and sometimes smelly.

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Fairly fast growing vine, usually to 20-30ft, but it can also spread out in all directions.


Hardy to around 30F.

Growing Environment

It is quite adaptable and can be grown in subtropical areas, tropical areas, and any place where temperatures don't frequently drop below 30F. It also does well in low light conditions and can be grown indoors. Will tolerate high humidity or arid climates with little rain, although irrigation should be provided. Grow in full sun or shade. Pretty flowers will sometimes have a fragrance, which can be smelly, but the scent doesn't drift from the flower. Will also grow well in pots.


By seeds.


Commonly grown for its ornate flowers.

Native Range

Native to Brazil.

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