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Fuchsia denticulata

An eye-popping Fuchsia with neon, multi-colored flowers. Makes an amazing ornamental!

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A shade-loving shrub to 10-12ft, but often to only 2-3ft. Bushy growth habit to a few feet wide. The neon flowers can be borne at any time of the year in moderate climates, but may bloom more heavily during spring and summer. The red-ripening, juicy berries are edible and have a refreshing, slightly acidic flavor.


Hardy to the mid to upper 20's (F). Should be protected from hard freezes or long frosts.

Growing Environment

In warmer climates, shade is a must. In cooler or foggy climates in will grow nicely in part-shade. Keep well-watered throughout the year. Does very well in container culture.


By seeds. By stem cuttings.


Grown as an ornamental for its beautiful flowers and its graceful growth habit. Edible fruits are a happy bonus.

Native Range

Native to cloud forests of elevation 6000-10000ft in Peru and Bolivia.

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